Kevin James Treubig

October 31, 1974December 4, 2018

Kevin James Treubig, age 44, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania passed away on Tuesday December 4, 2018. Kevin was born October 31, 1974.

Private Cremation ~

Memorial Service will be held December 15, 2018 (Saturday), Mass time, 9:15 a.m. at St. William the Abbot RC Church . 2000 Jackson Avenue . Seaford . NY 11783 ~

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Kevin James Treubig

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Charles and Laura Twombly

December 20, 2018

Our condolences and prayers.
Memories of Massapequa, N.Y.
In Christ, Charles and Laura Twombly
Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.

Kristin Frazer (Degnan)

December 16, 2018

Yesterday was awful but beautiful all at the same time. So many people so sad, confused, frustrated. But most of all so many people loving you!!! So many of the people you loved the most in this world came together to support one another in their sadness and grief. There were a lot of tears, a lot of hugs but there were also a lot of memories shared. One thing is for sure - you will be missed more than you can ever imagine. The pain of your loss is emotional and physical. Some have cried every day since you left and at this point can’t imagine a day that won’t include those tears. Most realize how blessed they were to have your love in their life despite the fact that it was taken away too soon. Listen to those speaking to you, watch over those missing you. Keep sending the signs, they see them! Through all of the many emotions surrounding your passing the greatest is love. We love you forever, we’ll miss you always and we promise to keep you alive in our hearts and stories. Rest easy! Until we meet again.....

PS - you always wanted me to meet your girls. I finally did. I wish you could have been there to introduce me. They are gorgeous and you will live on through them. Watch over them.

Ed Dodge

December 15, 2018

Kevin and I were close friends in college. Our rooms were across the hall freshman year and we were fast friends from day one all the way through school. We lost touch over the years which I always regretted. I was shocked and saddened by his passing, my prayers are with his family.

Kevin and I had a lot of great times together during one of the most fun and enriching times in my life. We did a few road trips together, freshman year we had the inane idea of going north into Canada for spring break (which is still winter in March) car camping in the snow for a week, sleeping out on a frozen lake in 0 degree temps with no tent just because it was there. Had our first legal drinks at age 18 in Montreal on that trip. We got smart after that and went south the following year, with a tent, and some girls, and had an epic time. We may have been guilty of having too much fun, but we didn't waste a minute!

The last time Kevin and I spent a lot of time together was in 1998 when he was in Oregon, I visited him with my one-year-old daughter and her mother. Becoming a father young led me on a different path from my college friends and I mostly lost touch with them. I always remembered Kevin fondly, he was an all-around great guy, a true friend that you could rely on in times of need and also full of joy and originality. We will miss you Kevin.

Eric Morrison

December 11, 2018

Words can not express the love and gratitude I have for Kevin. 7 years ago I moved to Philadelphia to open a restaurant where Kevin and I met. We instantly bonded and became very close friends as Kevin spent a lot of time showing me around the city and introducing me to all kinds of places and local brews. I didn’t know a ton of people and Kevin always made sure I had somewhere to go and really looked out for me. I spent many years watching the Super Bowl at his house after Morgan’s birthday party, which Kevin referred to as the “no show super bow” party.

Kevin touched my life and effected it more then I can explain, he knew that I was unhappy in the restaurant business and he went out of his way to help me with my resume during his free time. He ultimately ended up introducing me to my current business partner which afforded me opportunities that I would never have had without him. I could never quite thank him enough. Over the last few years kevin has continued to come by my house and spend time with my girlfriend, Nikki, and I, often making one of his special dishes and just laughing our faces off. We loved the time we spent together so much and will forever cherish it.

I will forever remember kevin for his witty banter, crazy antics, voices and just flat out comedy. He made me laugh so hard. Whenever I was upset kevin would do a funny voice and without fail could always could get me to crack a smile. I will miss you so much, bud. I’m sorry that we have not connected timing wise to see each other these past few months. I wish I was a better friend and I wish I could have been there for you more. My prayers are with Kevin’s family in this difficult time. I will love and miss him very much as I know many who had the luxury of meeting and being part of his life will. There’s just too much to fit into 2000 characters. Until we meet again my friend.

Elizabeth Miot

December 10, 2018

We will miss you so much. You were such a bright light in our lives. I met Kevin in college at Cornell. He lived in a home shared with 10 other students, a boisterous, happy community. He had the smallest room in the house but never complained. Frequently, his was the gathering place for late night music sessions. He taught me how to play the bass guitar, shared his love of music. We took "A History of Jazz" together. We studied for the class together, listening to recordings and trying to identify styles, artists, songs, composers. He introduced me to sushi, and the world of hot sauce. His heart was big, his love endless. A truly beautiful soul. I hope you know how much we love you, Kevin, from all of us at Wykoff. We'll miss you dearly. Rest in peace and love my good friend.

Christine Fairchild

December 10, 2018

When I moved to Massapequa and met my new neighbors the Truebig family I knew that we would become great neighbors. We truly were friends not just neighbors. I just want you to know Dennis, Mary, Dennis and Christopher that our hearts are broken. I can still remember the boys and my 2 kids Peter and Bernadette playing in your backyard. I look out that same kitchen window and have so many memories. Life is so hard at times. Kevin will be sorely missed. I remember that red hair and great smile. I remember the times there would be a knock at my door and in would pop Kevin. There were many good laughs. Take care of each other and I truly do believe we will all meet again where there will be no tears just lots of smiles.
Love Chris

Kristin Frazer (Degnan)

December 9, 2018

Kevin and I were very close for many years. For many years I spent Christmas Eve having dinner with the Treubig family, attending Midnight Mass with Kevin and then just driving around talking for hours. That tradition lasted for so many years. In fact I continued to spend Christmas Eve with Kevin even after I started dating my husband. Although Kevin had graduated HS a year before me he took me to my senior prom. It was the same night as my birthday and Kevin made sure people still wished me a Happy Birthday. He had a group of people sing to me because he didn’t want it forgotten in all of the prom craziness. Kevin and I never quite got our timing right but always cared very deeply for each other. He was the first boy I ever loved. The day he left for Oregon (8/8/96) he came to my house. We had an extremely emotional goodbye and I spent the rest of the day crying. It was so hard. We kept in touch over the years. Before my wedding he was so upset he wouldn’t be able to attend (another emotional phone call). However days before my wedding he called to say his brother Dennis was going to help him so he could be there. He was so excited and so grateful to Dennis. I’m so glad he was able to be there on such an important day. We had tried to meet up a few times so we could meet each other’s children but once again we never got our timing right. Although there was space between us in recent years I never stopped thinking about him or loving him. I will forever cherish all of our many memories and I will forever hear his laugh and see his smile. The Christmas Eve memories, the barbecues, the days shooting hoops on the side of his house, our many drives, walks, conversations. As I said he was the first boy I ever loved and I will hold him in my heart forever. All my love and prayers to all who loved him and who will miss him. And to all the Treubig family - thank you for allowing me to be such a part of your family for so many years. Love you all!

James Treubig Jr

December 8, 2018

Kevin was my cousin and little brother I never had. We had some wonderful times together growing up; always great fun at any of our family events or short weekend visits. During any family occasion, the chance of a dull or uneventful moment with him was impossible. All of us had an appetite for fun and laughter, and Kevin obliged with much amusement using his wit and sarcasm. He had a great sense of humor and infectious laughter that generously served smiles to everyone that was in his presence. Kevin had intellect and a creative imagination, recognized for his achievement as a graduate of Cornell University with a BS degree in chemistry. As an avid foodie, he was passionate about the restaurant business and had an intense fondness for a savory meal and drink from any cultural origin. Kevin proudly created and trademarked his Jolly Habanero Hot Sauce. He enjoyed the outdoors, hiking, running and skiing. Although we grew apart the last few years, I know Kevin loved family more than anything else. On behalf of all who knew him, as I had, he will be missed. Love you Cuz.

Tom Dean

December 6, 2018

While Kevin and I famously didn’t get along when we were working at Il Pittore, we tried several times to make amends and meet in the middle for the greater good it just never stuck. The dude was steadfast in his ways and was as headstrong as they come. In the moment when this was all happening there was nothing more that I wanted than to beat him in every aspect of what it was like to be a server. Now that I’ve added some years to my scorecard and am looking back on those moments I’m realizing he was able to elevate my game to a level that eventually changed my life. He was the reason I didn’t want to continue working at the restaurant and wanted to pursue other things and I really have to say my life not only is better because of those changes but also better for having known this maestro server. He was thorough, he was consistent, confident, and overly able. He pushed me to the limits not only of capability but sanity as well. The gargantuan size of the void created with his/our loss will not be filled. Cheers Kevin and I’ll take you up on the 11 beers you owe me some day.