Jeff Dombrowsky

January 26, 1970April 1, 2018
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Jeff Dombrowsky was born on January 26, 1970 and passed away on April 1, 2018


  • Memorial Service Saturday, May 5, 2018

Jeff Dombrowsky

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Mike (Zig) Williams

September 17, 2018

Jeff was the fastest kid at Meadowlark Elementary and my friend through High School. Energetic, kind, fun, funny and humble. I have many great memories of Jeff and he is a regular character in the stories I tell my kids. They are 16, 18 and 23 now and never met him, but they know about a Jeff Dombrowsky that carried the team and congratulated them for their victory as if he were a small part; that was naturally amazing at many things and still worked hard at them as well as the things he was not; that knew and genuinely liked the kids at school by name that otherwise felt out of place; that was so proud of his family; that never once let me win at HORSE or PIG. Not even once!

I had the privilege of playing countless games of Horse out at the end of his street. I was no athlete, it's just what he was doing when I got there much of the time. He'd let me get a few letters on him, before comically losing his patience and yell, "...arc Zig, arc- you can't just throw it at the rim...!" or something similar. (An odd trait he shared with our mutual friend Phil McGuigan) In every last attempt though, he finished me off respectfully with behind the back, from the Robinson's porch, double-bouncing physically impossible shots. Then he'd laugh and make some goofy Steve Martin Egyptian gestures like he was surprised. I loved losing to Jeff and feel so fortunate for knowing him.

john brandhagen

May 12, 2018

Jeff was always someone who could be trusted with anything. I neve heard him say anything bad about anyone. From what I remember the world has lost a good man April 1st. I wish I could have had some more contact with him since just after highschool.
My condolences to his friends and family.

Gordon & Terri Southwick

May 4, 2018

A deep loss and disbelief has been felt by everyone.
We were fortunate in knowing Jeff from early childhood to the present
due to his being my sister Jo Ann's youngest child.
From childhood to his passing, Jeff always exhibited a gentle spirit and loving nature.
Although our times together were limited, mainly Thanksgiving dinners in Eugene
and family reunions on the Oregon coast, he was always a joy to talk to and
a wonderful nephew who will be missed.

Brian Southwick

May 3, 2018

So many great family gatherings and memories over the years. This one is Matt, Jeff and I at the 2013 Family reunion at "St. Mary's by the Sea", Rockaway Oregon.

You will always be in our prayers.

Brian Southwick & Linda Kiens

Marilee MacMillan

April 29, 2018

As the story goes, Jeff and I were to be born on the same day. Thousands of miles rested between us, as my parents lived in Iowa and Bob and JoAnn lived in Oregon ... but our due dates were identical. However, as is the case with Iowa in January, an impending snow storm (and a doctor's suggestion to induce) altered history, and I arrived four days earlier.

I was in second grade when we finally moved to Oregon and became part of a horde of cousins that I still can't wait to see. Jeff and Laura were my closest in age and therefore my closest playmates. Every summer, it seemed, we all congregated at Grandma and Grandpa Southwick’s house in Albany. It was there I remember Jeff and I playing at the park or having a Checkers tournament on a rainy day. I remember plunking down on the floor to watch Lawrence Welk on TV and running up those steep, narrow stairs to play hide-and-seek in the bedrooms. And I remember exploring Grandpa Southwick’s garage (Where was the parental supervision?) and drinking 7-up straight from the bottle on the back steps. Although I have fond memories of Jeff at his parents’ annual Thanksgiving and Bingo extravaganza, it will be those summer months that are etched in my heart. It is when being young and silly and thinking nothing could get better than Grandma’s cinnamon rolls was blissfully simple ... and perfect. It is in those musings that I will always see Jeff’s face. I will miss you, my almost identical cousin.

Debbie Caterson

April 22, 2018

Going through my albums, I found this picture of Jeff, Matt and Bobby. So many memories to cherish.


April 13, 2018

Its been a long week for the Beaumont Family, first we lost You and then Dad with 10 days of each other. We're gonna miss you, no doubt about it. You were a blessing to us, loved giving you a good or bad time about your Ducks, Sheldon HS. Words can not describe how I feel! YOU ARE MY BOTHER, Hope to see you on the other side some DAY!

Cathy Kirkpatrick

April 12, 2018

Jeff and Matt were really close through life, as many siblings are. Here is a wonderful picture of the two boys.

Adrienne Ontiveros

April 11, 2018

I met Jeffrey working for Nabisco. He made me laugh. He made so many laugh. We often would go to lunch together. There is a pizza place in Ashland we would go to that he went to when he was in college. I remember thinking how bad the pizza was. But, he had good memories there, so we would go... I have so many good memories with Jeffrey. I am thankful to have met him. And stayed friends with him, even after our Nabisco adventures.

Brad Bofto

April 11, 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff for 13 years at Nabisco. Jeff could and would light up a room with his presence. He genuinely cared about others and their wellbeing. Jeff enjoyed being a dad and was proud of his siblings of which he would talk of often. Jeff found the good in others at all times. He will be missed by all those who had the opportunity to cross paths with Jeff. May peace be with him.