John Samuel Simmerley

July 25, 1932May 12, 2018

John Samuel Simmerley

John Samuel Simmerley passed away May 12, 2018 in the comfort of his home in the Rogue Valley of Oregon. He was surrounded by his family and by his friends, who he was fortunate to enjoy and laugh with up to the last day of his life. He was 85.

John lived a long, rich, full, and happy life. He was delivered into this world by his Grandfather John Hurst D.O., at his parents ranch, Ruth L. Hurst Simmerley and Ben A. Simmerley's on July 25th 1932, at Nashmead, Mendocino County, California.

John loved being outdoors. He was a successful cattle rancher, agriculturalist, business owner, proud Republican & NRA member, avid hunter, decorated Military marksman/veteran, heavy equipment operator, and master horseman. He participated in volunteering with community efforts among his many activities and accomplishments. Most important of this he would tell you his biggest accomplishment was his long and happy marriage of 58 years to his loving wife Cheryle.

His genealogy, which his mother worked on for years, tells the history of a long line of cattle ranchers, pioneers, Union army officers, being a direct descendant of explorer Lewis of Lewis and Clark, American Revolutionary War soldiers and Patriots with roots back to the early English monarchy. His great grandfather, Septimus Greene was an important poet of his time and was a founding member of the San Francisco Symphony orchestra in 1911. John joked however, that he had more "sympathy" than "symphony" in him. He was always fast to laugh, to share his sense of humor, and a hug. He loved Baxter Black's humorous western poems and had a few of his own to recite.

John bred and trained his ranch working cattle dogs. They were primarily border collie's that his father originally imported from Scotland. John always had a crew of hard working, champion level dogs who were trained to be completely under his every command both voice and hand. His dogs were enthusiastic to please him. It was a beautiful sight to watch John work his black and white collies moving his black Angus cows in his green clover pasture. John was honest, hard driving and absolutely took pride in everything he did. His handshake was his word. He adventurously eloped with the love of his life, Cheryle H. Baxman from Fort Bragg, California. They were married by a minister in Reno Nevada, March 25, 1960. Cheryle says there wasn't a day that went by that John didn't tell her he loved her. Both John and Cheryle were actively involved in the communities of Potter Valley, Gualala, and Montague California and the last 14 years here in the Rogue Valley of Oregon.

Surviving to cherish his legacy includes his loving wife Cheryle Simmerley of Central Point, OR; daughter Patricia & husband Scott Warren of Central Point, OR; daughter Nancy & husband Robert of Jacksonville, OR; Grandson Chad Warner & fiancee' Jennifer Miller of Gualala, CA; Grandson Jason Warner & wife Danielle & great granddaughter Mikaela of Gualala, CA; and a host of cousins, other family, and very dear friends.


John Samuel Simmerley

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Eric Rogers

May 23, 2018

Part 2 of 2:

My wife and I got together with John and Cheryle several times over lunch or at the gym to talk about our various experiences and family. John and Cheryle would talk about their daughters, the grandsons, and the recent addition of a great granddaughter with such pride that I often found myself asking John how they were doing – especially the grandsons with their earth moving projects and whether they were working various forest fires. John loved talking about them and their various hard-earned accomplishments on both fronts. They are obviously ”chips off the old block” and I’m sure the family will miss him greatly.

I feel fortunate and thankful to have gotten to know John and Cheryle – we will all miss John greatly.

Eric Rogers

May 23, 2018

Part 1 of 2 parts:
I first met John at the gym. I was using one of the machines and I noticed this gentleman on the machine next to mine. I glanced over and asked how are you doing and he replied that he was doing well. So I proceeded to ask how many reps (repetitions) he had done and he casually said “800 so far”. I thought he was pulling my leg but as I went about my workout I kept an eye on him and within a short while he finished – after 1,000 reps (I witnessed the last 200). That was my first lesson in how John Simmerley lived his life. John would do 100 reps in 8 to 10 of the machines – not a great weight but always with a full range of motion. This impressed a lot of us at the gym and he would gladly take a break to chat to anyone that wanted to talk.

John did not bluff or tell tall tales about himself or his family. I would look forward to getting to the gym and asking John if he was having a good day – he would always smile and say “they’re all good”. Then we would go about discussing and solving the problems of the world during our respective workouts. To John, most problems could be avoided if people would “be honest” and follow the adage that “a man’s word was his bond”.

John would tell me stories that only a man of his age and experience could know about; like riding a horse to school; eloping with Cheryle, the love of his life (he once drove cross-country while on a short leave to be with Cheryle); his days in the military as a sharpshooter and being part of a coastal missile defence site; his other love – training border collie’s “working dogs” John would say.
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