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Naomi Joyce Shipman

November 5, 1934January 7, 2020

Joyce Shipman, 85, passed away in her sleep on January 7, 2020. She was born in Eads Colorado to Clara and Daniel Nelson. Joyce was the second child of four. She was blessed with three brothers, L.D. (Phyllis), Leo (Sue), and Danny.

After graduating from Ead's High School, she went to Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa. It was there that she met her husband, Bill. Later, they moved to Memphis Tn. and raised a family. She became a nurse and retired in 1982.

Joyce had the most beautiful singing voice. She was a coloratura soprano. She loved singing especially in her church. During one of her recitals, she sang Madam Butterfly. At weddings, she and Bill would sing The Hawaiian Wedding song. She also played the piano at home and for church services.

Joyce loved the Lord and she loved studying the scriptures. She tried to live her life as Christ taught. Many times she counseled that Christ said we are to love one another and do good to those who have hurt us. Her gentleness and kindness is a testament of her love for our Lord.

She leaves behind her husband of 66 years (Bill Shipman), son David Shipman (Michelle), daughters Cindy Stewart (Jeff), Valerie Shipman and Sherry Henry (Rick). She also leaves behind seven grandchildren, Michael Shipman (Jeri), Shelley Barnett, Bryan Shipman, Chris Stewart, Wes Stewart, Noelani Henry and Erik Henry (Rachael) plus four great grandchildren and one on the way.

We have been truly blessed to have Joyce in our lives.

In lieu of flowers, please remember her by sharing acts of kindness to others.


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Naomi Joyce Shipman

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Erik Henry

January 11, 2020

Part two! However. ...... LEARNING TO ENJOY IT! Has become more and more of a re-occurring theme in my life... (in regards to car problems; house disasters, career follies, and stock market woes) there isn’t enough thanks that I can give to granny! She always told me to look for the beautiful; In foes, problems, adversity and everything else...Advice that has really helped me get through life. And if you are privileged enough to be reading this... i’m Sure she told you the same thing too. We are truly blessed to have had her in our lives, as I’m sure anyone who knew her loved her. She will always be with us, no matter what life throws at us, to help us be kind to others, do the right thing.... and persevere through the more unsavory aspects of life. I love you and miss you so much granny. Love Erik.

Erik Henry

January 11, 2020

Ok this is a two part memory, because you can’t fit a good memory into 2000 characters or less......Granny used to make the best fried chicken!!! I remember after one big family meal, around Christmas time, sneaking into her fridge late at night, after raiding her pantry for twinkies... which she always had plenty of! I was looking for something say....With a little more nourishment. I found a Tupperware full of delicious tiny, fried, chicken nuggets maybe? I wasn’t sure what the were, but by golly they were tasty! Granny must’ve heard me rummaging through her fridge and informed me me that those were all the fried up gizzards; livers, hearts and what-not...I wasn’t grossed out at all, probably because, I wasn’t a very smart kid. All I knew was that they tasted pretty darn good! And... they were readily available to a 6 year old kid with the munchies. I remember eating them with her, and her being somewhat impressed, that I wasn’t grossed out. She explained to me that in her day, nothing went to waste and when you had brothers that would eat all of the good parts of the chicken, you would sorta forage for any other part of the chicken that nobody wanted and LEARN TO ENJOY IT! I was soo proud to eat those gizzards with granny. I felt like such a man! I bragged to my mother the next morning and she made the typical gag noise with her mouth. I thought that was hilarious! Could you believe it! I was actually, more of an adult than my very own mother! And at the age of 6 no less! To be fair... I haven’t eaten many livers or hearts as I have become more of an adult.But my wife does! And she always tries to make me eat them with her, but some how I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it, I did eat a liver once with her and to be fair it was pretty good! I blame modern society mostly, if modern society says it’s gross, than I guess it’s gross...... or Maybe it just wasn’t cooked that special way that only granny could cook it. To be continued...