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Warren D. Johnson

April 13, 1922October 19, 2021

Warren “Papa” Johnson was born April 13, 1922 in Buxton, Iowa. Sadly, he fell asleep in death on Tuesday October 19, 2021 with his daughters, Audrey and Renicia by his side.

Warren spent his early years in Iowa. He often spoke fondly of times spent with his beloved grandparents, his Mother Maizie, Uncle Everett, and Cousin Ruby. In 1940 Warren graduated from McKinley High School where he was an exceptional runner, winning several tournaments. He was a member of a singing quartet, singing at parties and over the local radio. He spent some time studying at a university before joining the Armed Forces.

Warren was an avid storyteller and loved sharing his life experiences with others. He had much to relate regarding his travels to Japan, the Philippines, and New Zealand. Papa loved all types of music from folk to classical; however, Jazz was his favorite. He found great pleasure working in his garden and was known for the hot peppers he grew. He loved to cook and his speciality was homemade chilli. Even at his advancing age, Papa enjoyed dancing, attending symphony performances, and going to the park to listen to live music . He was a very meticulous man and was never caught without one of his favorite hats. Warren was a hard worker and had various jobs throughout his life. Before retiring as a Construction Worker in Chicago, he assisted in constructing some of Chicago’s landmark buildings such as the Sears Tower.

While living in Chicago, Warren met and married the love of his life, Barbara. Together they raised five children. For over 60 years they enjoyed dancing, fishing, travelling, and extending hospitality to others. Warren was a devoted and self-sacrificing husband and father who always put his family first. In 1962, Warren was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. For decades, he served as a Congregation Elder while living in Chicago, IL, Memphis, TN, and Jackson, TN. He also enjoyed the privilege of serving as a full time minister and attended Pioneer Service School four times. Warren, affectionately known as Papa, will be dearly missed. His hope of living forever on a paradise earth in perfect health will soon be realized. (Isaiah 35:6)

Warren leaves to cherish his memory his beloved daughters, Audrey (Vern) and Renicia (Michael). He is survived by his sons, Vincient, Eric, Alan, Carl; his daughter, Lynn; his grandchildren, Darnell (Melissa), Shayla, Vincient Jr (Lisa), Erica, Jasmine, Alan Jr, Morgan, Aubrey, Billie (Odale); his great-grandchildren, Amaya, Christopher, Shawn, Iyana; best friends, Gerald and Sherry.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Johnson family.


  • Barbara, Wife (deceased)
  • Audrey (Vern) and Renicia (Michael), Beloved daughters
  • Vincient, Eric, Alan, Carl, Sons
  • Lynn, Daughter
  • Darnell (Melissa), Shayla, Vincient Jr (Lisa), Erica, Jasmine, Alan Jr, Morgan, Aubrey, Billie (Odale), Grandchildren
  • Amaya, Christopher, Shawn, Iyana, Great Grandchildren
  • Gerald and Sherry, Best friends


  • Committal Service

    Friday, November 12, 2021


Warren D. Johnson

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April Kotey

November 10, 2021

I will always remember Papa with a smile. He was always so much part of my life. Spending many Sundays over to the house. Good times. My fondest memory is him marrying my husband and I 25years ago. Until we see each other again in the new world. I thank Jehovah for such a good person in my life,

Renicia Bonner

November 7, 2021

Audrey and Renicia would like to extend a special thank you to Bro. Jessse Dixon who was not only a close friend to Papa but a loving son and a great source of encouragement to them all.

Gloria Miles

November 6, 2021

Having lost my Mom when I was just 4, and my Dad in 1972, a year before I studied; family is important to me. I long for a happy family; that green book “Making Your Family Life Happy” was updated to “Secret of Family Happiness” was very timely for me. The Johnson’s family, to me, was a good example as well as many other families in the Burnside Cong. The originator of the family, never intended for our family to lose any members. But remember that Jah can, will remember everything about bro Johnson and open his eyes. Rev. 21:4 So cherish those fond, fun memories of him. I remember he was always smiling and very friendly.

From a family of the BIGGEST family in the world to your family pls accept our heart felt Condolences. G. Miles and family. A BIG virtual 🤗

Vinnie Johnson Jr

November 6, 2021

Vinnie Johnson Jr

November 5, 2021

If there was one thing that I could say about my Papa, it would be that he was truly a man's man, and what I mean by that, is that he could practically do and fix anything. He was everything you would want and need in a husband, a father and a friend. If I were to mention all the fine qualities and amazing fun and fond memories we had as a family, this paragraph would turn into a book lol. I miss papa's little sayings like "Goodnight" and when granny would tease papa, he would say "Awww Mama". Anybody that was around Papa would know what I mean lol. But more importantly, papa taught and showed me how to be the best for myself and my family, and I will never forget that. I love you Papa and you will be dearly dearly missed!!! So, on that note I will say this,, we are all so fortunate to know the only true God Jehovah, because we know that one day, we will all have the opportunity to see our dear Papa again!!!

Monica White

November 5, 2021

Papa Warren will be missed. I will always Cherish the fun times we shared with the Johnson family and Papa Warren. One thing I will miss is his affectuous laugh and smile.

I look forward to greeting him when he is resurrected and hearing his laugh.

My love and condolences to the family!❤️

Yolanda Carr

November 5, 2021

My dearest sister friend , Audrey, I am so sorry that u, Niecy & the entire family have suffered the loss of Papa! Having lost my dad a few weeks before you, understanding that pain nobody should have to experience or endure. It’s unnatural & death is an enemy. 💔😓
We are assured that Jehovah has eagerly anticipated​—has had an earnest longing for—​the time when he will bring them back to life. (Job 14:14, 15) They will be happy and in vibrant health. How I long for that time with you & when our dad’s can finally meet each other. ☺️

My fond memory is when you & I traveled to Memphis for Neicy’s pinning. I had the best time with your family & Papa’s organization of his ties & yes, how he kept the plastic grocery bags….immaculate! You know I love organization! So I came back and folded every bag exactly how he did. Missing him with you all & can’t wait to see him & your mom very soon. We Love you, Yoyo & Harold

Lorraine Bowman

November 5, 2021

My fond memory is when the Johnson movies to TN in 1983, my husband, sister and I helped them move. My sister and I back then loved to eat eggos for breakfast . We got up early and went to the store purchased our eggos, we was so happy, we was about to enjoy our eggos. In walked Papa Johnson he said “what are you eating?” We said all happy “Eggos!” we even offered him some and he said “that’s not real waffles not unless you make them from scratch “. When he said that we looked a little sad and Yes we did eat those waffles and yes they was delicious, but I guess I just don’t see them quite the same anymore unless I make them from scratch. Oh and he didn’t eat any. Not sure what he ate. But those waffles was good. Lol

Sanae Murakami

November 5, 2021

Dear Sister Audrey,
I'm very, very sad because you now lost your both mother and father as same as me. Please don't hesitate to cry anytime you want.
I also like jazz music. I have some jazz CDs.
I would like to dedicate this song lyrics for you, song#138.
'Father, you remember, how in faith they've run. Give them your assurance, may they hear, "Well done!"'

I never forget you have welcomed me to your lovely home.

I'll introduce you my parents at the New World, so please introduce me your parents at the New World.

With love from Japan,
Sanae Murakami

「エホバどうか抱き寄せて 『よくやった』の 一言を」

村上 早苗