Anthony John Neff

January 16, 2002September 12, 2019

Anthony John Neff was born on January 16, 2002 and passed away on September 12, 2019.


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Anthony John Neff

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Hayley Garcia

September 25, 2019

Anthony Neff. The boy who made my day with a joke or a smile. I worked with Anthony this summer at VIK. When I started working there, I was a very quiet staff member and didn't know anyone else that I worked with well. When it was my first week during one lunch break, Anthony started talking to me and made sarcastic, funny comments that made me laugh. He made me feel better and got me out of my comfort zone to talk to other staff members freely. From that moment, we talked every time we passed in the halls or we'd help one another with a task. It got to the point where we became friends over social media and he'd guide me on things I wasn't sure about. Going on field trips with him at work made them more fun than they already were. I took a video of him on the zip line at Krazy Air and he told me to send it to him so he could post it to his Snapchat story with a silly line to go with it just as we went to the pool, we'd joke and laugh often. Anthony was one of the reasons why I was excited to go to work often because he never failed to make me smile. When it was the last day of summer working at VIK, we hung out with some of the kids and did nothing but laugh and smile. When I clocked out, I told everyone goodbye since I wouldn't be working again until fall break but when I was leaving, I hugged Anthony and told him I'd miss him. It was towards the end of the first quarter and it got closer to fall break, I began to get happy, thinking I would see everyone I worked with. Only a little bit later, my step-mom told me Anthony passed away. I tried to hold back how I felt in front of her but once I made it up to my room, I started sobbing. Looking back, I wished I had more time to talk to him or text him even when I was busy. I miss him.

Anthony, I hope and pray you're in a better place and I know for sure, I will never forget about you. May you rest in peace, buddy.

Ava Calcaterra

September 21, 2019

Anthony, had a huge impact on my life and I will never forget him he will always be in my heart and one of my stories with him was we would always sneak candy together me him and my best friend and we would laugh he would always hang out with us after school and I can’t imagine my life with out him. He made me feel happy and his smile could light up a room at an instant. He always told me and my best friend that we were his favorite and will always be. I never felt alone when he was there with me. I miss him so much and I just don’t know what to do now that’s he’s gone it feels as if the world that and once stood has now crumbled and turned to dust. He was an angel he always had a positive attitude and had his whole life planned. He told me what he was studying to be, an ER trauma nurse, he loved to dance and fish I remember his family would call him ant-man. He was a hero in all of our hearts and will always be. Now he is dancing with the angels looking down from the sky watching over us all. To Anthony’s family I say you are wonderful and kind and your son is an angel. I miss him so much and I will continue to remember him and his smile. Anthony will always be in my heart. Bless his family and anyone who knows him or may be reading this.

Kayla Lynch

September 21, 2019

I’ve already wrote one of these, but I felt the need that I needed to retell my story. My name is Kayla Lynch. And I am a kid that goes to meridian elementary. I went to VIK everyday for two years, and I still do. Anthony came to VIK every day. His sweet and loving smile lit up my life. I have a friend, who went to VIK too. We would always hangout with Anthony. Me and my friend love candy. So, sometimes Anthony would help us sneak candy, we only got caught once, thank god Anthony wasn’t helping! Anthony was in one of my older sisters classes at Desert Ridge, her name is Audrey Lynch. One day she came home and told me that Anthony said at school that his two favorite kids at VIK we’re me and my friend. I was so happy at that moment, because at the time I had depression, and it finally felt like I was excepted into this world by at least one person. A week later. One day Anthony wasn’t at VIK and I didn’t suspect anything of it. The next day he wasn’t there either. My sister asked me if he was ok? Because he wasn’t at school but he wasn’t at VIK. The next day I go to VIK and he’s not there, neither all of the regular staff. I get picked up early and my mom looks like she has been crying like crazy. When I got home. My mom had me sit down and explained...That Anthony had toke his life. I cried for so long, I can’t even remember. I went to his funeral today. At the funeral the one thing I was doing was crying. I just want you to know Anthony. That you made so many people happy. You gave a smile to everyone that saw you. Every time I hear your name I cry. I can’t help but hope you are flying high, and dancing to the angel’s singing.

Ava Calcaterra

September 21, 2019

Anthony was my best friend and always made the room glow with his smile, I wish I could have had more time. He always made me feel better when I was sad. I had so many memories with him but my favorite like my friend I always loved goofing of with him and sneaking candy (he would always help us) he always made me smile, he was like the brother I never had I miss him so much and the only thing that gets me through the day is his smile and his laugh and to Anthony’s parents you have raised an angel. 💖

Alexis Irving

September 18, 2019

Anthony had the best personality and attitude as well as the best smile. He was my first friend at our old job, he eased my anxiety and we became closer since then. I will forever miss his smile and his sense of humor AND hugs. I really hope he is at peace 💕

Morgan DiCarlo

September 16, 2019

Anthony was one of my long time friends. He used to help me with all my problems and I wish I could of done the same. His cute smile would always light me up no matter what happened. He didn’t deserve this. But, he’s in a better place now. He will always have a place in my heart. I love you forever Anthony. 💗

Matthew Santo

September 16, 2019

Anthony Neff was a good person he was very cool and nice. He was my first friend to have when I moved to mesa we have the same math class and lunch hour, But now we loved him and we all cared about him but now we all know that he is in a better place as he rest in God blessing arm. I will never forget him God bless you Antony and see you in the afterlife

Jazlyn Arrington

September 16, 2019

Anthony is an AMAZING person with an AMAZING personality. He is so sweet and was kind to everyone. I love him so much he has touched so many lives and is just a great person. It may be hard sometimes but thinking of the good times makes it better. Anthony will always be known as the person with the big smile and wonderful heart. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Shyann Arrington

September 15, 2019

Anthony was a friend to everyone and he helped others and always had a big smile on his face and he loved everyone and he was a great kid he was like a brother to my family and to me. He was so friendly to everyone and just for him to be there you would know and you would have a smile on your face just like he did all of the time and that his pictures that are on the walls to the walls.

Tori Wattawa

September 15, 2019

Anthony rest well. Your smile brought real life to people that were down. I will miss passing you in the halls. You touched everyone's life, sometimes with just a smile. I enjoyed our conversation on the day of the pep rally. Just know that you will be missed and no matter where you go you will always be loved. And now you're in a better place. I'll see you again and until then I miss you stay strong.