Steven Daniel Gompf

April 27, 1963March 4, 2018

Steven Daniel Gompf was born on April 27, 1963 and passed away on March 4, 2018 in Mesa, Arizona.


Steven Daniel Gompf

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Renee Weisbaden

June 12, 2019

Hi Steve, hope this reaches heaven. I knew you when we were but teenage children, sunny days in Wiesbaden teaching me to play tennis and the value of friendship. I discovered your high school picture in my jewelry box and decided to find you. And I was too late. I believe love can transcend, and you can hear me.

Love you my Red Headed intense and laughing friend.

Tracy Thomas

April 11, 2018

Steve was awesome. One of the funniest memories I have of him is his performing at the Bad Xmas Pageant in a Santa costume and he had the Santa hat stuffed with paper or something so it stood straight up like a cone, hilarious. He encouraged so many of us. He wrote multiple letters of recommendation for me when I was applying to graduate school. His videos and artwork were so unique and wonderful. I’ll miss you Steve.

michelle (formerly latkovski) swayne

April 10, 2018

Dear Steve,

I remember seeing you a few years ago now, still working, looking great and involved in the downtown phoenix art community. I didnt know you well but always wanted more time with you when we hung out. We met through PeterRagan and his Metropophobobia and of course our weekly polucks and summer parties at my house on Monroe, camping on Bok's desert plot, Mumby's Garden, Adams back yard etc.
I love your art and you should still be making it.

Much love on your journey,

Steve Weiss

April 10, 2018

Steve had a wonderful way of connecting people. He introduced me to so many people that now I call friends and associates. He loved a good joke, a good laugh and yes a good practical joke. I remember taking a photo of Kenilworth School that he used to create his "Museum of the Televisor" website, adding the typical hanging museum signs to make the fake museum. We photographed various vacuum tubes and Steve wrote histories, dates and names to all of them.

I also had the good fortune to screen his films, both ones he made in collaboration and on his own. They are truly gems from the surreal antics of the creatures he created from Muybridge photography to mesmerizing spinning mandalas of hammers and simple dot patterns. His mind was always buzzing with new ideas, and old ideas he'd try again.

I miss that there won't be new films or televisors, and I will miss Steve's laugh, his advice and his friendship.

Krista Peterson

April 10, 2018

Steve was a good friend and great artist and teacher. I will miss going to his house and showing me what he was working on. I will miss seeing him at First Friday and art shows and getting into Alwun House free. He was a great supporter of artists. He once gave me $150 so that I could get into Art Detour. There is a big hole in the Phoenix art community. RIP, man.

Michael Twenty-three

April 8, 2018

So I got the news that Steve passed away this week. Steve was a sincere and beautiful man. I was lucky to know him. I worked with him for over 6 years at artlink, taught with him at collins college, boggled with him at Vaidens, and had many great conversations. I respected his creative path and the humor and integrity he brought to this place. The one story that comes to mind that I'd like to tell is about when I first came into contact with his work.

When I was at ASU working on my computer engineering degree I came across a show in the computing commons of some early televisions that predated my knowledge of the first tv's.. the televisors. I wandered through the exhibition and was dumbstruck by how old television was.. I couldn't believe that these old machines existed and it opened up my firm grip on technology and the progress of the world. I left the exhibition in a dream.. wondering about ancient mechanical robot dolls and the mystery of history. There 's so much out there.. so many things have happened that we don't know about because we only know what we're told and what we find when we look.

It was probably a day or 2 later when I was mentioning the exhibit to a friend, that I discovered that the televisors was purely steve's invention. I was duped by this artistic con to see the world differently. I was glad to know I could be tricked.. and the epiphany his work produced out-shined the disillusion I felt when my friend spoiled the trick and I could see behind the curtain. I didn't let on at the time how truly fooled I had been when I found out.. I just smiled and nervously changed the subject. But now, I'm glad to share how profoundly he tricked me :).

When I first started working with him I was simply amazed that I could work along side such an artist. Someone who inspired me early on and was still working in the world. It took a year or two before I could share my story with him, but I did :).

Greg Pengtkowski

April 8, 2018

I am so sorry to learn of the death of Steven. He was a truly gifted artist with his adapted sculptures and animation. I enjoyed his company at the same galleries he and I showed our artwork.

Kristin Niemiec

April 8, 2018

It was such a pleasure and honor showing Steve’s work. He was a brilliant artist and a unique person and I enjoyed every meeting with him. I’m very sorry to hear of his passing and I offer my heartfelt condolences to his family and close friends.

Trish Justrish

April 8, 2018

We argued about everything and nothing. I'll miss every eye roll and droll joke. I cherish every show we did together and all of the crazy antics. The world is less interesting without out him. Be at peace.

Tommy Cannon

April 8, 2018

Steve was warm and friendly and made the most inspired and curiosity inducing art. The man and his work were truly amazing.