June 5, 1986April 24, 2016

Burial arrangements under the direction of Memorial Plan Dade Memorial Park.



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February 8, 2018



January 20, 2018

Hi Wilton
It's now January 20, 2018, a new year has begun without you. I miss you so much nephew. Life on earth has not changed but you not being here is still a void. We will never recover but everyone understands that we must go on on living and just continue to celebrate as if you were here with us. Sometimes I hear a beautiful song and it reminds me of you then it brings tears to my eyes. Your children spends a lot of time with granny, they love being at her house. They are all okay just time passes by so quickly. Well my love, Auntie just wanted to say hello and let u know I miss you dearly with every beat of my heart. Auntie Gwen


December 23, 2017

Hey Nephew
Christmas is 2 days away and it is so painful to know that you won't be here to celebrate this day with your kids, family and friends. This time of the year is very very difficult for me because although you made it to heaven I still worry about you. If Auntie could have one wish from god, I'd beg him to bring you back to earth to continue your journey. I miss you nephew and I know you are going to have a wonderful Christmas with all the angels. I love you with every beat of my heart.


November 22, 2017

Hey Nephew its that time f the year when we all meet at Granny's house for Thanksgiving. We are truly gonna miss you walking in the door, yelling Grandma you ain't finish cooking yet, you use to make me laugh rushing Granny. It's been very difficult with u not being here, the holidays are very tough. Every time I see your picture Auntie starts crying again. I just can't believe your last day on earth you came by my house. It was so strange because you rarely came by. I miss u Wilton and the pain will never go away. Auntie loves u with every beat in my heart and with every breath I take each and everyday. Love you Nephew

Auntie Gwen

October 19, 2017

Hey Wilton
Just wanted to say I love you and miss you so much, life is so different with you not being here. It will never be the same but we must continue to move forward with your memories. Central and Northwestern will be playing this Friday and I know you would have enjoyed the game. I plan to go me and my husband, I will miss seeing you walking up and down those stairs. But anyway I love you and I thank god for the journey he allowed us to have with you, love you nephew with every beat of my heart, Auntie loves you.


October 8, 2017

Hey Wilton I know u are okay because u are now LIVING IN GODS palace. We miss u so much, I seen some old pictures of u that brought tears to my eyes. I know all we can do from this point is try and take one day at a time. It is difficult no matter how many days, months or years pass by. I look at your handsome face on those pictures and what I see, u should have been a GQ model for some company. Your spirit and young legacy will continue for ever. I miss u nephew and I know u are at peace, no more worry nights, frustration and agitation. You are somewhere u can now be free to live with no boundaries because u are in a stress free palace called HEAVEN. love you with EVERY beat of my heart

Auntie GWEN

September 23, 2017

Hey Wilton
I know you haven't heard from Auntie in almost a month. Its been crazy on earth all the hurricanes and bad weather just knocking the heck out of Miami. I had a brief conversation with LL on yesterday about you. We just talked about some of the things you and him use to do growing up. I know he misses you so much because you guys were one year apart. LL and you were always my pride and joy. Your kids are okay and so are their moms. They just growing up so fast. That JOJO looks like a grown man and he surely acts like he was hear before. Granny was sick but she's doing much better, a lot of time when she is feeling sick its because she misses you like everyone else. She has your picture and shirt sitting on the table because she misses you. I will always love you until we see each other again, with every beat of my heart.


August 23, 2017

Hey Nephew its 130am in the morning just turned on the computer and realize it's been almost a month since I wrote you, well I am okay but as most families we are still in turmoil. I realize that no matter what happens in life families0 will always have ups and downs but you can only continue to love one another. I miss hearing you walk into granny's house its just not the same over there. We try so hard and pretend that we are healing but truthfully we will never heal from this. Everyday is a new day and when day breaks you just thank god for another blessing. I know you are watching over us with a praying hand something we surely can use. Nephew words can not express how much Auntie MISSES YOU, I LOVE YOU WILTON WITH EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART.


July 15, 2017

Hey Nephew just cleaning up around the house and listening to some nice music. Some songs that are being played causes me to think about you and of course Auntie starts crying. It just saddens me so much knowing you are not here and nothing can bring you back to life. Your spirit will always be present and your sons especially Man-Man is so handsome, he looks exactly like you the older he gets. The other day, Talley cut his hair and I know the people was probably doing a double take cause the hair cut he gave him, boy, he looked just like your twin.I will continue the journey of writing because it eases the pain which is a very slow process but in time I will began the healing but at this very moment it still hurts, like this happen yesterday. I love you Wilton and Granny misses you dearly, it's definitely affecting her the most, I see it because she is not happy anymore. She is still mourning and keeps a shirt with your picture hanging on the dinner table to keep you near her heart. I love you Nephew with every beat of my heart. Auntie Gwen

Auntie Gwen

July 4, 2017

Hey Nephew just wanted to say Happy 4th of July. Auntie misses u so much. The family holidays are truly a struggle without you but thank god for the many he allowed us to share together. Love u with every beat of my heart. Auntie Gwen