Felipa "Maria" Jesus Amezquita

February 5, 1927October 14, 2012

Many things can be said about Felipa Jesus Amezquita. Known to friends and acquaintances as "Maria", a friendly, energetic, empathic and decisive woman, her compassionate nature would always shine through, revealing her charm, warmth and conscientious demeanor. She was warmhearted, gentle and organized in all the things she sought to accomplish. Maria was a mentor, a natural “teacher” capable of seeing things clearly, leading others and bringing out the best in all of those around her. She generally had a focus on harmony and peace.

Her parents were Perfecto and Sabina Flores. Maria was raised in La Puente & Monrovia, California. When she was young, Maria's friends and family found that “straightforward” and “honest” were perfect words to describe her. Even as a child, Maria demonstrated strong qualities of self-confidence, perceptive ability and a disposition that was enjoyable to those around her.

Maria grew up with 7 siblings. She had two sisters, Isabel and Mary, and 5 brothers, Raymond, Tony, Richard, Joe and Perfecto. Maria was constantly involved in all sorts of activities with her family. She was even-tempered, taking care not to get involved in too many family conflicts. This quality served her well, in perpetually bringing harmony, understanding and a sense of peace to the family. Maria carried these traits into her adult life and served as one of many reasons why family and friends found her pleasurable and delightful to be around. Maria was a person who genuinely understood and cared for others, making powerful connections with those she knew. Maria’s quality of being a caring and tolerant person who was very accepting of others translated to being a good mother to her children. Maria shared these values with her 4 children, two sons, John and Michael, and two daughters, Carolina and Linda. Maria was also blessed with 7 grandchildren, Mike, Rose, Mia, Jimmy, Carlos, Chris, and Jason. Maria related well to children of all ages and was able to connect to them on their level. The children always loved her and she was completely and totally devoted to them.

Maria experienced success in her work life over and over again. Her primary occupation was being a homemaker, but she also worked for naval personnel. Maria always made the effort to understand what was needed at work, and was well known by her colleagues as a team player. Maria took pride in managing her professional responsibilities and seemed to always know what was necessary to successfully complete a project. Maria was one to take the initiative and her skills at working cooperatively were highly valued. Maria continually sought to learn what her co-workers did well and how they were most effective, a talent that enabled her to help them develop their own potential.

Because she was organized and methodical, Maria took great pleasure in her various hobbies. Her favorite pursuits were gardening, crocheting, making baby blankets and painting. Maria enjoyed sharing her passions with others and could singularly focus on one hobby at a time.

Throughout her life, Maria was actively involved in professional organizations. With a talent for focusing in on exactly what was required to be completed, Maria was known to her peers as being able to strengthen any group endeavor. When called on, Maria was a natural leader who created harmony and good relationships within the group, often putting her own needs aside. Maria’s involvement could easily help structure and organize any part of an organization. An added benefit was Maria’s ability to bring valued principles along with her. Throughout her later years, Maria was an active member of the Business & Professional Womens Organization in Pasadena (BPW) and the Duarte Women's Club.

Maria’s faith was important to her. She was a member of Annunciation Catholic Church for 20 years. She was compassionate and warm hearted, someone who truly cared for others and that was clearly demonstrated in her work with the congregation.

Maria enjoyed traveling, and because she was so well organized, she would take on the responsibility of planning and scheduling all of the family vacations. Her gift for keeping things lively meant that vacations with Maria were always enjoyable. Favorite vacations included going to Lake Elsenor and San Diego.

Maria was a lover of animals and cherished her pets. Her family was rounded out by her dogs.

Maria passed away on October 14, 2012 at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California. She is survived by her children, Juan Flores, Carolina Flores-Helizon, Michael Flores and Linda Flores; siblings, Mary Ferrer and Joe Ferrer; 7 grandchildren; 5 great grandchildren; and a host of friends. Services were held at Annunciation Catholic Church in Arcadia, California. Felipa was laid to rest in Live Oak Memorial Park in Monrovia, California.

Throughout her life, Maria was a gregarious and enthusiastic woman. She was generous in sharing her personal attributes, giving and helping those she knew and loved. She would often fill the role of coach, bringing out the best in everyone. She was imaginative, original, tender hearted and easy to get along with. Maria leaves behind her a legacy of life-long friendships and cherished memories. Everyone whose lives she touched will dearly remember Maria, Felipa Jesus Amezquita.


  • Funeral Service Friday, October 19, 2012

Felipa "Maria" Jesus Amezquita

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Yvonne Calderon

October 21, 2012

First of all I am so terribly sorry for your loss, I know they say that time heals...well, I am still waiting. I miss my Mother dearly and know how all of you feel and what you are going through right now. Our only condolence is knowing that the two sisters that truly enjoyed each others company and had a true love for each other are finally together, laughing, loving and carrying on like they did before my Mom was called by Our Lord. They have been apart for several years and have a LOT of catching up to do.
Thank you so much for including the photos that you included of my Mother in this tribute to your Mother, my Aunt Felipa. She was a beautiful Lady with an infectious laugh and an extremely diplomatic way of expressing herself to tell it like it was. I Loved her because you always knew where you stood with her, she was notorious for NOT beating around the bush and we all respected her for that and it was ALWAYS for our own GOOD! Whether we knew it at the time or not....eventually we got it!
She was the fun loving Aunt that would come by to pick up Chavela and go dancing, only to come back with hilarious stories of how the night on the town proved to be fun and entertaining.
I would hear about their evening out and between the two of them interjecting at complementary times I would have tears rolling down my face and a pain in my side from laughing SOOOOO hard. They truly were quite a pair! I miss those times dearly and can only find solace in knowing they are in a better place, up in Heaven with Our Lord. May they both rest in peace...
Yvonne M. Calderon AKA Evie

Felicia Peraza

October 18, 2012

Felicia Peraza and family. Our hearts and prayers are with the family at this time and always. She was a wonderful woman and will always be remembered. May God Bless each and every one of you and help you through this time. Respectfully......Felicia Peraza and family

A Heartfelt Message

October 17, 2012

A Heartfelt Message

October 16, 2012