Carmen Deloras Roll

August 7, 1953December 3, 2018
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Carmen Roll, age 65, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, passed away on Monday, December 3, 2018, surrounded by her family and their love. Carmen was born on August 7, 1953 in Crossville, Tennessee, to Anna Kate Storie. She is survived by her loving husband, Peter Roll; devoted daughter, son-in-law and grandsons, LeAnn, Fred, Sam and Matthew Schrimpe; brother and sister-in-law, John and Tammy Steiger; and the Purnell, Schrimpe & Rutledge families.. Carmen was a woman of faith, and she was an active member of Grace Lutheran Church. She was thankful every day for the blessings she received throughout her life. Carmen loved Pete deeply for more than 26 years, and she enjoyed many adventures with him. Visiting both new and familiar places, they traveled to many destinations together and with family. Family was Carmen’s passion, and her best friend was her daughter, LeAnn. When LeAnn and Fred married, Carmen felt that she was welcoming a son into her family. Carmen’s heart and joy were her twin grandsons, Sam and Matthew. She loved spending time with them, and she was always there for achievements and milestone events. She frequented school, sports and Cub Scout gatherings, and she never missed the opportunity to enjoy birthday and holiday celebrations with Matthew and Sam. Carmen treated her pets like family, and throughout her life, she adopted and cared for many animals. Most recently, she and Pete experienced the joy of raising two puppies, both German Shepherds. Zinnias and roses were her best-loved blooms, and she was talented in her garden and loved growing flowers. Shopping with LeAnn was another activity that she adored, and days spent together, sharing “girl-time” was an all-time favorite pastime. She really loved any time she could spend, one on one, with her daughter. Carmen shared her love of food and cooking with family, friends and those in need, and she enjoyed preparing many of her family’s favorite dishes – in particular, blondies for Matthew and Sam. There are many friends and members of the community who were the recipients of her wonderful casseroles and meals. For many years she was employed by Dr. Frank Harrell in Nashville, serving in various roles from Assistant to Office Manager. Not only did she work for Dr. Harrell, but she truly enjoyed and was devoted to her work family. Carmen relished relationships with two lifelong friends - Lydia Baird (deceased) and Jan Hines. She also shared close bonds with Robin Rapp and Shelly Fugate. Friendships were very important to Carmen, and she loved her friends well. Carmen had a beautiful smile and a gracious attitude that allowed her the ability to connect with strangers and friends alike. It was easy to talk to her, and she gave wonderful hugs. She loved and appreciated all of her friends, and she will be missed terribly. We welcome your thoughts and memories, and we encourage you to leave them here on Carmen’s page to be included in her “Life Remembered Book”, which will be shared with the family. Please join us to celebrate Carmen’s life at Grace Lutheran Church with Rev. Carl Wenck officiating, the evening of Monday, December 10, 2018 at 6:30 and friends will be greeted following the service until 8:30. In lieu of flowers, Carmen’s family hopes that you will consider donations to PAWS of Murfreesboro and/or The American Cancer Society.


  • Service to Celebrate Monday, December 10, 2018
  • Greeting of friends Monday, December 10, 2018

Carmen Deloras Roll

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DCI of Murfreesboro

January 10, 2019

Family is forever. Carmen will always have a place in the heart of your family♥️

I am so deeply sorry for the loss of Mrs. Roll. I only knew her for 6 months, but she had a special place in my heart. She was one of the kindest, most caring people I ever met. I am keeping your family in my thoughts & prayers.
Love, Shelley

Praying for your family. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when the loss was unexpected...Stephanie

I am so sorry for the loss of Ms. Roll. She is missed very much. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season...Liz

I will miss Mrs. Roll. She was so kind & gentle. There is comfort in knowing she’s in the presence of her Savior...Jason

Love & prayers for your family. She will be greatly, Brooke

Love & prayers for your family. Mrs. Roll is greatly missed...Sherry

Prayers of healing & understanding. A loss of a beautiful soul is so hard.
Love, Jen

I lost a loving friend. My heart is broken.
I Love u, Sally

I wanted to say that I am praying for you. I lost my Mom last December, so I know this holiday will be tough...Ellen

Carmen was loved by all here. Her loved ones are in our thoughts...Lisa

Carmen would light up the clinic every time she walked in here. We’ll all miss her, Adrianna

Mrs. Roll was one of the sweetest women I’ve known. She was always smiling and I miss her dearly. Continued prayers for your, LaShanta

I miss your lovely Mother. Thinking & praying for you all...

I will miss you Mrs. Roll. Prayers for you and your family...Sherill

I will forever miss & remember Mrs. Roll. She was very special to me. So sorry for your, Sarah

Ms. Roll was a blessing to us all and I’m so sorry for your loss. She will be missed.
Love, Brea

LeAnn Schrimpe

January 7, 2019

I almost forgot about this hilarious memory! I was in the 5th or 6th grade and had asked Mom if I could sleep in the top of my closet with our Siamese cat TJ. Of course she said no, that it was dangerous. Well, I didn’t listen and proceeded to do so after she went to bed. The closet was big, like 6-8 feet long and 3-4 feet deep. The top shelf was 2 pieces of wood laying side by side. I threw all my sleeping stuff up there, stuck the cat up there and somehow got myself up there. I remember getting all cozy and covered up and thinking how fun it my own little hideaway. Well, apparently, the boards weren’t made to handle my weight and BOOM...the cat and I came crashing down! We ripped the clothing rod out of the wall as we went down! So, when Mom burst in the room, I was laying in a huge pile of clothing, boards and rods and the cat was going nuts!!!

Bill & Rose Harper

January 7, 2019

To the glory of God and in loving memory of Carmen, a memorial has been presented to Grace Lutheran Church.

Cub Scout Pack 643

January 7, 2019

A generous donation has been made to PAWS of Murfreesboro in honor of sweet Carmen. We will all miss her so, but know that she will always be watching over us from Heaven above.

Denali Hale

January 7, 2019

Just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t imagine the hole that Carmen must have left. I hope your days are filled with comfort and peace that God can grant.

Dan, Christina, Zach, Lydia & Adam Shafer

January 7, 2019

We were so sad to hear about Carmen. She was loved by so many. You and your family are in our prayers.

Nany Barrett

January 4, 2019

Your momma was a rescuer and not just for animals. I always remember the story of her saving the baby at the fair. She had kindness to show everyone. She was so proud of you and she knew that you tried to share her burdens. It is always too soon to lose your momma, and I am so sad for her and for you, but she will always be alive in you.

LeAnn Schrimpe

December 28, 2018

The Time Moma Rescued the Dog:
I’m pretty sure you all knew Mom loved dogs and I know for sure you all know how much she loved God and wanted to please him. This presented a problem for her when she had done everything in her power (almost) to save this poor dog she knew from its long life of neglect, starvation, chains, mistreatment and living in the elements. It hardly ever had water and when it was fed, the food was thrown on the ground. Thankfully, she did have permission to visit the dog, and she did, almost every single day. She loved on that baby and took her all kinds of food and treats. She had even offered to “adopt” the dog, but was told no by the owner. She had called animal rescue time and time again, and each time, somehow, the dog was left with its owner. The last straw for Mom was when the people moved out of their home, but left the dog. Mom called animal rescue again with no positive result for the dog. The owner would stop by approximately once a week and throw food out on the ground. She decided to “rescue” the dog, but felt like she was “stealing” the dog. I reassured her that I strongly believed God would be in her corner on this one. So, one night, late at night, she dressed in all black, cut the chain binding that sweet baby and got her out of there! She loved her SO much, but couldn’t keep her for fear of the owner. However, that sweet baby was put in “protective custody” and adopted out to a wonderful forever home soon after Moma rescued her!!!

Dorothy Brock

December 28, 2018

Dear Pete,
To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of Carmen...a memorial has been presented to Grace Lutheran Church.

Fred Schrimpe

December 28, 2018

We shared some great times over the years, our trips to the Smokies, Santa Rosa Beach, St. George Island, Sanibel Island and Niagara Falls will always be some of my fondest memories of us all together.We laughed together and we cried together on so many occasions. There are things left unsaid and stories that were never finished that I will one day get to hear the end of.You were such a big help when the boys were born and so often since then.You always came to their Awards Day at school and at Scouts.You cheered them on during baseball and when ever you had the chance.You always had a treat and a matchbox car for them whenever they would visit.Thank you for being such a terrific Nana to Matthew and Sam.They were very lucky to have been able to make so many good memories for them to look back on in the years to come with you.You did a great job raising such a wonderful daughter in LeAnn and I thank you for that. I will always remember your great cooking, your giant gardens, and how you would always ask me how I was doing and how you would do everything to make a bad day better.You always made sure that you had my favorite snacks whenever I would come to visit.I always felt welcome in your home.Your thoughtful presents and amazing bows and ribbons during the holidays will forever be missed and remembered.How you managed to get by and to do all the things you did over the last few years is just amazing.I don’t think I could have been able to do it.I am thankful that you had such strong faith, which gave you strength. I believe that is what helped you these last few years.One day we will will share more good times together, we will go on trips again, eat key lime pies, and we will come over again for dinner.Please find my Baba and tell her I love her. She will have lots of good stories to tell and will be a good friend to you. I will miss you everyday and think of you often.One day we will see each other again.I love you Carmen I will always miss you.



My Beautiful Moma

In order to truly celebrate and realize what an amazing gift her life here on earth was, we
have to start at the beginning. As a child, she had three serious medical conditions and before
the age of twenty had had three fourths of one kidney removed and was on the maximum
dosage of an experimental medication for hypertension because the standard treatment for
hypertension did not work on her body. At that time, the doctors told her she would never be
able to have children, that she would never survive the physiologic and physical demands of
pregnancy. She suffered from a heart attack and cardiac arrest in her early twenties. The
doctors told her that they did not expect her to live past the age of thirty...forty at best. Fifteen
years ago, the doctors at Vanderbilt told her that there was nothing they could do for her, that
they had done everything they knew to do for her and said that her time was very limited. They
said that her body was just worn out and her heart and kidneys were failing. I never understood
exactly why they said that and gave up. All of the above, and she never gave up. Never. She
never stopped trying, never stopped fighting and never gave up hope. An amazing woman, my
mom, the strongest woman I’ve ever known, with faith that could move mountains. She asked if
I knew of anybody who might be able to help her. Only one name came to mind...Dr. Patrick
Meacham at the old Baptist Hospital in Nashville. The tallest, most laid back, cigar smoking,
Harley riding, extremely deep-voiced and best vascular surgeon I’d ever known or worked with.
He was skeptical, very skeptical. The surgical risk very high, but in that deep voice of his said he
was willing to try. So, we had her transferred from Vanderbilt to Baptist Hospital. And, not only
did he try, he did, he completed a successful eleven hour surgery on my mom “with a little help
from above,” as he liked to say. That surgery gave my mom fifteen more beautiful years of
life...seventeen if you include the time she spent on dialysis. I am pretty sure all the doctors,
aside from Dr. Meacham, were all wrong as I type this today, on second thought, I’m thinking
that maybe it was not that they were all wrong, but that God had different plans for her. When
mom died, she was 65 years old! A miracle she was indeed!

I had the hardest time trying to figure out where to start on what I wanted to share here.
It seemed as if the focus kept shifting from my mom to me. I kept reminding myself that this is a
celebration about my mom’s life, not mine. Then, it occurred to me why that was. It was because
we were one for so many years. I was my mom’s everything and she was mine. It was my mom
and I against the world for so many years and there was nothing she and I could not do!
Our life was not an easy one. In fact, often times, it was quite difficult to say the least.
And, like so many other mother and daughter relationships, ours was quite complex. There were
so many times we disagreed, argued and hurt one another. However, what I think we had that
was unlike other mothers and daughters who struggle with their relationship at times, was true
love, respect and admiration for one another.This love, respect and admiration for one another
is what pulled us through all the stormy waters and out into the calm sea. We were so blessed
to have all the time we had together and to have made so many precious memories.
My mom had so many amazing qualities. Qualities that you often do not find in a person
who had to find her way pretty much alone in this world, as her mother was not present for her
in her life for many years and she never knew her dad. Thank goodness she had her
grandmother. Qualities like being strong, compassionate, dedicated, determined, sympathetic,
empathetic and optimistic, just to name a few. She was a beautiful person, inside and out and a
caring and loving mom. I only wish that she would have been able to recognize her beauty. I
never truly realized how much love she had for me until I became a mother myself. I remember
talking to her one day and telling her that I did not know how much love you could have for your
children and how much I loved Sam and Matthew and she said, “Now, you know how much I
love you.” The magnitude of that love is immeasurable, as is the love I have for my sweet mom.
Over the last few weeks, I’ve learned several things about my mom that I did not know
that I would like to share here with you. She was a candy striper and a member of the Pep,
Environmental Action, FHA, Radio and You in the Government clubs while in high school. As a
young adult, she entered and won a writing competition that was published in the Crossville
Chronicle. The title of her submission into the contest was, “What it is Like to Live and Shop in
Crossville.” The prize for her winning article was $50.00, which, at the time, paid her entire
month’s rent! Also, as a young adult, one of her favorite songs was “Me and You and a Dog
Named Boo.”

There are so many random things about my mom that you may or may not know that I
would like to share here with you as well. She never met a stranger and had or met a new friend
wherever she went. She could “putter” for days on end. Her favorite flowers were roses and
zinnias. She loved Don Williams, Waylon Jennings and Tina Turner. Shopping was one of her
all time favorite hobbies. She loved little antique shops and loved to find them when she and
Pete traveled. They would often take rides out to country with no real destination in mind.
Speaking of traveling, she was a very aggressive and fast driver! Most, if not all, of her
accidents were where she ran into someone! She was one strict mom as well. I knew at a very
young age to have my chores done and knew to never ever talk back to or raise my voice to
her. She had a big wooden spoon and was not afraid to use it. One time, I made the mistake of
laughing at her facial expression when she was spanking me because she was so mad, but it
was not hurting me at all...never did that again! Birds, I do not know what it was about birds, but
she loved them and her house is full of the sweetest little bird figurines. Another one of her
favorite songs was, “His Eye is On the Sparrow.” She had the prettiest handwriting of anyone I
know and she gave the best back rubs. Her hugs were the best and we always made sure we
got at least 5 or 6 while we were saying goodbye. This used to drive Pete nuts, but I am so glad
we got all of those extra hugs! Most importantly, she absolutely adored and worshipped God,
with Him, she finally felt at peace.

There are so many memories I have of my mom, many of the funny ones were shared
as messages on her obituary website if you would like to read some of those. Here, I’d like to
share a few memories that I hold closest to my heart. As a little girl in elementary school, she
would walk me to and from school everyday. She would also make me new school clothes
every year when I was little. I would usually spend a week in the summer in Crossville, when I
got home, they would all be perfectly laid out on my bed. One time when I got back, she had
made me and entire bedroom set...sheets, pillow cases, curtains and a comforter. I remember
being so excited and happy! One of my favorite memories with her is when she would take me
outside and make me necklaces and bracelets out of those little purple and white wild flowers. I
was really little and can not remember too much or her face at the time, but I remember feeling
the love and seeing her hands on mine showing me how to make them. I still make them and
have showed Sam and Matthew how to make them too. And lastly, the time she “made” my
senior prom dress. I had one prom dress, the one from the year before and we could not afford
to buy another. She was certain she would be able to “change” the old dress. She spent hours
changing out the pink ribbons and satin fabric to a beautiful deep burgundy. She completely
transformed that dress and it was absolutely beautiful. It did not even look like the original dress,
which I do not remember, but feel certain I was worried about because “nobody” wore the same
prom dress more than once. What I do remember was feeling so special and proud wearing that
dress because of all of the love and hard work she had put into in and because no one in the
whole wide world had one or would ever have one like it!

We absolutely can not celebrate mom’s life without celebrating the people in mom’s life,
as they were her life. They were what made mom fight the fight for as long as she possibly
could. They are what filled her heart with joy, warmth, happiness and peace.
Pastor Wenke & Members of the Congregation: I can not put into words how much you
all meant to her and how much she loved you all. She loved her church family, loved being in
church with you all and loved spending time with you all.
Pete: You were such a blessing and Godsend to her. She so loved you. The joy,
comfort, love, care and security you provided her is unmeasurable. Do not ever doubt this.
During one of our last conversations, she talked about what great care of her you had taken
over the last thirty years and how blessed she was to have spent so many years with you. And
now, there is me. You were not only a blessing and Godsend to mom, but to me as well. I love
you so much and will be here for you always.
Sam & Matthew Schrimpe: She loved you both immensely, “to the moon and
back times infinity.” She loved being your Nana and absolutely adored you both. She was so
proud of each of you and did not want to leave you. Cherish all the memories you have of your
Nana, as they will bring you comfort and put a smile on your face. I know this time is very hard
on you both, as Nana was such a big part of your lives, but remember, Nana is always with you
in your hearts and minds and will always be watching over both of you from Heaven above.
The Steiger Family: John, Tammy, Charlie (Papa), Melanie & family and Charli & family:
Mom loved each of you so much. She always enjoyed the monthly meals you all would share
when possible and thought of you all often. John, she was always so happy to hear from you
when you called and it would always put a smile on her face. You always made her laugh!
Fred, Fred Sr., Marie, Alex, Ryan & Family: She loved each of you so much. We all
became one big happy family...the kind of family my mom and I never had, but longed and
prayed for. You see, when Freddie and I married, I did not only gain a husband, but a family that
included mom and Pete as well. Your kindness, love and open doors will never be forgotten.
Dr. Harrell, Valle & “Girls” (as mom would say): You all were her “work family” that
became true family and she thought the world of you all. She treasured the friendships she had
with each of you. I will never forget the day she became part of your family or the hours we
spent perfecting her instrument skills. This was a job unlike any other she had ever had and she
was so very proud and grateful for the opportunity you gave her. Jan, mom had two best friends
in her life and you were one of them. You helped her to find God and grow so close to Him...the
greatest gift you could ever give a friend. This helped my mom more than you will ever know.
The Baird Family: It was no coincidence, mom and Pete meeting up with Phil and Lydia
on their spiritual journey. The best of friends mom and Lydia were, as well as Pete and Phil. And
like the Schrimpes’, the Bairds’ doors were wide open. Mom cherished and loved each of you.
Spending time with you all was one of her favorites. You all were truly her family.
Brian & Shelly: Again, it was no coincidence you guys moved to Paddock Drive. I believe
God put you there. Mom loved you both so much. Shelly, mom thought of you as a daughter
and loved spending time with you. Brian, and you a son, Molly & Ally...she was and will always
be your Nana. She loved you both so much, loved coming to your parties and games and loved
having you two come stay at her house. She will always be in your hearts and minds and will be
watching over you from Heaven.
Shelly & Robin: You two were so much to mom. She treasured your friendships, times
spent laughing, enjoying meals, Saturday morning breakfasts out, playing games and going to
church together just to name a few. Both of you meant the world to my mom and she loved you
both dearly.

All Friends & Family: Please remember always how much you filled mom’s heart with joy
and how much you meant to her.
We have received so many notes, messages, cards, flowers and prayers over the last
few weeks and are grateful for each and every one. One, in particular, stood out to me. In a note
from Dr. Harrell, he stated that, “She made a great amount of legacy with so little to begin with.”
Oh, how true that is. A legacy that can and will continue through each and every one of us. May
we all love deeply and without expectation, forgive easily, respect one another, appreciate our
differences, reach out to those in need and to those that are not, smile often, spend time with
those we love, have compassion and empathy for others, see the beauty in this world,
appreciate each and every day and pray faithfully. My mom had two requests of me before she
died...that I would grow closer to God and be there for Pete. Moma, I feel closer to God right
now than I ever have and will be there for Pete always. I love him dearly. It is my honor to fulfill
both of these requests. May I make you proud.
Mom was in the hospital eleven days before she died. This time we had to spend
together was precious. Precious. We laughed, cried, talked, prayed and held each other close.
She was not ready to go, but she was not afraid. One thing we did not talk about was Lydia (one
of her two best friends who died a couple of years ago). During the morning on the day she
died, she was talking in her sleep. I rubbed her on her shoulder and asked who she was talking
to. She laughed and said, “Why Lydia, she’s right here, can’t you see her?” That afternoon, I
held her close as she passed, her room full of family and friends and her best friend Jan singing
one of her favorite songs, “ I Am a Sheep.” May you rest in peace my sweet Moma. Thank you
for being such a wonderful Moma and Nana. I miss you so much. I love you and will see you