Maria Jose Canela

March 19, 1981June 3, 2018
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Maria Jose Canela, 37, of San Diego, CA passed away on June 3, 2018. She was born in Chula Vista, CA on March 19, 1981. Maria Jose Canela graduated from Lincoln High School. Maria had her own Daycare and had a passion for children and helping those in need. She was survived by Mother, Maria, nieces and nephews, Craig, Jessica, Glenn, Skylynn, Alexandra, Elizabeth, Frankie, Carlos, Julian, Jaden, Katelyn and Damian, sisters Erika and Maggie. Funeral arrangements will be held at Funeraria Del Angel National City on June 14, 2018 from 5 pm to 10 pm.


  • Visitation Thursday, June 14, 2018
  • Funeral Service Friday, June 15, 2018

Maria Jose Canela

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Rocio Noemi Duenas

August 31, 2018

Maria te deseo que donde estés, nos estes cuidando y que nos prepares un lugar grande para cuando nos encontremos otra ves! Tu amor y dedicación para dar lo mejor de ti a tus hermana/os, sobrinos, amigos, primos, y especialmente para tu mamá era admirable! Te adoro!! Siempre estará en mi corazón como una prima que tenía mis mismos valores familiares de ayudar y proteger a los que queremos. Por mi tía no te preocupes ella siempre va tener mi amor y apoyo por siempre ya que la adoro tanto como tu la amabas! Besos y abrazos desde aquí hasta donde estas.. hasta pronto mi querida prima.... Rocio Noemi Duenas alias la Gorda! :)

Sandra Zaragoza-Nigro

August 31, 2018

Mary - words can not paint the picture of the great sadness I have in my heart daily for the loss of you and my brother, Eddie, but it was meant to be. I am forever grateful for the unselfish love you showed towards Eddie and the conversations we had these last few months because I saw the jewel of a person you were. There is so much left to talk about, but now I just lock them up in my heart! My only regret is that I didn't know you sooner because I saw your beauty these last months through your encouragement and love towards me. I will see you again one day!

Laura Gonzalez

August 29, 2018

MariaJose, that is the name I have always called you. TO me you were a BEAUTIFUL SOUL! I Had The pleasure of speaking to you two weeks prior to this horrible incident. And our conversation were always respectful between you and me. I ALWAYS FELT LOVE FROM YOU TOWARDS ME. I am so SAD you have left us, but your in a better place with your love ones. You have been that SPECIAL AUNT to all your nieces and nephews. I know they miss you the most!!. And of course your mom...her heart is very broken. Me having 4 kids ALL my BABIES . I could not even imagine the pain to lose even one of them. As parents the rule of nature IS OUR CHILDREN BURY US NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. R.I.P MARIAJOSE!! WE WILL ONE DAY SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN! THAT WILL BE HAPPY DAYS!!

denise quarters

August 28, 2018

My Dearest Memory of Mary ,
I have so many of them . I play them in my mind everynight . I remeber how we first bumped heads . We got over it . We became convient for eachother , and after spending so much time around eachother we became FRiENDS . We were there for eachother . She would always stand up for me , she would talk sense to me . When i was down and very upset only her words would change my mind . She was the only person who went to visit me in the hospital . I remeber so many memories its hard to pick one . But i remeber her face that she would make when id say something silly , her words she'd use , her laugh her voice . One thing i remember is her love for her mother , how she adores her mom . It was beautiful . The way she wanted to give her mom all , everything , except make her mad or dissapiont her . She became to be a Major part of my life . And my kids also . I dont have any words that can explain how i feel and how much i miss her . My heart is missing and a part if me is gone, but i thanks god that he gave me a precious friend i will never forget.

Carmen Linan

August 27, 2018

mari fu una buena hija muy dedicsda a su mama la maba sin limete y tambien mucho con sus hermanas y dobrinos para ella los nios eran du vida y muy atenta con dis dobrinos no si ella no era tia era si 2 mama pars todos msry k dios te tenga en su santa gloriate te boy a estrallar.mucho te quiero

Guadalupe Gonzalez

August 27, 2018

maria te recordaremos siempre porque fuiste una exselente hija hermana un caracter muy bonito Dios te tenga en su Santa Gloria descansa en paz.

Letty Valtierra

August 27, 2018

My beautiful Mary,
I love you so much!
I will always remember our fun nights... I actually always had and no one can take the away from me. You will forever be in my heart and my mind.

Jay Valdez

August 25, 2018

A thousand words won’t bring you back so I guess we’re left with just memories of you which is just not enough to fill the void in our hearts 💔 you accepted me into your life with open arms and made sure I was well taken care of and I always had everything I needed you never failed to always come through when I needed you the most 💜 I trusted you with everything and you never let me down I’m so grateful to have been apart of your life and to have shared so many great times with you . What an amazing human being you were ... it’s not fair the way things happened but I know you are in peace and everlasting happiness with our father and Eddie 😓 I love you guys so much it’s never going to be the same you not being here .. thank you so much for everything 💜💜💜you’ve taught me so much and opened my eyes to things I was once blind to. I can’t wait till the day comes where we meet again 💞
Forever and always in my heart and my mind 🌬
Love , Jay

Maria Martinez

August 24, 2018

A mi niña amada ay tantas cosas k decir muchas cosas bonitas ycosas chistosas tenia muchos detalles La Amo con todo mi corazonmme ase tanta falta no se k aser Dios mio ayudame era muy buena hija. Muy dedicada a nosotros asu familia cuando ibamos algun lado sie pre me llebaba d la mano parecia ml Mama fue muy dedicada a todos Hermana muy amorosa tia consentidora lo k quisieran ay estaba ella para solucionarlo en su momento la estraño tanto yo se k esta en un mejor lugar junto a los demas Anjelitos k tengo en el cielo mi hijo mi mamaEddi y tantos mas pido mi Dios k les de Eterno descanso los tenga en su gloria y me ayude a soportar este dolor mas la perdida ya d mis dos hijos Señor solamente tu sabes era tu voluntad lo asecto ayudame mi Señor tu nunca me dejas sola y se k ahora menos pero me ase falta mi Niña la amo mi corazon esta incompleto dos pedacitos ya no tengo y me duele tanto k no se k acer Señor ayudame te Amo

Sílvia Valtierra

August 24, 2018

K dios te tenga en su santa gloria reso por ti para k alcanses las divinas promesas de nuestro señor Jesús cristo y puedas perdonarme si algún día te ofendí y tu papá no es Gonzalo vega descansa en pas María José