Michael Frank Martinez

November 27, 1995February 22, 2018
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On Thursday, February 22nd, 2018, Michael Frank Martinez, son and brother, passed away at the age of 22 years. Michael will be forever remembered by parents Martha and Mike Martinez, and by sister Eileen Martinez. Michael will also be forever remembered by his extended family and dear friends.

Michael was a very social and liked to be helpful, he especially enjoyed helping in the kitchen. He also enjoyed organizing, filing and receiving papers, business cards, receipts and would forever be putting items in its place. Michael loved camping, cooking, using the computer and iPad. One of Michael’s favorite pastimes was riding in the car and listening to music; he especially liked the trips to Ventura, Yosemite and the drives throughout the coast of Southern California. Michael enjoyed going to the malls, going out to eat. Michael’s favorite place to visit was Disneyland. Michael will be remembered as young man who was always happy.



  • Visitation & Rosary Friday, March 2, 2018


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Michael Frank Martinez

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Heidi Leama

June 12, 2018

As I sit here trying to plan a Del Mar Fair trip, Michael comes to my mind and all the memories of our time together just rushed through me. Oh how i miss Michael. The way he would be so helpful, and reminding me about things that I would say out loud that I needed to do. He also knew where all my destinations were. As we are driving to his appointments, he was my GPS. When I first met him, Michael gave me his mischievous smile. I knew I was in for it. As months past, and Michael started to use the new skill set that he learned, he started to excel at school, in the community, and especially here at the home. Eventually he was able to go on longer and more frequent home pass with his family. I miss my companion. From the moment we met, Michael would not leave my side. My staff would have to tell him to leave me alone and join them in whatever activities they were doing. Michael was full of love and was an adventurous person. If ever I needed to know what happened at the home while I was off, all I had to do was ask Michael. Michael had limited speech, but you ask him the right question, he will consistently tell you what had happen. My staff use to wonder how I knew what I knew, and they finally figured out my so called spy was Michael. Michael taught my staff that even when you are limited and challenged, you can still communicate and you also know what is going on. I can go on and on about Michael. I actually came here to write about missing Michael at our annual Del Mar Fair outing. He would have his fish tacos, bbq sandwiches, funnel cake, and he would also eat some of my food. I will end my memory for now. Michael I am missing you tough! You know you were the heart of our program. I will never forget you Michael! Love you always!

Eileen Martinez

April 17, 2018

What can I say about my brother? He was very tall but gentle. He was imaginative. But most of all, he was fighter. He fought a long battle with many illnesses and, some how, kept a smile on his face. I will always remember him for that. His strength gave me strength.
I will miss having conversations and adventures with you. I love you baby brother. See you on the on the other side...

Michael Martinez

April 17, 2018

I want to say that I have many memories of my Son Michael, the unforgettable memories will be of the many camping trips we had. Michael enjoyed the whole aspect of camping . The packing, the loading of gear needed, the preparation of the truck, the drive, it did not matter how short or long the drive was. The sites we traveled included the beaches along Southern California, the National Forests in Santa Cruz, Yosemite and Sequoia. We camped in Ojai, Carpenteria, Dana Point, and San Clemente State Beaches. Michael enjoyed setting up the tent, preparing meals and exploring the the grounds.
Later we would build a fire at sit and chill out listening to music. The companionship of Michael will be missed, he was lots of fun to be with. I love him so much and will never forget him.

Michael Martinez

March 20, 2018

The memories of my son Michael are so many. I will start by saying that at the age of two Michael was diagnosed as being Autistic. At this early age Michael was special and extraordinary. He was always a happy child, teen and young adult and was always willing to help. Michael was later diagnosed with cancer and thus our trips to Children's Hospital began, Michael had numerous treatments of chemotherapy and rarely complained he looked forward to going to the hospital and seeing the nurses and doctors at the hospital, I was amazed at how strong Michael was and saw how he brought smiles to all.
I will miss all the trips we had driving to Ventura, Michael sitting next to me and playing the music on the radio and keeping me company. We had many camping trips and we went as far as Yosemite, Sequoia, and various beaches in Southern California these memories forever will be in my thoughts. Michel's favorite destination was Disneyland and enjoyed himself very much. Michael liked the beach, I will always remember him sitting on the beach and letting the waves splash on him. I will miss going to the stores and malls with Michael he had his favorite stores and departments. I will miss Michael decorating for the holidays especially Christmas. I will miss him making coffee in the morning and helping me prepare meals. I am fortunate to have had Michael as my son, I love you so much.

Estela Smith

March 13, 2018

Michael Jr will always be our Loving Nephew...he will live in our hearts Forever.
He loved decorating for the holidays. He lived life happily & he high-fived his uncle Joe all the time.
My favorite picture from the video was him kissing his mama, my sister, Martha on the cheek.
It was So kind of my Goddaughter/ niece,Eileen,his sister, to put my daughter Belinda holding him as a baby toddler, as she could not attend & was very sad.

He called me auntie Stela cookie dough, because i brought him a train cookie cutter set; & overheard me once say to a family member that Steve would not agree, and called him: uncle Steve don t make him mad.:)

He had the BEST Loving Parents anybody could have,Martha & Mike, & BEST Loving Sister, Eileen.

Deena Dobbs

March 2, 2018

Mischievous Michael stole my heart. I am thankful for the time I had with him at his day program. He has touched me in a way that will never be forgotten. I pray for peace and comfort for all of You...Michael's family and loved ones, to help you get through this difficult time. Michael is truly missed.
With Sympathy.....Deena Dobbs

Daniel Zarate

March 2, 2018

It is sad to hear Michael passed I watched the video he had so much energy so happy when hes with family and friends our prayers our with you and your family. Moe and Connie Zarate and Family.

Gabriela Cameron

March 1, 2018

My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Michael Frank Martinez. May the promise of seeing your loved one again bring you comfort and
hope ~ John 5:28, 29