Rudy Lozano

May 28, 1927March 7, 2018

Rudolph (Rudy) Lozano May 28, 1927 – March 7, 2018 A man of few words but always profound and with purpose! One day closer…one day less…here today gone tomorrow…so be it…red hair and green eyes…she stopped me…a good wife…a good cook…she wanted a big family…dump truck driver…one million dollars…a glass of wine…I ready~! Rudy (dad) was born in San Diego on May 27, 1927 to Victoria and Trancito Lozano with one older sister named Virginia. Both were born into the Great Depression and he often shared stories of hand me down clothing and shoes with the toes cut out as his feet grew. He never forgot standing in food lines while eating beans, potatoes, and tortillas for most of his childhood, while playing with toys that were made out of wood. He had a pet dog named Rex that was like family to him and was heartbroken when he passed on. Per his own accord he had a difficult childhood feeling second in line always working and chopping wood. His sister Virginia passed away at the age of 36 and he often spoke of a momentous time when she asked him whether she should go through with surgery to remove a brain tumor? With some reluctance he said yes as you are young and will get through the surgery fine but he was taken aback by her question as it was one of the few times in their lives she had confided in him. Dad was raised in National City and spoke only Spanish before entering school; he attended Central Elementary School, National City Junior High School, and Sweetwater High School but didn’t graduate as his dad advised him to join the Navy before getting drafted into the Army. He quit school and joined the Navy receiving his basic training in San Diego and later deployed to Shanghai China out of San Pedro Harbor in Los Angeles. He didn’t much like the service with all the rules and regulations especially saluting his superiors but received an honorable discharge after one year of overseas service and one year reserve duty. His rank was Seaman, First Class on board the USS Achelous. After returning home from the service he was working at odd jobs when he and a friend decided to go watch a movie (King Kong) at the Spreckles Theater located in downtown San Diego. He and his friend Calistro stopped by a house party to visit his brother who played in a band. The party was at Nana Della’s house on Beardsley street in San Diego and every time he told this story he would say “I didn’t want to go to the party at all; but upon entering the house there sitting on the couch was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen with a white carnation in her red hair with green twinkling eyes “She stopped me and never let me go.” The Lozano family consists of six children; Lorraine (Santos), Paula (Bruce), Carleena (Max), Richard (Laurie), Christina (Tito) and Victoria (Nino) along with 11 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren and 9 great-great grandchildren. Rudolph (Rudy) Lozano May 28, 1927 – March 7, 2018 Dads life accomplishments include many things but he was most proud of his 55 years of marriage, his six kids, purchased a home, remodeled the home, purchased many cars, 38 year accident free truck driving career, and was self- taught in radio and television electronics, auto mechanics, carpentry, electricity, and plumbing…he would often say while doing the work “someone figured this out and so can I.” His daily habits included reading the morning newspaper always starting with the Funny Pages (Blondie) and routinely watched the 5:00 PM news specifically the weather report. He loved to go for drives in the car, and developed a sweet tooth for chocolate chip cookies, M & M Peanuts, and ice cream. His favorite TV shows included I Love Lucy, Leave it To Beaver, Dick Van Dyke, Carol Burnette, Everybody Loves Raymond, Rosanne, and the Lawrence Welk Show. Some of his favorite songs included “Boogie Woogie, The Man I Love, To Each His Own, and Yellow Bird.” He played the piano and the trumpet and for the last several years enjoyed listening to his player and favorite songs. Dad was proud to have lived nearly 91 years and to have witnessed the technology and worldly changes. Dad, from your entire family we love and thank you for all you have done in your life, for raising a wonderful family, and providing for your family as we have learned so much from you. Forever in our hearts – Love Your Family


  • Prayer Service Friday, March 16, 2018
  • Graveside Service Friday, March 16, 2018

Rudy Lozano

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Christina Lozano

March 14, 2018

Hi Dad ...
I miss you ... we miss you -- your smile and sense of humor; your love for your wife, Barabara, our mom, mama -- your family, our family ...
As I walk the memories of you and I, and all of us ... I must remember the extraordinary times of family ties.
The picnics at a younger age ... Balboa Par, Presidio Park
The garden and orange and lemon trees in the back ...
waking up to the chickens at every morning ...
The swimming pool you and brother built for us ...
The time I flew back in the swing ... heard a crack ... but then you saved me and pour alcohol all over it -- my head.
The GMC pickup truck that carried you to work at 4:30 am --- I can still hear you and mom --- she packing your lunch for the day.
Thank you, Dad.
Your beloved Buick ... I think I drove it without seatbelts ... a yearning ago ...
The time you and mom picked me up from 6th-grade camp in which I got sick one day after I arrived ... Not sure why I remember that right now ...
The camper -- way back when ... and how you took us for rides up the coast -- or even down a spooky road in which I hung on for dear life ...
Thank you, Dad.
Or, when you and mom took us to see the Christmas lights in Chula Vista -- how we were a family at night ... nice.
Then, when mom passed, there was one night where both you and I looked up at the stars -- remember Dad ... with the telescope -- that was an unbreakable moment.
Then, I had to find my way away ... but, you and mom never left me, us
I can still hear her voice, your voice, even now ...
"Christina ..."
"Hi Dad, It's Chris ..."
"How are you today? How's the weather today? What are you doing now? What are you going to do now?" ... "Don't work too hard ..."
And then, the time had an idea as it does for all of us -- there is no mask, no turning back -- and sometimes there is no easy way out ...

I will miss you forever Dad ... I still can't believe it ... and feel sad that you are not there in body, but must be thankful for the unfathomable pain that will no longer win ...
Thank you, Dad.
Thank you too, to all who helped you in your greatest needs -- brother, wife, sister, nephew ... and Pat ... angel hearts

Dad, you gave us knowledge that led me to believe that nothing can stand in our way of moving forward ... where ever our roads led me, us, you and mom are with me, us forever -- I know you are with mom -- in heaven -- flying now -- like me.