Richard Victor Gosek

December 23, 1949December 23, 2020

Remembered With Love

On December 23, 2020, Richard Victor Gosek began his journey back home to the spirit world. Richard was born to Peter and Maria Gosek on December 23, 1949 in Heilbronn, Germany. He was six months old when he arrived in Canada. Richard and Gwendolyn were married in 1968 and raised their seven children, Darla-Rae, Derek, Jared (Carly), Chad, Shawn, Tara (Dennis), and Lonnie (Newton). Richard was predeceased by his parents, Peter and Maria, and his two sons Chad Jeremy and Derek Richard. He leaves 10 grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews and many friends to honor his memory. Richard lived life with a passion and excelled at whatever he set out to do. He was 15 years old when he first drove race cars at Brooklyn Speedway, he worked for eight years alongside his father in basement construction, and later worked for Winnipeg Transit as a bus driver and supervisor. When the opportunity arose he turned to working on airplanes at St. Andrews Airport. Soon after, his boyhood dreams of flying were met when he earned his private pilot’s licence. He then went on to graduate from Stevenson’s Aviation with his AME licence. His love for aircraft drew him to working in maintenance at Air Canada as a mechanic and process auditor. Richard loved his work at Air Canada where he took great enjoyment in working with his Air Canada family.

Richard understood that a person’s greatness does not come solely from the work we do in public, but it is woven into the relationships we build and the acts of love and joy we leave for others to remember us by.

The following stories shared by family members tell us about some of the ways Richard found joy and left a legacy of love.

When I was little my dad worked night shift at Winnipeg Transit, as the baby I was lucky enough to get to sleep in mom and dad’s bed while he was working. When he came home he would carry me to my bed night after night until I became too big for him to carry. I remember pretending to sleep just to get carried by my dad. Some of the things I loved most about my dad was how he would always puff up his cheek for me to plant a kiss, the way he loved animals, the times we spent together shopping, eating at restaurants and exploring Victoria and the Island, the way he loved my mom, and how I could ask him anything about cars, or planes or smoking meat and he knew the answers. Dad cared about his family and loved us with everything he had. He always told me he loved me and would always make sure we were okay. Whenever he had something he would share it with us. I love you daddy. Lonnie (Daughter)

I remember when I would bring my math homework to my grandparents’ place and my grandpa was always eager to help me finish my homework. To teach me how to count he would bring out a bunch of pennies or something small and we would count together. He was very patient with me and made sure I understood the concepts. Afterwards, he’d treat me to one of his cans of juice he always kept tucked away or maybe one of his favourite foods, like an orange. He truly loved and cherished all of his grandchildren, made sure they were fed, had something to drink, and had everything they needed. He always made sure we were okay and I’ll miss that about him. I’ll miss his laughter and the countless questions he always threw at me. -Kate Gosek (Granddaughter)

Grandpa had experienced a lot which made him very knowledgeable and I felt as if I could ask him almost anything. Recently I had bought his old truck and the truck meant a lot to me because I had been on trips with him in it and the last time I had seen our family dog was in that truck. As a kid I thought it was so cool how he drove a big diesel truck and I wanted one so bad. I finally got the chance to buy it and fix it up. It is an old truck and I had to invest a lot of time and money in it and I almost gave up on it because it was getting expensive and didn’t seem possible but I remembered why I even started. I have now finished everything that needed to be done and I couldn’t have done it without my grandpa. He helped me a lot by letting me use his garage, tools and of course electricity which he would tease me about having to pay. He also always had something good to say about what I was doing which motivated me and made me feel good about what I was doing. Now this truck means a lot more to me and I don’t think I will ever get rid of it because it doesn’t owe me nothing and has served him and I very well so I will keep it going until I can’t anymore. Recently I was talking to him about buying his truck off him so he can buy a new one and I had mentioned how it probably would not be smart to go into debt at 17 but he said why not rack it up while you can because you can’t take it to the grave with you. That was some of the best advice he had ever given me. Lol. Over the past couple years I have spent a lot of time with him and learned a lot by working alongside him and helping him and I am really glad I did. One of my favourite memories with him was when he, Newton and I were at Popeye’s chicken in Fargo, and I was eating my chicken and already had two biscuits and grandpa was eating his biscuit and spit it out on the table and said, ”This is disgusting.” Newton and I couldn’t stop laughing. I gladly ate the rest of the biscuit for him. I’m going to miss going for rides in his truck and talking about vehicles and of course laughing at jokes and stuff he would never say in front of kokum. It makes me sad to think I won’t get to hear some of the stuff he had to say or help him do things but I will do my best to take care of kokum and things he left behind or didn’t get to finish. -Braydon (Grandson)

If there is one thing I loved most and enjoyed about my dad was his baking and cooking. As a kid, I remember I enjoyed watching him make dozens of rings of kielbasa. My dad made the best Kielbasa! I always enjoyed the times I got to eat his smoked fish, French toast, donuts, headcheese, or smoked chicken. I will miss his loving nature in providing for our family. While growing up as a kid, dad was always busy working, hunting, chopping wood, and providing for his family. I was lucky to have a dad who worked so hard to keep us safe and taken care of. I will miss those moments where I watched him either sitting by a fire or his favourite spot at the table enjoying his coffee, feeling the kind looks he sent my way, and hearing his advice to come by more often to visit. I loved my dad with all my heart and wish I had more time with him. I will miss you dad. –Tara (Daughter)

Reflecting over the past couple of days and thinking about all the wonderful memories of Dad, the common theme is clearly family, love, and laughter. Dad was always up to the challenge and did his best at anything he set out to accomplish. He taught us to always do our best and never “half ass” anything. He was truly committed to his family and when you were in need he was there no matter what. That was what his purpose was, family. He set a wonderful example in how to care for each other and love unconditionally with your whole heart. Dad was a wonderful grandfather who truly loved each of his grandchildren. Each have built a special relationship and a place in their heart for him. I loved our time sharing jokes and laughing together, watching our favorite movies and learning the art of smoking bacon. I will miss his laughter and his silliness. These are just a few of my favorite memories and special moments with my Pops. You will live on in our hearts surrounded with love, dad. –Darla-Rae (Daughter)

“Pops” meant the world to his west coast family. He loved beach bbqs on Hornby Island, spending time at the beach and fishing with Jared. He kept the family well fed with his delicious cooking and amazing smoked meats. He always had time for a game, cuddle or show with the grandkids and he made sure to always have treats on hand for them - and they knew it! Pops was the apple of the eye to his grandchildren, Lucas and Olivia. Pops was always there to lend a helping hand –whether it was help with a car, a question about a motor, help around the house, help with the kids…whatever it was, he was there for us. We are grateful for all the time we had with him these past years. He will be dearly missed by his west coast family. Jared, Carly, Lucas & Olivia (West Coast Family)


Richard Victor Gosek

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Alex Wright

January 5, 2021

I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Richard was such a kind person and such a wonderful, solid, presence for his family. When I think of Richard I automatically think of Gwen as their lives are so entwined. My thoughts and love are with you during this time of sadness.

Ema Lenio

January 5, 2021

My condolences to Gwen and family so sorry about Richard I know him when were teenagers Richard was always laughing and easy going that is why he became a good dad and grandpa Iam sure he will be missed I pray that the Lord Jesus comfort you all at this time and always Jesus bless you always take care.

Justina Saunders

January 3, 2021

My deepest condolences. Richard was a wonderful man, truly one of a kind. I have many, many fond memories of him(he sure liked to tease me...and with that mischievous grin when he did!). Rest In Peace.

Maggie MacDonald

December 31, 2020

My sincere condolences to the Gosek Family.
I too worked with Richard at Air Canada. Richard. He was always a breath of fresh air with his quick jokes and laughter. He did make me a 50 caliber bullet bottle opener which I have hanging in my house today. I will cherish this as Richard was one of a kind and will be sadly missed by everyone who new him. RIP Richard❤️

Teresa Dobson

December 30, 2020

I worked with Richard at Air Canada , he was always helpful and knowledgeable. A great guy! Will miss him, RIP Richard!
Sincerely Teresa Dobson

Gerry Chaput

December 29, 2020

Marian and I would like to extend our most sincere condolences to you Gwen and your family. Once again I thank you for the opportunity to say goodbye to my dear friend Richard. After reading your family's thoughts on their father and grandfather it doesn't surprise me the kind of man Richard was. I have known my buddy Richard AKA (Rizzo, from the TV series mash. He was the chief mechanic in the motor pool) . For over thirty years, he was well liked and respected from all the guys at Air Canada. He was kind and helpful to everyone he met, I can't say enough about him but I will say that his sense of humour always helped make our job's and work day easier and go faster. Some of the best years I spent was with my good buddy Rizzo was when we worked at SK Aero, working long hours on a variety of aircraft and helicopters. I have so many great memories with you my old friend I love you and will miss you may God bless you.