Diane "Mumpy" Susan Culwell

April 9, 1947December 23, 2020

Diane "Mumpy" Susan Culwell, 73, passed away peacefully on December 23, 2020 in her home surrounded by her family. Diane was a retired Intensive Care Nurse of nearly 35 years. She loved antique collecting, old black and white television and her cat, Winston. She despised cell phones, remote controls and generally all electronics. Diane never met a sweet she didn't like and may have been known to skip dinner for dessert. Most importantly, she single-handedly raised her two daughters and never realized the magnitude of her sacrifices for them. She will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

She is preceded in death by her parents, Maurice L. and Rosemary C. Jones; a sister, Virginia "Ginny" Stineburg; and lifelong friend, Margaret Tegart Deatrik, who she missed dearly.

Diane is survived by her daughters, Jennifer L. Hutchison (Paul) and Amy M. Culwell (Rachel); a sister, Lisa H. Jones (Carolyn); a brother, John A. Jones; grandchildren, Robert P. Hutchison, Elizabeth L. Hutchison, Catherine W. Culwell-Brizendine and Claire L. Brizendine-Culwell; and her long time companion, Ainslie Hewett.

In Lieu of flowers, donations are suggested to the New Albany Animal Shelter.

A celebration of life service will be held at a later date.


Diane "Mumpy" Susan Culwell

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Amy Culwell

January 15, 2021

My mom never knew her worth. Never knew the significance of of her sacrifices and silent perseverance. She was often haunted by depression and worry, and somehow she got the message early on in life that she wasn’t enough. But she was. She was intelligent. She had common sense and class. She was financially responsible, to the point of often depriving herself of niceties or luxuries.
She was charged with the task of raising two very young children alone. She always stressed to us the importance of education , and she worked the night shift at a nursing home while she went through nursing school, digging herself out of what could have been a life on public assistance and minimum wage jobs.
She didn’t know what it was like to be nurtured by her mother, so hugs and I love you’s were difficult for her and few and far between. She wasn’t at every game or field trip, but all along, silently and strongly and single handedly, she was there for us.
I will miss you tremendously. And I will try to take solace in the fact that although you are gone, your silent strength is woven in the very fabric of who I am. Maybe not by intention but through your actions, you were my teacher of strength and perseverance and sacrifice. Silently, courageously, humbly. You were more than enough.

Ainslie Hewett Vorel

January 12, 2021

Its been a little over two weeks since Diane’s passing. Since my Uncle Ainslie called me to let me know that Di was very sick, and then later, sharing the news thru his tears that Di was gone. And that he could not make the traditional bourbon balls this year, he was sorry. The only thing I could think of to do was to try to make them myself, and mail them to Ains in memory of Diane.
Those are Christmas Eve bourbon balls; a tear in each one.
I have thought deeply and often about Diane since then. Since my Dad passed in 2015, family has taken on greater significance. And Diane was family. Ains and Di made the long trip to Martha’s Vineyard many times to see my parents, Ted and Jeanne Hewett. They laughed and cooked, sailed and swam. Mom and Dad loved Diane. She was kind and smart, good hearted and easy to laugh. They shared a unique sensibility and sense of humor. They were comfortable together.
On the way up to the Vineyard, Ains and Di would stay with my family in NY (now NJ). We loved those visits! Di's delight at having discovered the CrackerBarrel books-on- tape for these trips broke us up, and we still imitate her with love. “Cracker Barrell!! you never heard of Cracker Barrell?!!” One night, husband Joe, who thinks he is a race-car driver, took Ains and Di on a wild joy ride around NYC to see the lights – I am told it was quite the escapade, and Di said she loved every minute!
I admired Diane, and my family mourns her passing. Our hearts go out to her daughters Jennifer and Amy who I hope to meet one day. And to my Uncle Ainslie. Rest in Peace, Di.

Jack Cunningham

December 25, 2020

Diane had a saying that she liked. Old friends is good friends, she would say. She liked the verb as stated. We had been friends back in our early thirties. After losing touch with each other for over three decades we were lucky enough to resume our friendship in our seventies. She had lost Margaret a few years earlier and I lost my dear wife Linda a year and a half ago. Those kinds of holes in your life beg to be filled to whatever degree possible with an old, good friend.

Being Diane’s friend was easy. I didn’t judge her, which went a long way with her, and I was always positive and tried hard to make her laugh. For me, Diane listened when we talked and was considerate of me. And she laughed for me. Most of all, she helped fill some of the hole that losing Linda had created. We enjoyed our brief times together.

Our conversations were usually about old times and friends, gardening, politics, Winston, Ainslie, her family and how much I missed Linda. Diane’s love for her daughters, grandchildren and Ainslie was undeniable.

Growing old was always on her mind but talking politics and eating coconut creme pie would take her mind off of it for a while. We talked a lot about our mutual dislike for Trump and our like of progressive democratic leaders. We had a restaurant that we liked in Sellersburg that had a big display of cakes and pies as you entered. Our routine was that I would find us a booth while she looked over the pies until she had decided what the highlight of her dinner was going to be.

We also talked about what makes old friends such good friends. It’s mostly that you lose good friends along the way to attrition until they’re down to a very few, if you’re lucky. Old friends are golden. Diane’s friendship was precious to me. She helped me when I was grieving. I hope I repaid her somehow. I will miss her company always.

Ann Sermersheim

December 25, 2020

Dear Ainslee, Jennifer & Amy,
Denny and I are profoundly sad to hear that Diane has passed on. She was smart, spunky, lively, and wonderfully unique. We have so many special memories of ski trips, playing tennis, and houseboating at Lake Cumberland and Dale Hollow. Being in Diane's presence was always brought smiles and laughter. I especially remember our first trip skiing in Beaver Creek Colorado. And playing cards at night. And who can forget the bus ride!! And Diane and Ainslee were so patient with helping me learn to ski! I wish you all eventual peace and loving memories of Diane that make you smile and feel joy.

Gale Humphrey

December 24, 2020

Jennifer and Amy, I am so sorry to learn your mom has gone on to glory. I always enjoyed her company on the tennis court and fondly remember the houseboat trips to Lake Cumberland and Dale Hollow (where she judiciously avoided the sun) as well as how much fun she had learning to clog. I am remembering most today her smile, the way her ponytail swung when she laughed, and how she loved you girls with every part of her. Praying for peace for your hearts today.

Sandy Spears

December 24, 2020

Diane and I met 33 years ago as we both wanted to learn bridge. She became a life long friend that I dearly loved. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she is gone. We shared many activities over the years including riding all the roller coasters at kings island (in the late 80’s), taking classes on the Beatles, how to win at Blackjack, and the history of Russia. She was always interested in learning new things up until the end. She was a caring and loving friend.

Susan Bauer

December 24, 2020

A sweeter person never existed. Quick with a compliment and always ready to share in a new adventure. Di was loved and cherished by those who knew her and readily welcomed new acquaintances into her circle. She loved a good movie followed by dinner out with family and friends. She was truly beautiful inside and out always willing to share her smile which could light up a room. Go gently into the night and brighten up the sky with your light.

Betsy Shepherd

December 24, 2020

One of my favorite people and will always remember your sense of humor and time we all had in Destin playing a tough game of tennis. Rest In Peace mumpy.


Ainslie Hewett

December 24, 2020

Too many memories to choose from, She was a sweet, caring,bright but troubled soul who gave meaning to my life. I guess on thing that just popped up was on a skiing bus trip to Colorado, her sleeping in the relief-drivers bunk. No, he wasnt using it.

Jack Teeple

December 24, 2020

Diane was one of my favorite people to be around. Despite both medical and emotional stress, she maintained a positive outlook on life and a great sense of humor - a very refreshing attitude that we should all try to emulate. I last ran into her at a gas station in New Albany and we had a nice chat. I will greatly miss her presence on the planet.