May 22, 1929December 21, 2020

Albert Lipten was born in Paris, France on May 22, 1929. He was a Holocaust survivor and a hidden child in France during the war. Despite all the horrors that he experienced, Albert was a kind, gentle and remarkable person, who saw beauty in everything.

Albert wanted to be a composer but because of his disrupted childhood, turned his creativity to jewelry design. Albert was an award-winning master jeweler, loving father, devoted husband, and a treasured friend to many. He was a true old-world gentleman who dressed in great style. Much like the stones Albert worked with, he was a human gem who added sparkle and joy to our lives. He will be dearly missed.

Donations may be made in Albert’s memory to:

ARF - Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons 124 Daniels Hole Road - #2616 East Hampton, NY 11937

ADL - Hidden Child Foundation 605 Third Avenue New York, NY 10158

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Meichelle Feinberg

January 1, 2021

Sending my deepest sympathy!!! My heart goes out to his family. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. May his memory be a blessing.

David Gonzales

January 1, 2021

May our Lord and savior keep you and bless you my dear friend ,
My heart felt condolences to the family and
Blessings to you my beautiful Mrs.Lipton .

Nitza Schraeter

December 30, 2020

I met Albert and Camille over 40 years ago when they walked into the travel agency where I was working. We felt a connection immediately and became friends. Albert was such a special and warm person . It is difficult to put into words the the love, affection, respect and admiration I had for him. Albert shared his love for art, music and his family. We would spend hours talking, and the hours would go by so fast.
Albert was a true artist. Besides jewelry that he created for sale, he created pendants for my twin sons for their Bar Mitzvah. The pendants were similar to what some survivors of the holocausts received in Paris . My sons treasure his gift and the background story that Albert shared with them.
Albert will be missed by those who knew him and loved him. I feel that his spirit and goodness will always be with us.

Jakob Nortman

December 30, 2020

My Condolences go out to the entire Lipten Family. I have fond memories of Albert when I visited him in N.Y. He was a very gracious man. I will never forget his hospitality and warmth not found in a lot of people. May he Rest In Peace. You will not be forgotten. May Camille also be blessed with the same as she is one of a kind. I think of you from afar. May STRENGTH be with all of you!!!

Holly Hanessian

December 30, 2020

When I think of Albert and the years I have known him since marrying into his family, I am reminded of so many of his lovely attributes. Walking into his building and taking the elevator to his and Camille’s floor to be greeted by his Jack Russel dog, followed by cheek to cheek kisses. My strongest memory was his lovely old-world charm and manners.

I was immediately drawn to his artistry and appreciated his jewelry designs, understanding that he was a master craftsman. His love of culture, art, music and food, which was an important part of his and Camille’s relationship, was shared with us when we visited. I have strong memories of my first experience of sharing a meal together that Camille had made. When we went to their apartment, David said to me, “Don’t fill up right away, because there will be several courses!” The meal was amazing, with wine and so incredibly gracious! This was their was their way of saying stay, enjoy, live!

Albert had a doting and gentleness for dogs that he handed down to his children. Whenever we visited, David, Olivia and I all took part in lots dog petting! Lastly, I am reminded that Albert and David look very much alike. I shall see more of Albert as David ages, happily knowing that Albert will be part of the years to come as I look into my husband’s face.

Sabine Lipten

December 29, 2020

A couple months ago I had an out of the blue craving for steak frites, a meal that makes me think of my grandpa. I remember going out for lunch with him and my dad once to a restaurant which only served steak frites— it seemed very funny to me at the time, that this fancy restaurant only served one dish. It was perfect of course! Part of my childhood is defined by these trips to Manhattan, a long ride to a my grandpa and a delicious meal.

I think about being in his and Camille's apartment surrounded by beautiful things— many of which he had made. Looking at all the little frogs figurines he had collected, petting Spunky and then Rascal on the squishy leather couch, the time my dad gifted him a copy of Shrek for the holidays and we all watched it.

I am reading all these memories of what a sweet and gentle man and father my grandfather was and I think about how my dad is also a kind and gentle man. I think its pretty rare to have a good dad (and how it's probably hard to be one); but it’s easy for me to see this is a legacy in this family, one that is very beautiful to hold and remember.

I love my grandpa, my fellow gemini and fashionista

Monica & Erik Alaerts

December 29, 2020

Dear Mrs. Camille Lipten'

Our sincerest condolences for your lost.
Words can not express our feelings in this moment of sorrow.
The loving memories we have built during these years together will give us the strength to overcome this moment.
We want you to know that we are here for you, to listen to you, hug you or just to hold your hands.

Best regards always.

Monica & Erik.

Edward Kohtio

December 29, 2020

Not having met with Albert more than perhaps a dozen times, I recognized him to be a wise soul who had found his way in life. May it continue to be so. This world is diminished without him.

Charlie Masterson

December 29, 2020

I am privileged to have known Albert for over 15 years. Our friendship began at the dog park and developed over the many lunches we shared at the Crave Fishbar. I will miss our lunches but I will never forget them. So long, Albert. You were a kind and gentle soul. My life is better for having known you. Rest In Peace, friend.

Danette Lipten

December 29, 2020

When I was very little, the first born, the girl child, I was the light of my father’s life and I adored him – my first love!
Later, I remember my daddy, with his funny little run, trotting behind me as I learned to ride my red Schwinn bike on a grassy field behind our apartment building.
When my father came home from work, he would say, in an enticing tone, “Guess who I met on my way home?” Very quickly, before I could think, he would shout “THE WITCH!” I would startle and then giggle.
When we had a fish tank, my dad used to relax by lying on the carpet in front of the tank, watching his fish, listening to the gurgling sounds and air writing his thoughts above him with his finger. When he didn’t like the thought, he would “erase” it by wiping it out of the air.
We had a recurring bedtime story that my father made up as he went along about two little boys named Mushkie and Pushkie who went out to collect mushrooms for their family and discovered that all the mushrooms in the forest had been stolen by Chasar the pig.
He reveled in nature. He delighted in traveling to beautiful parts of the world and taking great photos with his artist’s eye. AND he was a true animal lover! (I’m a little bit jealous of his adoration for his Jack Russells- Spunky and later Rascal.)
He had a passion for food and a real European pallet. We shared many a marvelous meal together. When I was a child, I remember that my family ate foods that none of my friends ever heard of, let alone tasted. When my dad went to France, he would return home with a suitcase full of smelly cheeses that he had to sneak by customs - stinky but so delicious!
Life had its bumps, but the road became smoother as we both aged and the most recent years were perhaps some of the best ones. I am so grateful that I had my father for so many years and that these tender memories are coming to to the surface as I look back and celebrate our time together. I love you forever, sweet Daddy.