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Elizabeth Leyn

August 28, 1997July 4, 2020
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Lisa Leyn, passed away unexpectedly, at 22, on July 4th, 2020. A beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend.

Born in Hackensack, NJ on August 28, 1997 to Masha Leyn and Vladimir Leyn, Lisa graduated from Loyola High School, and held a baccalaureate degree from Boston University, with a concentration in Mathematics. She was in the process of applying to graduate school to pursue a career in Data Science, while splitting her employment between Deloitte and Fortune.

Lisa loved traveling, reading books, spending time at museums, theaters and ballets. She enjoyed attending concerts, the work of Russian performing artist, Shnurov, and being surrounded by friends and family. She will be remembered for her kind and loyal heart, her clever sense of humor, and her joyful and warm spirit. Above all else, she was a loving and devoted daughter and sister.

Lisa is survived by her parents, Masha and Vlad Leyn, her best friend and brother, Max Leyn, her stepfather, Kirill Rubinski and her stepsisters, Elena and Sofia Rubinski.

She will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her.


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    Thursday, July 9, 2020


Elizabeth Leyn

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Amanda Webb

July 21, 2020

Thinking of and praying for the Leyn's and for Lisa. I remember when Lisa joined the dance team at Loyola and made dance full of joy and laughter. Lisa always wore a huge smile and made long afternoons of dance so enjoyable and so unforgettable, that I am reminded of them to this day. To the Leyn's and to all those who hold Lisa in your hearts, I pray that God holds Lisa tight today and always. With much love and sympathy, Amanda xox

Simon Tcharchefdjian

July 12, 2020


I have been thinking of you everyday. Any memory we have shared comes in mind.

We first met at the Airport in Kiev, our first summer with Elena out of high school. We arrived outside the airport and saw you walking down towards us. Of course I knew we were going to love each other with just the warm hug you gave me. After this first hug, we had the best moment together, a summer I will remember my whole life. Ever since these holidays, you came to Paris and London, and I knew we would care for each other for a very very long time and be like family.

You will forever be, for me, a symbol of youth. All of our grandparents and parents have always shared their best memories and all were about their youth. After all I’ve seen of you, god knows how amazing your soul is and you must be in a very warm spot in heaven.

While I’m writing this, I can only think of your mother, your father and your closest family.
I pray for your soul to rise up the closest to God. Please Protect, on Earth in Heaven, your mother, your father, your brother, your uncle, Kirill, Elena and Sofia.

Michael Joseloff

July 12, 2020

Sending heartfelt sympathies to Lisa’s family and friends on behalf of all of us at Fortune. We are very grateful she was in our lives, and were devastated to hear the news of her passing. We remember Lisa as a kind and intelligent soul who was always eager to help. May peace and comfort surround everyone who is grieving and remembering her.

Kelsey Sharpe

July 11, 2020


One of the last things you said to me that day was that you were proud of me and that you loved me. I didn’t grasp the heaviness of our text exchange because in the moment it had felt like just another day in the life of our friendship.

I miss you so much everyday and am upset and confused by your loss. I feel deeply for your mom, your brother, your father, step father, step sisters, vlad, Karina, Natasha, Paulina and the rest of your close family. I hope that they know you are close by and that you are there to now guide us through life in a different way than we are used to.

I’ve know you ever since I was 6 years old. I remember on every test in 1st grade you’d ask me to write “Elizabeth” at the top of the page because you’d always forget how to spell it. “Liza” was just fine for you.

I remember when we transferred to our new school together in the 3rd grade. We had Ms. Foley who just adored you (as we all did).

I remember in the 5th grade we’d play pranks on Mrs. Morales. You’d call her name and when she came to our table you’d make that crazy face at her, nostrils flared, top lip tucked away.

We always had fun, we always laughed, shared jokes. We literally grew together for 16 years. I realize almost every single first experience I’ve had has been with you right by my side.

I love you Lisa.

I always wished we could grow up to be friends forever like Masha and Karina. I hoped we’d have our little shaved head photoshoot someday.

I don’t know what else to say because the memories go on and on. But what I can say is I’ll always remember you. You have been a part of my life since I can remember and I reference you in conversations each and everyday for some reason or another. I miss you Lisa, and I wish New Years Day 2020 wasn’t the last time I’d ever get to dance with you.

You’re my girl, you’re my #1 OG homie. I’ll remember you, carry you with me, and do good in honor of you. I love you Lisa Leyn.

Lana Bernstein

July 10, 2020

Our beloved Lisa,

We are remembering the life so short and yet so full. A beautiful smile, a beautiful face, a beautiful mind and a big heart with so much love. You adored life, the world and people around you, and everybody adored you.

You were a little girl with a maturity of an adult and you became a grown-up woman who always kept that little girl in her. We loved your sense of humor and ability to speak your mind.

You smiled at everyone and opened your heart to family, friends and anyone you met. How could such a little girl have such a huge heart and give so much to so many around you? The words cannot express how truly special you were, you are and always will be in our hearts.

Our thoughts, love and prayers are with Vova, Masha and Max.

May the wonderful memories help finding strength and comfort and be a blessing to all who knew our beautiful sweet Lisa.

Lana, Alex, Ellie, Alyssa

Ana Lucia Parham Santana

July 10, 2020

Lisa and I met at Loyola but we quickly went from classmates to best friends, whether we were catching breakfast at our usual spot after a night out, snuggling in Lisa’s bed and fighting over the temperature of the room, regularly escaping whatever social scene we were in to lock ourselves in a bathroom stall to gossip and laugh, getting our nails done when we should be doing our homework, disturbing bystanders with our animated conversations, planning out how Lisa would grow up to be my children’s crazy aunt, or how we would live in an apartment together like Rachel and Monica from Friends. Leaving for college put physical distance between us, but as soon as she was visiting me during my first month, I knew for sure we would be friends for life. It felt like every time the two of us were together we would walk away with an hilarious story that would make us laugh years down the line.

Lizka, you will always, always be a huge part of who I am and hold an enormous part of my heart. I am so grateful we found each other in this lifetime. Thank you for always being such an incredible best friend.

Masha, Max, Vlad, & the entire Leyn family, each one of you hold such a special place in my heart and I am thinking of all of you during this time. Among other things, I always admired Lisa’s strong and special relationship with her family. Thank you for all the countless memories at your beautiful home.

Jacqueline Thomas

July 10, 2020

There were no boundaries when it came to friendship. She loved all

We will miss you dearly. Rest easy my sweet angel.

Kristin Ross Cully

July 9, 2020

I am heartbroken to hear of your loss. I have very happy memories of Lisa in her senior year at Loyola, which was my first year in the school as Principal. A wonderful young woman with a kind spirit. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Clémentine Gras

July 9, 2020

I've only spent a few days, or maybe even a few hours with Lisa, as one of Elena's close friends. And for what it's worth, I remember her as a kind and happy soul that smiled and laughed a lot. We did not know each other, but we shared secrets together, we partied together, we laughed together, as if we had known each other for a long time. She made people feel confortable, and she made people laugh. And from all the discussions we've had in the short time we've spent together, I know she's had a good life and she's enjoyed it to its fullest.

I'm just one out of many that has met your wonderful daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend, but I'm lucky I did as all the "many s" are.

Elena Roubinski

July 9, 2020

Dear Lisenka,

My heart aches writings this, as I wish I could have told you in person how much I love and care about you.
We met almost ten years ago, and we grew closer and closer with the years.
We shared endless stories, secrets, bottles of wines, museums, restaurants, parties and trips that I can’t even name all of them. From Ukraine to London, Paris, Milan, New York, Napa, Iceland and so many more, you were my absolute favourite travel partner. Every time we saw each other we made the most of it.
My older but ‘smaller’ sister, your energy and your smile made us have the best time in the world. You are one of the sweetest, the funniest and equally clever person with an amazing and sometimes challenging character.
I will forever remember all that you have taught and showed me. So much of who I am has been influenced by you, such as my love of rollercoaster which you initiated by forcing me on the Rock and Roll rollercoaster. I will forever remember you as the embodiment of youth, fun and carefreeness as I can’t think of anybody who has enjoyed life as much as you. You are such a bright light and true star in this universe. Your wit, humour and wise soul will be truly missed by all of us. I honestly could go on forever talking about you and saying how amazing you were.

You left me thousands of memories, photos and videos of you, of our adventures around the world and of our laughs, that I will cherish. As we promised each other, you will forever be by my side, in all the steps of my life, I will think of you.
I know that for those who had the chance to be your friend or family, they now have a sweet angel looking over them from the sky. I always admired how close you were to your family, and I can’t even imagine what a void you have left for them.
My thoughts and prayers are for Masha, Max and the rest of your amazing family, I send you endless love and strength.

Lisa, I will love you and miss you forever.


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