John Matthew Lyons

November 5, 1948November 29, 2019

John Lyons will be remembered by all for his witty humor and loving dedication to his family and career. He loved his eggnog, Junior's cheesecake, and Doo-Wop. He approached the world without any self interest and noticed everything going on around him, as if with dragonfly vision. He involved himself with the needs of many people and his compassion reached across the Manhattan skyline and far beyond. John is survived by his wife, Natasha, as well as his sons, Matthew (26), and Constantine (7).

In lieu of flowers, donations for Constantine Lyons' education, extracurricular and other school-related needs to help support him as he grows will be greatly appreciated.

In Memoriam from Friends and Colleagues:


  • Visitation

    Thursday, December 5, 2019

  • Committal Service

    Friday, December 6, 2019


John Matthew Lyons

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Michael Bennett

November 29, 2020

One year gone, what a year to have had. Miss you and think of you often my friend. OK, I will shut up and get back to work! Regards to you in heaven, and your family still with us, I hope they are well. Mick Bennett, and all at RFS

Tony Fonseca

December 7, 2019

My heart and soul go out to Natasha, Mathew and Constantine. I am still trying to catch my breath from the loss of John. I had the pleasure and great opportunity to work with John and the Durst Team since the early stages of the Broadcast Tower Antenna and Transmission Line Systems at One World Trade Center since 2015.
I also had the opportunity to travel to the RFS Facility in Australia and spend time with John and his family. There is a photo of John with the team that developed the antenna systems at 1WTC. John loved photography as I do and we talked about many photo opps around the world.

As everyone knows John is probably the hardest working man in the Broadcast Industry and the Greatest Family man. I told John that I want to be like him when I grow up. He even found time to get another degree while all this work was going on at 1WTC.

I also enjoyed John’s humor and Jokes. When a meeting or situation started to get slightly challenging, he would come up with a funny way to give you a hard time but get your attention and make you smile or laugh at the same time. I always told John he should go to open Mic Tuesday on Stage.

He was just an exceptional man in so may ways. We are all so sad to have lost him but at the same time we are all so fortunate to have know John and spent the days and weeks and years we have known him and enjoyed being in his presence.

Tony Fonseca
Turris Engineering Inc

Melissa Kempadoo

December 4, 2019

I knew John when I first started at the Durst Organization 5 years ago. He was such an energetic and vibrant soul. He always found a way to make me smile and laugh and I will appreciate all the help he gave me and when we worked together on the broadcasting billing aspects for WTC and 151. You had an amazing heart and you will be greatly missed by myself and the AR team. Thank you for everything that you did!

David Glenn

December 4, 2019

My deepest condolences to John’s family, friends and co-workers.

I only met John a few years ago, I wish it had been sooner.
In our introduction meeting regarding suitability of One World Trade Center for a broadcast facility, I interrogated him about foreseeing and providing all possible resources and emergency contingencies demanded by NYC Broadcasters.
That was the first time in my career that I couldn’t find cracks in the plan. At the end of the meeting, for which I had blocked out the entire day, I left wishing I had more time with him. His broad knowledge base, exuberant character and life experiences, all of which he so easily opened up and shared with others, truly made him one of a kind.
He had a knack for quick witted sarcasm in an endearing way I have never experienced before.
I couldn’t agree with Rahul Walia more when stating, He was a family man, a gentleman, a distinguished professional and most of all had a very warm personality.
He will be greatly missed.

Victor Arnone

December 4, 2019

My deepest sympathy goes out to John's family.
I was shocked to hear of his passing. I had just seen John this past September when I was invited to tour the new broadcast facilities at
1 WTC.
I have known and have worked with him over 25 years. Always a pleasure to work with and would keep things lively with his humor.
After completing the installation of an antenna patch panel at the WPIX transmitter he applied
labels to the various ports.
MAIN, AUX and to my chagrin: VICTOR LOAD.
It remained and always reminded me of him.
He will be missed.
Victor Arnone WPIX (retired)

Tom Ray

December 3, 2019

John was one of the first broadcast people I met when I came to NYC in 1997. He once worked at WOR - I was Director of Engineering at WOR, and the people at WOR introduced us. He looked at me, and promptly said, "it's nice to see WOR is still sending their Engineers to the same barber I use", referring to my balding head. Over the next 20 years, he became a good friend. Always willing to help the SBE Chapter (SBE15) that I was Chairman of, proudly showing off 4 Times Square and inviting me to tour the roof of 1 World Trade before there were elevators.

And, of course, he would regale me with stories of his sons, and I would, in turn, regale him with stories of my two kids. Two dads sharing their pride.

I am absolutely shocked he has been taken from us too soon. Natasha, Matthew, Constantine: thank you for sharing John with us. He was a unique individual that you don't find very often (and I can hear him saying to me "add thankfully"), and it was a pleasure and honor to know him. Rest peacefully, my friend. I'm sure we'll meet up again in the future.

Tom Ray

Vinny Izold

December 3, 2019

To John’s family my deepest condolences.
I worked with John for 5 years at One World Trade Center. Working on the Property Management side of the operation. John was truly one of a kind. His knowledge of broadcasting was nothing short of impressive. He truly stood out in his field. He was a dedicated family man, a veteran and a patriot! One of the things that impressed me the most about John was his journey to honor his Dads memory. The book that John wrote started with the medal omitted from his Fathers Servce Record Book and his participation during WW2 and the invasion of Normandy. Johns relentless dedication to honor his Dad was inspirational. He was also King of the one liners, I know if I asked him right now, “What’s going on”? He would reply, Marvin Gaye 1969. Rest In Peace John!

Vinny Izold
Property Manager
The Durst Organization


December 3, 2019

I met John Lyons in early 2018 when I was trying build my FM Translator atop 1 WTC.

From the outset, John was a thorough professional and very endearing. Having a lot more years on me in the business, he was helpful, knowledgeable and literally held my hand throughout the rigorous process of being a licensee at One WTC.

Over the course of the next few months, John and I became friendly and it was always a pleasure to try and meet up with him during my visits to the tower.

I always knew I was OK if he was picking on me, a unique "Lyonism", many of us are well versed with, I'm sure.

"Not you again", was his favorite way to answer my call.

We enjoyed a myriad of conversations, many anecdotes from his storied career and light conversation about family life.

He was a family man, a gentleman, a distinguished professional and most of all a very warm personality.

His passing is devastating and I am still in shock! My deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Indeed a grave loss for everyone.

He WILL be missed.

God bless his soul.

Richard Mulliner

December 3, 2019

It was with heavy heart that I received the terrible sad news of the passing of John Lyons.
Johns is an Icon of Broadcast Professionalism, for his technical knowledge, his vast experience and most notable his willingness to help and support other.
John lead us all back to WTC and spearheaded our path to completing NY's efforts to meet our FCC Repack Requirements without a hitch. Professionally we will all miss him.

On a personal level I have known John for decades as an associate in the business and as a personal friend who was always there with a joke to get a laugh an ear to help and support. We also share something personal in common we were both born on November 5.
We will all miss John especially as a good man and friend. He will rest with the angles he surly deserves to.

Ronald Scott

December 3, 2019

Dear Natasha, Matthew and Constantine, am so sorry for your loss.
I have had the honor to know your husband and dad, John since 1990.
First met him working at the Empire State building in 1990.
We have worked together on various projects over the years.
At Empire State Building, 4 Times Square and most recently at One World Trade Center.
We shared many cups of coffee on various trips discussing the One WTC project as it was being planned.
During the One WTC project for WCBS, we saw each other daily during the project.
His affectionate ribbing of me during project was a standing joke, offering laugher each time we met.
Was there for the August 1 Switchover where he organized a luncheon with dignitaries
To do the official turn On’s to the new channels for the Phase 4 repack.
Our last meeting was on November 7, when was able to have some of his birthday cake at One WTC.
I will miss him too, the Broadcast Room on 90th floor at One WTC will have fond memories.
As this Project at One WTC is a testament to his hard work and vision for New York City broadcasters.
It has been an honor to work with John all these years.
Ronald Scott of GatesAir, Inc. (Harris)