Victoria Criloux

December 8, 2008April 14, 2021
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Victoria's Story

Victoria is our beloved daughter. Single child of a loving couple, married for over 20 years.

She was the most loving and caring, generous child we ever met. She shined and touched many lives around her, even perfect strangers on the bus on her way to school every morning. She was the kind of person you can't miss in a room. She had such a strong and vocal personality and we wish we could have seen her rocking the world as an adult. She could have accomplished so many great things. She was a rock climbing lover, flying on her ice skates, dancing, skateboarding and most importantly, singing all day long.

In the summer of 2018, she was not yet 10, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor called a glioblastoma. This kind of tumor is unforgiving: it grows extremely fast and leaves a life expectancy of barely more than a year. It is also impossible to fully remove through surgery as it grows in the midst of healthy tissue.

She beat the cancer for more than 30 months following diagnosis, thanks to the fantastic team at MSK Kids, the pediatric oncology team. But also thanks to the research and clinical trials that deliver cutting edge therapies, some of them still being tested, to patients of all ages. For more than 2 years, the team left no stones unturned. Unfortunately, despite all their efforts, the tumor took over and ended up taking the barely started life of our most precious jewel.

To try and give meaning to what she went through, to what we all went through, my wife and I agreed to donate brain and other organs tissue for research, so that going forward we can make sure that no other kids will have to go through what she went through, and no other parents will have to go through what we are going through.

But research needs more than tissue. It needs to be funded and for now it is severely underfunded, particularly pediatric cancer research which presents a set of challenges compare to cancer on adults. For this reason, I am kindly asking you, in memory of our Victoria, to donate to MSK Kids to fund pediatric cancer research what you would usually give for flowers when a friend, a colleague, a neighbour loses a loved one.

On behalf of our Victoria, Christine and I are thanking you for all the little Victorias who will benefit from your generous donation.

Christine & Guillaume Criloux


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    Sunday, April 18, 2021


Victoria Criloux

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May 4, 2021

Dear Guillaume & Christine,

Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday. May you be comforted on the loss of your daughter.
May the Almighty have mercy on her soul. May her good deeds speak for her.
May she rest in peace.


Cathy Stevens

May 4, 2021

Guillaume et Christine,
Quelle tristesse d’apprendre cette terrible nouvelle. Je pense très souvent à vous.
Très sincèrement,

Marie et Claude le maitre

April 28, 2021

Christine, Guillaume,
Que dire, sinon que nous partageons votre immense douleur après le départ de votre belle Victoria.
Soutien et affection à vous deux.
Très chaleureusement.
Marie et Claude Le Maitre


April 25, 2021

Guillaume, Christine
Valeureux parents, comme j aimerais vous serrer dans mes bras au titre de maman,de mamy et d Amie....mais ce jour viendra où dans votre vie d après Victoria tous les deux forts de cette douloureuse épreuve, nous nous rencontrerons quelque part et nous nous embrasserons librement, chaleureusement en évoquant votre merveilleuse petite fille
A très vite

Janine et Bernard CROZES - GUSTAVE

April 22, 2021

Guillaume, Christine,

Aucun mot ne peut être à la hauteur de l'épreuve que vous subissez.
C'est avec une grande tristesse que nous avons appris le départ de Victoria. Sa naissance avait été une victoire et le bonheur de votre vie. Le destin a voulu que cette victoire soit de trop courte durée.
Nous vous souhaitons de trouver la force d'aller de l'avant tout en gardant dans vos cœurs les doux moments passés avec Victoria.

Janine et Bernard

Vernon Woolford

April 22, 2021

I know she meant a lot to you Christine and Guillaume. I recall when you shared her triumph over the pain several years ago. I like to think I did share that triumph also. And here too, I like to think I may share a tiny bit of your pain now, even if I cannot know what that agony is like. "Walk good" Christine and Guillaume, and may young Victoria rest in peace.

David Andre

April 22, 2021

Christine, Guillaume,
Aucun mot n'est assez fort pour exprimer les sentiments qui accompagnent cette tragique épreuve.
Je voudrais saluer le courage et l'abnégation dont vous avez fait preuve tout au long de ce combat.
Que vous puissiez à présent trouver la paix nécessaire et indispensable à vous reconstruire.
Nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous.
Laurence, Lisa et Dédé

Kiran Fatima

April 21, 2021

Dear Guillaume & Christine,
There are really no words of comfort for the grief and loss you must feel in your hearts. I just hope in time you find peace in remembering that your sweet Victoria lived and left with you her beautiful memories to treasure each day. From here on she will live in our memory as well. I’m touched by her life, strength and her capturing smile.
With love and deepest sympathy,

Francisco Igualada

April 20, 2021

Chers Guillaume et Christine
C'est avec une immense tristesse que nous venons d'apprendre la terrible nouvelle. Je me souviens d'elle quand elle était bébé à Brindisi et j'en garde un très tendre souvenir. Victoria était adorable, souriante, pleine d'enthousiame et nous ne pouvons pas croire que la vie ait été si dure avec elle et avec vous. Les mots manquent toujours en de telles circonstances mais nous vous assurons que nos coeurs pleurent avec vous la perte d'un être si cher et si chéri. Nous sommes vraiment bouleversés et vous accompagnons très sincèrement dans cette si douloureuse épreuve. Nous sommes certains que les anges accueilleront Victoria et la protègeront avec toute la bienveillance dont ils font preuve.
Francisco et Christine Igualada

Anika Vazquez

April 20, 2021

I only met Victoria briefly a few months ago. Late for work, I was rushing down the staircase of our building... she must have heard me coming and had stepped aside before even seeing me. When I passed her, I thanked her for clearing the way for me and she replied without even knowing me “You are very welcome! I hope you have a wonderful day.” It really touched my heart how this girl was so incredibly thoughtful and nice to basically a stranger (me). At that moment in the hallway I had no idea who she was but it later dawned on me that it must have been Victoria - about whom I had heard so many amazing things from everyone in our building and I always wanted to meet her. I deeply regret, that our only encounter was this short and I am truly heartbroken over the news of her passing... but those few seconds I met her she left a lasting impression on me and I wish that should I ever have children of my own they would be like Victoria!

My deepest regrets and condolences.


Christmas 2020 with Mom and Dad.