Robert Stevens Street Jr.

February 14, 1974November 6, 2019

Robert Stevens Street, Jr. – aka Bobby Diamond but to most of us who loved him dearly he was known as “OGBobbyD”. Bobby was called home unexpectedly on November 6th, 2019. He was 45 years old. He was born in Akron, Ohio on February 14th, 1974.  

Bobby was a self-taught graduate of what he would probably call the college of OGBobbyD and was known to be able to pretty much get anything with wheels running, to include fixing a vehicle with a hair tie. Yes, a. Hair tie! When his daughter Makayla was born he even put a motor on her swing! Bobby had a major obsession with cars or pretty much anything he could ghetto rig to make run. 

Bobby loved a few things bigger than cars. Everyone knows his biggest love was his love for his daughters Matison and Makayla and his grand babies ! They lit up His world and were considered his biggest accomplishment in life! 

Bobby loved helping people, well so long as it involved fixing something. You could call him and he would be there in a hearts beat to help you. He loved people and was always the funniest person in the room. There were no bad days when he was with you. He could literally make everything funny! 

Bobby is survived by his daugther Makayla Street, boyfriend Izaac Smith, grandson Kingstyn Smith and granddaughter Kinslee Smith, Daughter Matison Kinsey, boyfriend Sanford Baughman, granddaughters Addison Welch and Avery Baughman and the mother of his daughters Amy Driskell, his mother Jerri Williams, father Robert Street, Sr. and wife  Nannette, brother Randy Street and wife Jillian, sister Jill LaCount and husband Kelly and brother Willie Diamond, his best friends Ricky Willcox, Wesley Fisher, Dale Spurlin, KC Jolls and David Gomez, along with numerous nieces and nephews, cousins and friends he would call family.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, 11/16 at 10:00AM at Primrose Funeral Service at 1109 N Porter Ave. Sign the online guestbook at


  • Ricky Willcox, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Wes Fisher, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Willie Diamond, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Randy Street, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Dale Spurlin, Honorary Pallbearer
  • KC Jolls, Honorary Pallbearer
  • David Gomez, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Johnny Driskell, Honorary Pallbearer


16 November

Memorial Service

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Primrose Funeral Service

1109 North Porter Ave
Norman, OK 73071


Robert Stevens Street Jr.

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Mary Stanley

November 14, 2019

Mary Stanley

November 14, 2019


I have sat on this for a few days just trying to wrap my head around planning your funeral. Literally, your last laugh is on me isn't it!? Me, planning your funeral. Crying to your photos and memories that our family has - which is a lifetime! The good, the bad, the wedding, the divorce, the always crawling back to Amy and your family no matter where you got lost in between. Ya know, the things that made me love/hate our relationship.

My best memory, although I could go on for years, is the 911 call I had to make on you - Kerry and I were home alone and you knew every detail of our home and driveway. You called pretending to be a kidnapper looking through the window describing everything around you.. I clicked over and called 911 - click back over and you heard "911 - whats your emergency" - the best part was when you said "You stupid idiot its Bobby dummy" I can hear your voice in my head!

You know what I miss the most about you? The Bobby we all knew. The husband you were to Amy and the boyfriend you were to her back and forth after the divorce. There is no doubt that you two were soul mates. I was scrolling through your Facebook at 4am when I couldn't sleep and came across photos she had posted a few years back and your response was simple - it just said #1 and man if that wasn't the truth! Watching you as a father over the girls lives could melt anyone's soul! You loved them all so big!

Your grandchildren will have so many memories to listen to from your friends and family over the years. We will never let that go! They will know you, know you! You were one of the biggest pains in my life and now you are one of my biggest heartaches. I love you so much. I love that Kayla is just like you. You should have seen her rock that Bronco of yours into the funeral home~! Just like Bobby. I wish we could have saved you. I wish we would have tried harder to rescue you from the life that took you to soon.
Rest High Brother!

Amy Miller (Street)

November 14, 2019

Bobby, I can’t sleep I can’t think , my heart is broken . I just wish this was all a nightmare. I would do anything in this world to hold you tight and never let go ! You were my everything..... you told everyone we would be married again soon !!!! I would of loved a happy family with you . We were amazing together threw the good and the bad ! I was lucky to have your children..... we miss you honey . Love you always and forever ❤️ N’S
( Amy )

Makayla Street

November 13, 2019

Every day with you was a memory, I miss you so much. I love you daddy.

Amanda Wilson

November 13, 2019

Bobby - I knew you as my best friends husband. Every time Mr. Wilson (as you liked to call him) and I were around you it was always fun and full of laughter. You were full of charisma and silliness. You were so smart and creative and clever.
I am so very sorry that this is how your story has ended. Your time here was cut way too short and I just feel sick thinking about what could have been.
I hope that you are finally at peace and you know that every life you touched you left a mark that will never be forgotten.

See you later old friend!

Mistie Kuykendall

November 13, 2019

You will forever be in my heart.
You were my husband. We had a good and hard relationship. But know matter what we laughed and loved . And that's what I will remember. Its snowing so it hard to think your not out enjoying tearing up a parking lot.
Goodbye Bob the Builder.

Amy Miller ( Street)

November 12, 2019

Bobby Bobby Bobby ! Where do I begin . We have a lifetime of memories that would carry on and on and on ! You were my very first love ever and that love never died . I was tough on you but it was tough love !! Don’t you ever forget that ! I could call you and you would always help me out plus try to grab my butt ask me when we were getting married again to be honest I’m going to miss that so very much ... we will never let our grandkids forget you . You will forever be in our hearts . My heart is so broken if I had known this I would have fought harder to save you !!! I love you soo much .....

Annabell Onzahwah

November 12, 2019

OG Bobby D .
Bobby was such an amazing and funny man so full of jokes and so damn intelligent with the cars. I loved learning so much about cars by you , it was always fun. Robert always bragged about his children and grandchildren! He loved and adored you all so much!!
So many memories flood my mind when I think of you !! Like the time we was in the 5th wheel and Gomez showed up and we yelled Emillio out the door because we had just got done watchibg Night at the Roxbury.
I have cherished our friendship throughout the years.
I love u big guy!
So many people knew and loved your presence dearly Bobby Diamond!! Rest in peace OG!
Love and prayers to Jerri , Amy, Willie Makayla, Matison and all the grand babies !!!

Makayla Street

November 12, 2019

We have so many memories, but my favorite one is when we went to pole position and the race cars weren’t going as fast as you wanted so you always told me you were gonna go inside and rig them just so you could win. Or when we went to go ride four wheelers and dirt bikes and the other family started doing tricks &’ you thought you were tough s*** so you got on the dirt bikes and hit those hills but moments after you were in the air your face said “oh s*** “ and you landed wrong with the dirt bike and broke your leg. All you did was laugh , you thought it was so funny. Oh how about that one time you had us pushing your car up the hill while you sat Inside and the rat shot out &’ hit matisons leg. 😂😭 but I’ll never forget the times you put that system into my car but you rigged it and my car caught on fire , you always told me it was my fault because I didn’t turn the switch but 😂

Jodie Bivens

November 12, 2019

Bobby Diamond.... There's so many memories with you... My favorite ones was when I had to go to my brothers (your friend) house to get my car fixed & every time that you were there, you either had to get in there & help him or just move him out of the way so you could fix it! Hahaha.... And you ALWAYS wanted to "fix" my stereo (even if there was nothing wrong with it, to you it wasn't loud enough)... Lol! You were the go to guy for anything! You were one amazing & hilarious person... You will definitely be missed by many... Rip & go tell my husband I said Hi! 😉