Phyllis Feldman

October 1, 1938July 28, 2022
Phyllis Feldman, Faeyge bas Kayla, is a beloved Mother, Sister, Sister in law, Grandmother and Aunt. We will always love Phyllis and all she means to us. Phyllis was 83 when she passed away, but she was still in her prime. Her age was just a number. She loved life, order and beauty. She was always coming up with a new creative or organizational idea. Her taste was impeccable. She always knew what would go where and with what. Phyllis's perception did not stop at beauty and design. She appreciated a pretty shabbos Table that I had set up in her apartment. Phyllis was a people person. She loved people and loved to give advice. She showed this love and care with her birthdays cards. everyone knew that they could expect a birthday card from aunt Phyllis. if she knew a person had an interest, she would ask about it and remember it. She was generous. She was always prepared and well stocked. As a newbie in Aboca, she found out that one of the current residents needed a battery for his doorbell and just whipped one out and gave it to him. She loved the idea that her apartment was being used, and she was "hosting" us, though from afar. Though Phyllis was not observant,she was proud to be Jewish. She used yiddish terms and remembered the grandparents the best, as the oldest in the family. Sometimes she would say about an act of generosity or caring that she performed that the person could not understand that she did it " because he'(the receiver) is not Jewish." Phyllis was fiercely loyal to her sisters and her brother. She only wanted the best for everyone and looked out for them. She was the BOSS, and told us all what to do. Even from her hospital bed, she was directing us about where to sleep and thinking about details like where we could find extra light blankets and towels. While she was lying in her hospital bed,, she kept asking about her brother in law, Bob, who was hospitalized at the same time. Likewise,he was asking about her. In retrospect, now that we know how sick she was, we see how she strengthen herself to persevere and go on, just saying that she wasn't feeling well or was tired. There are several lessons in life I can take from my sister in law, Phyllis. Take life by the horns. Forge on and Enjoy life. Surround yourself with what makes you happy. You deserve it!! Dont quit. Wait for what you want. Keep in touch. Be proud of yourself, your heritage and your loved ones. Phyllis received several hard knocks in life, but she kept up her spirits and kept moving on. Keep growing. Keep growing. Keep young. Phyllis, in our hearts you will always be alive, young and vibrant. We Love You.

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