Gerald Dean Campbell

July 7, 1928August 9, 2018

Gerald Dean Campbell of Sherwood died August 9, 2018. He was born in Huttig, Arkansas on July 7, 1928 to John D. and Sarah Lou Story Campbell.

Gerald was preceded in death by his parents, brother Charles Donald Campbell, sister Margie Sue Campbell Farrar and wife of 62 years Nellie Louise Winfrey Campbell. He is survived by his daughter Sylvia Campbell Hickey, sister Erdis Ann Purcell, brother Karon Gale Campbell, three grandsons; Robert Reed Flocks II, Reagan Conner Flocks, Halston Ridge Hickey, and surrogate daughter Michelle Oglesby who loved her Papa dearly.

Though Gerald was born in Huttig, most of his early life was lived in Star City, Arkansas until 1945. Gerald sang Gospel music from an early age so he left Star City to attend the Stamps Music School in Dallas, Texas. Soon after, he was selected to sing tenor with the Stamps Baxter Quartet. He traveled and sang with them and other Gospel music groups until 1950. Gospel music was very important to him and he continued to sing the praises of Lord throughout his life. He finished his singing career as music director at the Cherrywood Baptist Church in Sherwood, Arkansas. He continued his Gospel music career until his death saving performances from old reel to reel and cassette tape and preserving them on CD. In 1950, he married Nellie Louise Winfrey in Newport, Arkansas. That may have ended his quartet travels, but they traveled to many exotic and unusual places throughout their life together. They were joined on this life long trip in Hawaii by their daughter Sylvia Lou. As a military family, they served in many varied places. Gerald served with distinction in the 48th and 59th Fighter Bomber Wings during the Korean War. After that tour of duty, he chose to remain in the United States Air Force for a total of 26 years finally retiring in 1977. He received many awards and medals in recognition of his dedication and innovation while serving his country near and far in places as K-13, K-16, Barksdale AFB, Little Rock AFB, Hickam AFB, the Pentagon, Kincheloe AFB, and other places unmentioned.

Gerald was an avid sports person who enjoyed hunting, fishing, football, basketball, softball, golf, and bowling. He loved the Arkansas Razorbacks. He played football and basketball at Star City High School, but afterward excelled as a fast pitch softball pitcher, Pro-Am golfer, and bowler at every Air Force facility where such activities were provided. His house is actually littered with trophies, patches, and awards of all kinds from his winning ways. Gerald Campbell lived a long and interesting life. He touched many lives along the way and though he could be a tough taskmaster he had a strong desire to help others. His often gruff exterior was used to hide a kind and generous heart while it quietly provided unacknowledged aid and support to so many.


  • U. S. Air Force Military Honors Team
  • Charles Jones, Honorary
  • Billy Bond, Honorary
  • Robert Farrar, Honorary
  • John Masterson, Honorary
  • Don Wood, Honorary
  • J. Q. Richardson, Honorary
  • David Purcell, Honorary
  • Phillip Allen, Honorary
  • Mason Oglesby, Honorary
  • Vaughn Bennett, Honorary
  • James Mabry, Honorary
  • Byron Burgess, Honorary

  • Angels Choice Adoption Agency


  • Interment Saturday, August 11, 2018
  • Visitation Saturday, August 11, 2018
  • Funeral Service Saturday, August 11, 2018

Gerald Dean Campbell

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Aileen Martin

August 29, 2018

On the morning of July 28, 1967, I was told that my husband, Robert Irvin Campbell, would not live more than an hour or so. In my prayer I asked God to let him live until Gerald and Louise Campbell arrived. At that moment I knew he would because I had prayed with faith. Gerald and Louise soon arrived to say goodbye to him.

Robert had lost his father at four years old. Soon after, his mother left him in Arkansas to live mainly with his grandparents, Irvin and Mollie Campbell of Whelen Springs; however, he spend time with his aunt and uncle, John and Sarah Campbell of Star City. Gerald and Robert bonded with brotherly love. Robert went into the Army and Gerald went into the Air Force. This kept them from seeing each other often, but they never let their feelings for each other die.

When Robert came home in early 1957, he and I met and married that summer. We lived in Star City all of our married life

My parents knew that I had a natural talent for music and always found a way for me to take piano lessons a few months at a time. That is how I became acquainted with the Campbells. I knew several of them enjoyed singing, but it was obvious that Gerald had talent. I heard him sing a number of times through the years.

Gerald somehow found people who sang and have a trio or quartet everywhere he was stationed. After he retired and lived in Sherwood with his family, I often took my daughter to Sherwood and other places to hear him sing. I attended a lot of singing conventions that were so popular throughout my childhood. Gerald, and the other two or three, were always there if possible. His wife, Louise, always supported his love for music.

I had a great deal of respect for his musical talent. I have always known that talent supersedes forced learning. I always knew Gerald was not a forced musician. It is wonderful that so many people have been blessed by his talent as he served God faithfully with it both at home and abroad.

Michelle Oglesby

August 11, 2018

Too many memories. He was my papa. I would go next door, sometimes daily to see him. I had a special knock and come in and pose. He would always ask what you up too 😂. I would take stuff that was broken, or Mason could fix , just to be in his presence. He fixed or showed us how. Him and Gail repaired my old coo coo clock my parents had their home. We loved on his dog prince, He loved on our dog Electra. He came to the plays we were in, like Papas do. He was my biggest supporter and cheerleader when we opened our adoption agency. He would often say, I’m so proud of you.
We shared meals together, he taught me how to fix chicken n dumplings. He taught me so much that I will cherish. Forever.
Rest in Heaven Papa, and thank you for loving me. I love you
Your daughter

Phillip Allen

August 10, 2018

To know Gersld is to know his love and passion for music and the gospel through song. He emanated this through his voice and musical attributes that blessed all that had the pleasure of knowing him or hearing him. The Triads was formed out of that passion by himself, my mother, Edna Earle Allen and their long time friend Pauline Smith. They performed at many venues such as churches, concerts and on a national level at singing conventions, traveling to Alabama, Georgia and the surrounding South East for over 2 decades, producing a unique harmony that to this day will be hard to surpass. This trio would remain lifelong friends because of their love for the gospel but mostly their love for one another. It remained in tact. Pauline became ill and took a sabbatical at one point and Roger Minyard would step in and replace her for that period. Now Gerald and my mom can reunite that passion and sing their praises and blessings for their Heavenly Father and hear Well done my children, Well done. The Triads legacy lives on through countless tapes and cds they recorded. We have these in our possession and their voice of the gospel will continue to bless me the remainder of my life here on this earth. I loved and respected this man and I will cherish the time spent with him. A part of my heart is missing, but, I have so many memories that fill it and will not allow me to dwell on the loss but to embrace the memories with the knowledge we shall meet again. His voice will remain in my heart and soul as I drive down that highway listening to that angelic harmony known as the Triads on my stereo. What a blessing. Till we meet again.

Judy Allen

August 10, 2018

I’m selfishly sad and heartbroken to hear of Gerald’s passing, your right he is singing his way through those pearly gates and in the arms of his Heavenly Father and eternal home. I will miss him so much, he was family by choice, not blood and that’s how he always treated us all. He knew the depth of our love as we did his. He had been a part of Phil’s life for almost the 70 years of his life and I have been blessed to have been a part for 31 years. We have laughed, cried and conversed through the good, bad and the ugly. He was a constant in our lives and always a honest, loving, tough when needed to be and a loyal man, who we always looked up to and had the utmost respect for. The tears I shed while writing this is that although my heart is heavy I can honestly say that he would understand my selfishness and allow me my moment, but, after it was over he would hug me , tell me he loved me and then in his “Gerald” way tell me, move on. His love for the Lord was refreshing as well as encouraging. He praised Him through song as well as his life, the Bible tells us walk the walk,he did that. He was blessed with the Lords spirit and we were blessed to be a part of that. I can see and hear him now, fixing something in Heaven and humming a song with that angelic voice and if an obstacle got in his way he might say a little word and then with his determination he would forge ahead until it met his expectations and finish what he started. I could tell stories and sing his praises forever but I know others could as well and I cherish all the memories I will hold in my heart until we meet again . In closing, I will say I loved and will continue to love you forever, it may be only in spirit now but at least Phil was able to say his goodbyes last night, which was important for him and he said mine too and told him I loved him which was important for me. He is at peace and we are too knowing we were given that opportunity to say our goodbyes and profess our love . RIP