Maeola Broyles

February 20, 1917February 1, 2020
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Maeola Wilson Broyles, born in Mt. Vernon, Arkansas on February 20, 1917, passed away peacefully on February 1, 2020, surrounded by her family. She was preceded in death by her husband, Ulus A. Broyles and by sons, Ronnie and Duane Broyles. She is survived by five children, Melba Riley (Trance), Linda Morden (Billy), Ricky Broyles (Ginny), Brenda Moore (Ronnie) and Rebecca Coffield (David); and 65 grandchildren. Visitation will be Thursday, February 6, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. and funeral service on Friday, February 7, at 10:00 a.m. at Griffin Leggett Rest Hills, North Little Rock, with Bro. Tom Hart officiating. Interment will follow at Cypress Valley Cemetery in Vilonia. To share a memory of Mrs. Broyles with her family visit


  • Visitation Thursday, February 6, 2020
  • Funeral Service Friday, February 7, 2020


Maeola Broyles

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Jansen McGuire

February 22, 2020

It's not really one memory for me. But every time I went to visit. She was always so excited to see her family. I will miss that about her. "Oh boy!" as she'd say.
She would reach out her hand, and I'd place mine on hers. She would always make me feel at peace. No matter what was going on, she loved her family.

Brenda Moore

February 21, 2020

My final goodbye to my beautiful mother....I AM SO SORRY and THANK YOU. My mind is flooded with so much to say...why does it take the death of your loved one to want to say more!
I'M SO SORRY for not appreciating you...I grew up resenting how busy you always were, children everywhere, having an old house and shallow of me.
THANK YOU for working so hard and making a nice home for me, for being there when I got home from school and having built-in friends, showing me how to love others, and care for little ones. You could "stretch a dollar" and taught me to be frugal and save for vacations.
I'M SO SORRY I disrespected you with my sassy mouth, rolled my eyes and thought you were ignorant about life.
THANK YOU for pulling my ear, popping me in the mouth, switching my legs, but trusting me to make my own decisions. You gently encouraged me and always saw the best in me... telling me I was such a good mother, even when I wasn't.
I'M SO SORRY for not being present and listening to all your pearls of wisdom and your long stories. For being so busy and wrapped up in myself that I missed the most important things.
THANK YOU for impressing the importance of God, family, love, giving and hard work. For sending me to school, but taking me to church. Forgiving me and teaching me to forgive freely.

Thank you God for allowing this amazing woman to live life long so that we all could learn from her example of how to live and love purely.
Thank you momma, I love you forever!

Trysta McGuire

February 21, 2020

Sweet, sweet Mamaw... I was lucky enough to be able to call you Mamaw and you always made me feel like one of your own. For a lady with such a sweet, quiet spirit, you had a loud, loving presence. I always enjoyed our visits and loved the way you would grab my hand and hold on to it while we talked. You would always say how beautiful your family was and how proud you were of all of them.
You were loved by so many and we will missed. Thank you for setting a great example of serving and loving others.

Broc Spradlin

February 20, 2020

Happy 103rd Sweet Mamaw Broyles! From day one you always treated me with such kindness welcoming me into your family wearing that glowing smile no matter the circumstances. The last time we visited you over the holidays you walked our family up and down the halls introducing us to all your friends with such pride and the look of pure joy on your face each moment I’d see you glance toward Megan and Atticus. As we were about to leave you were looking out the window of your tidy room to not much more than a field with so much enthusiasm and said “Don’t I have such a great view?” Yes, now you have the greatest view of all.. Fly High Mamaw Broyles.

Jordan McGuire

February 20, 2020

I'm gonna miss Mamaw…
There have been so many memories created throughout my upbringing in this enormous family and Mamaw was included in most. After losing Papaw, she was the head of the bunch.
I remember my time spent with her and papaw in Fairfield bay. Days, weeks, who knows...
It was a fun place to mess around and explore when we were young. Oddly enough, I can still remember the smell of the basement and the sewing room, both of which is where I spent a lot of time, or at least that I can remember.
Its funny how some things that you learn when your young will be of use later on in life like math....mine is sewing of all things. Mamaw taught me enough to be dangerous with a needle and thread. My coworkers poke at me from time to time when they my ripped or holey clothes all patched up the next day. Yep, I do this....
It's not easy losing a person that is so integral to so many relationships that have existed since I was born.
I know I have probably forgotten so many memories that we have shared together, as I have started creating new memories with my wife and girls.
I am sad for my mom, aunts, and uncle for the loss of their mother.
For me as one of the umpteen grandkids, I am at ease knowing what an impact she has had on so many lives.
She is walking hand in hand with the lord and papaw in heaven.
Until we see you again, I love you Mamaw...!

Love from your favorite grand...
Jordan M.

Kara Riley

February 20, 2020

Oh Mamaw.... Happy Birthday!!! We would have loved to celebrate you again on your 103rd birthday but we all know it couldn't compare to your heavenly birthday! At your funeral, mom's eulogy of you made me yearn to have known you your entire life! Your well lived life has inspired me to be a better person... to be someone who gives love away in more tangible ways. To be productive, unselfish and full of unconditional love. Thank you for your great example....I love you.

Megan Spradlin

February 20, 2020

I was approximately the 8th granddaughter of Maeola Broyles, but have always considered myself the first and most important. Because that’s how she made me feel. That’s how she made everyone feel.

My memories of my Maeola are impossible to write in a space as small as this. They flood through me like the air I breathe or the blood that flows from my beating heart. They aren’t memories at all in that way, but simply the makings of my very existence. It’s impossible to think of a time in my life that she wasn’t a part of— and so very painful to realize that as of February 1, 2020 (my birthday, of all days!), that time- the “after Mamaw” time- has only just begun.

My grandma, Maeola, was a very amazing lady who touched the lives of everyone who knew her- the very definition of goodness and humility and God-given strength. But to me, she was just my Mamaw. She was someone who loved me unconditionally. Who delighted in things so trivial only a child would understand or remember (which I do).
A person I can’t imagine my son not getting the chance to know.
A person whose very meaning is just too impossible to describe in a white box with a blinking cursor on a website with the title “memorial” written on it...

To say I’m sad- that we’re all so, so sad- feels like a disservice to her. So I’ll instead remark on how incredibly blessed I am to be born into this big, beautiful family with her at its head- filled with the countless moments that will live on in all of us for generations.

Thank you, my sweet, loving Mamaw, for leaving me with a mother who has so much of your strength— and 3 aunts that encapsulate all of your kindness & grace. Say hello to my papaw for me. And happy, happy birthday to you.

With all the love in my heart.

Your favorite granddaughter,

Rhonda Broyles

February 20, 2020

My Dear Nanny, MaeOla

You glowed with the Holy Spirit. You had an invisible halo yet I could see.....Thank you for loving me as you did.

Love, Rhonda
Your oldest grandchild. 02/20/2020....Happy Birthday Nanny...I know you’re with our Lord in heaven....

David Coffield

February 20, 2020

Over the years that I have been part of this wonderful family I was inspired by all the stories of family reunions and get togethers for really any reason. You see my family never did that. We all went different directions and rarely saw or spoke to each other. So when I came to my first reunion of about 100 + people I was over whelmed to say the least. I wondered what was the string that netted this family together. Maeola live her life outside of herself. She was full of the love of our creator and shared it willingly with whom ever was around. That love and willingness to serve has permeated every child born to this family and has given generations to come a wonderful foundation of love and true friendship to everyone that comes in contact with them. Maeola truly lived these words. Galatians 5: 22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Abigail Vandervate

February 20, 2020

Last year for Mamaws 102nd birthday, we had lunch at Golden Corral. She had been thoroughly enjoying some chcolate dipped strawberries, and had the chocolate all over her face to prove it. When we all noticed, it was so cute and everyone took pictures of her. Mamaw sat there, beautiful as ever, chocolate on her cheeks, and smiled the smile she always wore.
Mamaw is the true definition of love, joy, and kindness and I can only hope to be a small fraction of the incredible woman she was. I love you Mamaw!