Robert B. Gillies

January 22, 1955March 6, 2021

On Saturday, March 6, 2021, Robert B. Gillies of Oak Lawn, IL passed away.

Bob was born on January 22, 1955 to Donald and Marjorie Gillies. He is survived by 3 siblings; a sister, Robin Black, 2 brothers, Jeffrey Gillies, and Jason Gillies (wife, Jennifer and 3 nieces, Allison, Jadyn and Olivia)

He attended Sward Elementary school, and Richards high school in Oak Lawn. As a graduate of Kendall Culinary school, he worked as a Chef at The Ambassador East Hotel, at the Chicago Stadium for the Bulls and Blackhawks teams, and during the summer at The Taste of Chicago. Later he worked as a UPS driver. He was married to Irene Marie Sorenson (who pre-deceased him) for 14 years.

Out of work a family asked if he would be willing to help drive them to Florida. That was his entrance into living in Florida. He got work through a Staffing Center that eventually led to his working for Tropicana Orange Juice until the plant closed. Heard about need for 1st Mate of Enterprise Chartering Services. He had a knack for relating to people, a natural in this kind of job.

He hated the Chicago winter but would often travel up for Family Reunions and Christmas holidays.

Wanting to be closer to family and friends he finally accepted the invitation to come back and share a condo with a longtime friend, eventually moving into his own apartment. It was there that he contracted a debilitating illness that finally took his life.

The joke teller of the crowd, he loved relating to people. Bob will always be remembered as one who loved and laughed, sharing himself with those he encountered in life.

On Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 11:00 am there will be a visitation and a memorial service will be held immediately after, beginning at 12:00 pm. It will take place at Crosswinds of Chicago Church, 10835 S. Pulaski in Chicago. Interment will be private.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Gillies family.


  • Visitation

    Saturday, April 10, 2021

  • Memorial Service

    Saturday, April 10, 2021


Robert B. Gillies

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Marjorie Gillies

April 7, 2021

Bob will always be Bob. A practical joker in many ways, but with a serious side to him as well.
Though he didn't have the advantage to see his Uncle Don often, I often was surprised he was so much like him, even down to their left handedness, the way they wrote, and how they held a pen. Sometimes I couldn't tell the difference between who wrote what!
He too, was a Protector of the underdog, especially his sister, Robin, that she was not bullied or taken advantage of. Have to say, no one messed with Bob.
He was a sensitive person, loved animals and surprisingly, insects and snakes. Read up on them to know exactly how to handle them.
Would bring them home to house and care for in the containers he'd bought. It took me some time to get used to them being in the house, but trusted Bob knew what he was about in that area.
He loved watching the old Westerns and War movies and the 3 stooges, his favorite, always laughing at their antics.
Sharing these memories may help you to see a side of Bob Gillies you were not aware of. He will be missed by many.
loved you much, mom

Melissa O'Rourke

April 6, 2021

Dear Uncle Don & Aunt Marj, and Robin, Jeff and Jason -- My memories of cousin "Bobby" are from when we were both little kids -- which is why I'll try to share an old pic from our family photo album. I only wish it was in color! Bob was always full of energy -- running, talking, laughing, and full of mischief. It appears he maintained the talking and laughing throughout his life! The pain of losing him is real, but it is comforting to hold onto the belief that he's in heaven now and that you'll be together again one day. Until then, cherish the memories and love one another. I hope that you feel the Lord's comforting arms around you through the love of your family and friends. With deepest sympathy from your loving niece and cousin -- Melissa

Jay Gillies

March 22, 2021

My brother Bob. Where do I start. Well, I'm going to miss him, that's for sure.
So let's see, Bob...the guy who seemed to know everybody. Ha! I mean, you couldn't go anywhere without Bob running into someone he knew, right? Or, he'd just start a conversation with someone where ever they were. He was always cracking jokes and pulling pranks. That was my big brother. Just a big kid at heart.
We had a lot in common in personality. We shared the same goofiness and humor - total goofballs. We liked the same kind of music, food and entertainment. Sure we had our share of problems like all siblings do, but I'll always remember the fun we had.
I'm pretty sure the first time I heard the Beatles was driving with him when I was very young. The songs were "I wanna hold your hand" and "She loves you (yeah, yeah, yeah)", the latter being my all time Beatles favorite. Man, he loved the Beatles!
Surprisingly, Bob could sing pretty good though I never heard him sing in front of anyone else. That wasn't his style. Maybe I'm not the only one, but I felt kinda privileged.
I always looked forward to the weekends when he and Irene came home from the city. He would barely pull into the drive and our dog Laddy would get so excited that Bobby was home! I say our dog, but Laddy was really always Bob's dog. He loved that dog.
I also always tell people Bob was the smartest guy I knew. It's hard for some to believe that because Bob wasn't the best at applying himself, but man he knew a lot of stuff. He could take apart just about anything and put it back together or understand technical manuals, especially about electronics and stereos.
He knew tons about animals too. He had a special gift with them. He also had a special gift with people and I'll always see him as being a special gift to me and all those he came in contact with.

I'll see you soon bro, when the Lord calls me home. Knowing you, I'm sure you'll find some way to get us into trouble even in heaven!
- Love you man. Jason

Barbie Deal

March 9, 2021

Dear Don, Marje, Robin, Jeff & Jason,

I am so sorry that your precious son / brother has passed away but how comforting to know that he was a Christian and that one day you will be able to see him again! Love - Hugs - Prayers for all of you!!


Barbie Deal