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Joe Smith

April 23, 1954July 6, 2019

Joe Ross Smith, beloved husband and father, passed away on July 6 2019. Joe was born on April 23, 1954 to Pat and Helen Smith in El Paso, TX. He graduated from Eisenhower High in Lawton, OK in 1972, and received a Bachelor’s Degree in 1990 from Cameron University.

Joe had little regard for school but a passion for learning. He skipped school nearly every day, preferring to read and spend time outdoors while in high school. When he decided to attend University, he finished a 4 year degree in only 2 and a half years, allowing him to enjoy a long career as a software developer. Joe enjoyed building things, and always took the utmost care to ensure they were built to last. He built many different things -- furniture, computer software, and extra rooms onto houses -- but most important to him was the family he built. He married Judy Smith on July 12, 1975, spending the remaining 44 years of his life with her. On May 7, 1983, Joe became a father as well, a day he often said was the proudest day of his life. Joe was always eager to offer help to others, but reluctant to receive it in turn. He was an exceptional husband and father, and will be sorely missed.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Pat Harrell and Helen Louise Smith.

He is survived by his wife, Judy Denise Smith; son, David Harrell Smith and his wife, Brooke Erin Kennelley of Portland; brother, Terry Smith; and grandsons, Severin and Oscar Smith.


  • Pat Harrell Smith, Father
  • Helen Louise Smith, Mother
  • Judy Denise Smith, Wife
  • David Harrell Smith, Son
  • Brooke Erin Smith, Daughter-in-law
  • Terry Smith, Brother
  • Severin Smith, Grandson
  • Oscar Smith, Grandson


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Joe Smith

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Charlene Lawson

July 13, 2019

I will remember Joe fondly. He was always so nice and kind to others . I could see how much he loved Judy & his family - definitely a family man. I'm sure he will be missed so much. Love to all and prayers for comfort in this difficult time.

Terry Smith

July 13, 2019

Joe was to most a quiet and humble man. He was that to me also, but so much more. He was my big brother, only brother, and the one I looked to for quidance growing up.

We were just toddlers playing on the floor with our toy dinosaurs, like a lot of kids did back then, but Joe know all of their names and how to pronounce them correctly.
Sometimes we would get a dime allowance and I would buy a candy bar with mine and Joe would buy a comic book with his. I thought he was just looking at the pictures
but he was teaching himself to read, long before ever starting school. That led to a lifelong passion for reading.
We later enjoyed building model airplanes and ships. He could read the instructions and meticulously place every part where it belonged.
I usually bought one just like his so I could watch over his shoulder while building my own.
He knew all their names too, along with their specifications, history and battles from the novels he had read about many of them.
When Joe became old enough to drive, he drove and became a car enthusiast, quickly absorbing all there was to know about cars as well.
One day, driving he and I home, he pulled the car over and switched seats with me.
I have never even attempted to drive before, much less a stick shift, but wanted to make big brother proud, so we both took an unforgettable ride (not in a good way).
About that same time we decided to add a room onto the back of Mom and Dad's house. It wasn't perfect but I supposed that is what inspired our many future DIY projects.
We were blessed with fine parents and a close family for many years even once we were grown. We especially enjoyed the weekend card games where we all paired with a partner for
a big game of ten point pitch. No one wanted Joe and I to be partners because we were nearly invincible (even when we weren't cheating just a little). Good Times!
(To be continued)

Terry Smith

July 13, 2019

When Joe made up his mind to become a programmer and get his degree, it was like when he taught himself to read. He finished his degree in half the time and ended up teaching the
professors a few new things along the way.
There is just so much he wanted to know. I can't begin to imagine the thousands of books he has read over the years or the knowledge he accumulated over his lifetime.
Yet with all that, Joe always had his own way of letting his family all understand of his love and devotion to each and everyone (even his dogs)

Big Brother, you will be greatly missed and always loved. This world needs quiet and humble souls like yours now more than ever, but I suppose this world only gets a few in a lifetime.
May God give you peace and grace, guiding your special and precious soul to a place of higher consciousness.

James Jones

July 11, 2019

As the oldest brother of Judy. I wondered who is this guy my baby sister brought into her life. Joe always had such a soft demeaner. No doubt hiding a much softer heart for Judy. God couldn't have put together a more compatible couple. I too witnessed Joe's talent with his hands. I thought, wow, this guy must really love my baby sister to want to please her this much. I've told Judy many times, she's got a winner. She'd say; I sure do. Love you Joe! May God cradle you in His arms.

Lynette DeBose

July 11, 2019

Joe was such a beautiful soul. His quiet support and kindness always made me feel so comfortable when I came to visit. He and Judy took such good care of me when I lived in Lawton right after college.

Joe was extremely supportive of my friendship with his wife and never made me feel as if I were in the way. Sometimes he even joined us in our adventures!

I'll miss my friend.

Brenda Ivey

July 10, 2019

Joe could build, remodel and paint like an expert, and that wasn’t even what he was trained or educated in! Every time I would come to Judy and Joe’s house he had just finished a project and beginning another project. He loved to create and build wonderful things for Judy and David.
Joe was always a great host. When I would visit he would wait on Judy and I and make sure we had whatever we needed. It gave Joe great joy for Judy to have a good time and he always encouraged us to go and enjoy ourselves wherever we decide to go.
Joe always did for others and never expected anything in return.
I was blessed to know him for these many years. He will be greatly missed!❤️

Juanita Lindsey

July 10, 2019

Dear Judy,
I was so very sorry to hear of Joe's passing. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

Paula Johnson

July 10, 2019

Once Judy, my sister, also Joe's wife and my other sister were getting pedicures to go on a trip to Hawaii. When the three of us arrived home, Joe had painted his fingernails & toenails. So cute and fun for us. I am sure he prepared our meals and brought has snacks and drinks. He loved being a good host. Judy was truly blessed as was their son David. Rest in Peace Joe. We love and miss you.