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Willie Ben Mayfield

September 6, 1946February 15, 2020

Willie Ben Mayfield passed away at home in Cashion, OK, on February 15, 2020. He was born September 6, 1946 in Greenwood, Mississippi. Willie was one of seven children born to Walter Payton and Virgie Magnolia Mayfield.

Willie believed in us more than we believed in ourselves. He was proud of all of his children and grandchildren. His family was everything to him, he spent his life as a servant, serving God, his family and those around him. He was a protector, a consoler, the rock and glue that bound our family together. He was a hard worker, a provider. Providing for his family and the neighborhood. He never met a stranger, he had his door open for everybody, it was always unlocked and available to those who needed food, shelter or a warm bed. He was respected. He made everyone feel safe. He welcomed others, without judgment or shame. He never valued material items, he placed value on greater things such as God, family, hard work, pride, and loyalty. He never turned his back on anyone seeing the good in all.

He found his true love when he was very young and despite the journeys’ life took them through; they went through life together and he ended his life with her as his one true love.

He brought his children and grandchildren to the Lord. Always making sure they made it to church on Sunday. Though he didn’t have much, he gave what he could, stopping on the way home each Friday, to get quarters so each of his grandchildren had fifty cents to place in offering on Sunday morning.

He got up early every morning before the children went to school to make them hot oatmeal, scooping in loads of hot butter and cinnamon while cheerfully singing “she wore an itsy bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini,” he was full of love and brought joy into the lives of those around him. His daughter Carla’s favorite memory was the two of them singing a duet to the song “Sixteen Tons” he loved singing that song, often singing it while he worked, and she loved singing it with him.

He was only a phone call away and would take the time to give you step by step directions, teach you something new or just talk about the day. He always carried a big glass of iced sweet tea, his children would ask him, “Daddy, do you need me to fill your glass? “His grandchildren would later race each other to be the one to fill that same glass, always drinking big gulps of tea from his glass before returning it.

He loved candy, especially orange slices. He was often confused in public by other children for Santa Clause and he had a heart to match the story line. His favorite story to tell was about picking his grandson Kenney up from school, while waiting, another child excitedly exclaimed, “Its Santa!”, but when Kenney rushed around the corner, Kenney replied, “That’s just my Papa!”

He was called Daddy, Papa, Big Ben and Willie. He was proud to be a Mayfield and if you bore his name, he reminded you what it meant, to take pride in wearing it because it was given to you, and to him being a Mayfield was an honor. If you were one, you were already special from the day you were born. Willie was preceded in death by his parents; siblings Vera, Arthur, Lewis, Albert and Joe; children John Wayne; and grandchildren Traci, Ever and Peanut.

He leaves to carry on his memory the love of his life Carla Jean; children Ben Allen Mayfield & Amy Mayfield of Guthrie, OK, Carla Marie Mayfield of Cashion, OK, Vera Ann Wellner of Yukon, OK and Walter Franklin Mayfield of Cashion, OK; grandchildren Willie, Jessie, Jessica, Christina, Justin, Bodi, Matthew, Megan, Christy, Anna, Kenney; great grandchildren Liberty, Landon, Trinity, Lillyann, Jaxon, Hayden, Hunter, Serenity, Patience, Payton, Paige and sister Lonnie Marie.

Willie never met a stranger and had so many who looked up to him as a Father, who will miss him terribly. His home was a refuge and safe haven for many. His passing has left a void in the world which no one can fill.


  • Kenney Joe Gunter
  • Jessie Allen Mayfield
  • Justin Wade Mayfield
  • Matthew Don Mayfield
  • Walter Franklin Mayfield
  • Willie Ben Mayfield


  • Visitation Thursday, February 20, 2020
  • Funeral Service Friday, February 21, 2020


Willie Ben Mayfield

have a memory or condolence to add?

Christina Neller

February 21, 2020

Here’s another picture I found of us! I’m thinking of you now. I love you so much!

Mary May

February 20, 2020

Ben , I love you then, now and forever I will miss sending you banana muffins and cookies. I made you cookies and sent them to you the day before you went to Heaven and as always you would call me and tell me that you loved them and to thank me. You did not need to thank me because I loved making them for you. I liked cutting your hair and trimming your beard for you. You would tell me that you felt a lot lighter and you felt good I bet you are having a great time in Heaven with all the family and friends that have gone before you. We wanted you to stay but God said he wanted to to come with him. We will miss you Rest In Peace.
Hugs and Kisses
Mary May

Christina Neller

February 20, 2020

I had to share this photo of you and Uncle Sonny! Your so young and handsome with your cigar! I love you Pa Pa!

Vera Ann Wellner

February 20, 2020

I was with Daddy at the hospital once and we were waiting on the elevator a lady and her small child walked over and the child walked right next to Daddy and then very gently reached up and took Daddy’s hand and said Look Momma it’s Santa Clause

Daddy looked at the lady to be sure it was okay and she Nodded her head gently and daddy just held the child’s hand and then the elevator opened and we got on and they remained behind waiting for the elevator they needed but that child was so happy that he just saw Santa Claus

There are so many stories that we all can share about you being Santa Clause this made me so Proud as a child and even more as an adult

You loved being Santa Claus and bringing smiles and joy to so many but when it came to your family you wanted to be sure that we remembered what CHRISTmas was really about and you wanted a Birthday Cake for Jesus and thought the children to Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and often reminded them so they wouldn’t forget

You taught us so many things that we will never run out of memories or stories

Vera Ann Wellner

February 20, 2020

Daddy I really need to share this story it always makes me laugh but I think you had to be there in that moment to really understand
I came over to visit you and walked down the Hall as soon as I got to the end of the Hall I saw in your recliner with the Biggest pair of Binoculars I had ever seen and you had them up to your eyes watching the News
As soon as you saw me you put them down quickly in the side pocket of your chair and I walked over like I had not seen you and gave you a BIG hug and kiss on the check because this is what we all do when we see you and then we visited after awhile in a really cute way you said You saw that didn’t you and I said yes and we both laughed and you told me you sometimes watch the weather that way because you like to get a good look at the radar

You were so cute and sweet in everything thing you did
Daddy we were just proud of you and you touched our lives so richly that we will never forget

I love you Daddy yesterday ~ today ~ tomorrow and always

Carla Marie Mayfield

February 19, 2020

We have spent this week talking about Daddy while trying to get everything taken care of that had to be done. I told a story about how Daddy and I would sing sixteen tons together. Daddy knew every words I only knew the course so when he wouldn't get to that part I would join in one time we recorded that song together I would do anything to have that cassette tape now just to hear it one more time but I'll always hear it in my head when I think about it and it'll always be something that Daddy and I shared together no one can take that away

Christina Neller

February 19, 2020

My fondest memories of you will always be sitting on your lap, which I still did as an adult. Making syrup and peanut butter sandwiches and sitting on your lap watching Matlock, we loved that show! You always listening to my crazy dreams and telling me I could be anything I wanted to be, believing in me enough for the both of us. When I was in labor and you faced your chair to the wall, the love in your eyes, and you saying you loved me “this much and a little bit more” the time I caught you, when you dressed up as Santa because I could see the cuff of your work shirt. So many memories and lessons learned from you. And now you continue to teach me about life and loss, what’s important. I guess I thought you’d live forever. I will always love you, this much and a little bit more!

Jessica Mayfield

February 19, 2020

My favorite memory of papa would be that every time I reached over to give him a hug he would always give me a kiss on my cheek, but instead of my cheek he would always miss and give me a kiss on my jaw. I would laugh every time, because his beard was so ticklish. I love you papa and will miss receiving a kiss on my jaw from you every time I hugged you.

Ben Mayfield

February 19, 2020

Daddy's love of when I was kicking and screaming to stay at Grandma's, you would put me down and let me stay with Grandma . When you held me tight when she went home to Heaven and I looked up and saw tears in your eyes, I wondered why, because I had never seen you cry. I surely know why now, as they fall from mine. The memories of sneaking by, and running my fingers up your foot to hear you jump and holler and laugh. You getting up in the morning to find your car gone and yelling dammit boys, I need my car to go to work, as you try to find which impound it was in. Laughing at me as you bailed me out. The letter you wrote to Amy and I why, words you couldn't find, so you said I love you. So many more memories I have to ensure me that you haven't went anywhere, that you are only resting your eyes.

Christy Gunter

February 19, 2020

I will always remember when I made you oatmal and your glass of milk in the mornings you woke up and said "Good morning Christy." Another thing I will miss is when I would bring you your lunch or dinner or just come to visit with you or check on you and you would be watching your old cowboy shows and you would start telling me about all the old stories from when you were younger. Once you got started talking about it you would talk for hours. I didn't mind I sat there and enjoyed hearing all your stories you shared with me. Although you are not here with us anymore I know you are looking down from heaven on all of us smiling. I will love and miss you everyday. Love you Papa hugs and kisses. Love, Christy, Hayden, Hunter and Serenity