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Ingrid Gonzales

August 13, 1942March 22, 2020

Ingrid Gonzales was born August 13, 1942 in Wittlich, Germany to Johann and Maria Heinrich. Being raised in a poor family, she learned to value everything and never took anything for granted. On a vibrant evening in February, 1965, Ingrid met an U.S. Air Force engineer named Jesus Gonzales at a gasthaus in Wittlich. Jesus was stationed at the local air base in Spangdahlem, Germany, and later served in the Vietnam War. Jesus could not speak a word of German and Ingrid could not communicate in English either. However, when Jesus asked Ingrid to dance by twirling his finger, their love story began. Jesus stole Ingrid’s heart and eight months later, they were married in her home town. Ingrid migrated to the United States in 1966 shortly after her marriage. While in the United States, she learned new customs, gained knowledge in the English language, and was a patriotic wife to her husband. She adored living in the United States and it would be many years later, on May 31, 1996, until she became a proud American citizen.

Before meeting Jesus, Ingrid had a daughter prior to her marriage, a daughter named Caroline, but they had many more children together. Their relationship consummated four other children, David, Maria, Yolanda, and Daniel. Through their four children, Ingrid and Jesus were also blessed with nine grandchildren in the years that followed.

Ingrid cherished and adored her grandchildren very much and was very proud of their accomplishments that grew every year. She always looked forward to newest achievements because she invested the time, money, and care into all nine of her grandchildren. She made it a goal to help all of her grandkids succeed in school and she wished that they all would have successful lives. Any moments spent with her grandchildren gave her more meaning to stay alive on earth. She would always agree to the idea that her grandchildren were her greatest form of natural medicine.

Ingrid was a strong Catholic and was an active member of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, in Ontario, California. She loved the Lord Jesus Christ with all of her heart and she was not ashamed to admit it. The Lord gave her a special gift of having an artistic mind. She was very creative and enjoyed beautifying her home with so many decorations that entertained her children and grandchildren.

Ingrid is survived by her husband and three daughters: Caroline Heinrich, Maria Montes and Yolanda Torres. She is also survived by one son: Daniel Gonzales. She was preceded by her son David Gonzales who passed away in 2008 from leukemia. She is also survived by her nine grandchildren who loved her with all their hearts. Ingrid was the vibrant backbone in her family. She was a caring mother and grandmother who was admired by numerous individuals who met her. She has left a hole in many hearts but we are comforted to know that Heaven gained a new angel.


  • Private Interment Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Ingrid Gonzales

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Daniel Gonzales

March 31, 2020

My mother was an amazing person who had immense love for her children and husband. Her life wasn’t easy growing up. She had to develop a tough exterior, but underneath was a gentle and caring person.

Her story is one of determination and perseverance. She grew up in poverty and struggled has a young adult. She met my father in the mid 1960s while he was stationed at a nearby Air Force base. They fell in love. When my father was deployed to Vietnam, she and my sister came to the United States. Eventually they settled down in southern California where they raised four more children.

My parent’s song is “When a Man Loves a Woman” and they did love each other through thick and thin for over 50 years. Today we lay her to rest and although our hearts are broken, we can take comfort knowing her soul is now free and devoid of the health struggles she endured the last few years of her life.

Your granddaughters and I love you very much. Rest In Peace, mom.

Virginia Villalobos

March 30, 2020

I was blessed to meet Ingrid, at 10:30am mass a few years ago. I loved her spirit as my husband Tony and I stopped to greet her
and her husband Jesus. Just a brief greeting that turned into a blessing each week.
Last year when she stopped coming, she was really missed, I continued including Ingrid in my daily prayers, as she continued
including me in her prayers.
One Sunday she gave me a bracelet and necklace that she made
for me, which I treasure, she barely knew me!! and yet took the
time to make such a wonderful gift, all because she noticed I always
wear a bracelet.
I truly believe the people in our lives are a blessing from our lord,
to help us thru the trials of life. Another time while I was on chemo, she gave me a statue of St.Jude
and told me Your going to be all right, and thank god almost 5 years
later Im still cancer free.
My condolence to Jesus and Ingrid's children and grandchildren including her entire family.

Virginia Villalobos

Belinda Reyes

March 30, 2020

I’ve been blessed to know Ingrid and Chumy since 1976, the year Carlos and I were married and from the beginning she was most welcoming to us. In the early years they hosted many BBQ’s at their home in Rowland Heights when my kids Leah and Tony were quite young. This gave them an opportunity to spend some time with their second cousins, David, Maria, Yolanda and Danny which was a true blessing that carried into their young adult lives.
I always admired Ingrid for her strength, her courage, her candor, her spirit and mostly her love and devotion to her husband, 5 children and 9 grandchildren. She realized the importance of shared time with her grandchildren and as a result, left them many treasured memories. I also admired that she was a woman who had deep faith in Our Lord and the Catholic Religion. This too was a beautiful part of who she was.
In 1986 my Mom succumbed to lung cancer and we were in the midst of moving to our first home. I was feeling very overwhelmed. Ingrid and Chumy came to visit and she brought some beautiful potted plants for my then un-landscaped yard. She brought her own garden tools and proceeded to plant them into the ground. This act of kindness truly lifted my spirits. I appreciated her thoughtfulness and never forgot this.
Ingrid also had a very crafty side. When Leah got married she created a very clever picture collage of Leah surrounded by comfort items. I enjoyed our conversations, her humor and more recently, our text messages.
For our 40th Anniversary Celebration we received a very beautiful table pendulum clock from Chumy and Ingrid. This clock is very special to us as every hour on the hour it chimes the Ave Maria. This a reminder that although time marches on and life is forever changing, the memories we hold in our hearts will not be forgotten. May you rest in Eternal Peace Ingrid in the Arms of Our Lord and rejoicing with your Beloved Son David.

Carlos Reyes

March 29, 2020


When you arrived at Lincoln Heights, in 1966 I met My new Aunt & cousin Caroline, not long after losing my Mom. I was only 18 years old at the time. You were instantly loved by all our family. Your English was not that good, and our German was nonexistent, but we all managed to communicate, on top of that you also had to learn Spanish, because my grandfather only spoke Spanish. I have always admired you for your courage and common sense.

Ingrid, your marriage to Chumy, is truly a testament to what an ideal marriage should be. One that is founded on true love and devotion to each other, but most importantly to God. Your love for one another is a model for a perfect marriage. And as a result of your love, you were blessed with David, Maria, Yolanda, Daniel and 9 beautiful grandchildren.

I can not tell you, how much Belinda & I looked up to you & Chumy. Chumy has always been my role model. Your love for my family, can not be measured and we love you the same way too. We have always looked forward to and greatly enjoyed the family get togethers. You were always so much fun to be around. You opened the doors to your house and your heart to us, we always felt welcomed & loved.

You are the beautiful flower, that grew in my heart, the one that last forever. Although you are physically gone you will forever live in my heart and in my prayers. Do Not worry about Chumy, we will take good care of him, for you. It is extremely difficult for me, so it is with a Heavy heart, that I say Good Bye to you. Lord Please take my beautiful flower, wrap your loving arms around her, shower her with your love, reunite her with her beloved David, grant her eternal rest.

Love you, Miss you
Carlos Reyes

Emma G. Lopez

March 29, 2020

Ingrid was my sister in law who was a very good person. My family and I loved her and will miss her. God called her. She went to Him in peace. Ingrid leaves behind her beloved husband Chumy, her children, and grandchildren, whom she loved. She is now happy in heaven with my nephew, my David, sharing a new life! May you rest in peace Ingrid I won’t forget you! In my prayers.
Emma G. Lopez

Dominic Gonzales

March 28, 2020

My grandmother, Ingrid Gonzales, gained her own set of angel wings on March 2, 2020. As she entered heaven, I know for a fact that my father, David Gonzales, was awaiting for the arrival of his mother at the gates of heaven.
As I remember my childhood memories with my grandma, I grew up listening to the stories she told about my dad. Since I did not get the chance to know my dad, my grandma shared stories about my dad's childhood and all years she got to spend with him before he passed away. Those times I spent with my grandma I will cherish in my heart forever, because her and my grandfather are the reason that I get to know more about my dad in my heart.
My grandmother introduced me more to my German heritage, and she is the reason why I am a proud German. Now, that my grandmother is in heaven, I know that she is in paradise with my dad. I will hold you close you to my heart, I love you grandma.

Your loving grandson, Dominic <3

Jesus Gonzales

March 28, 2020

My Dearest Ingy,

With tremendous pain in my heart I write this farewell to you. My dearest wife, we were together for 54 years. To some that is a long time, but for us it was a short time. Those years went by just too fast. How I wish we could start all over again.

I love you with all my heart because you made me so happy. You were very special and I cherish the day I met you. Our life was like a fairy tale. You raised me and put me in a throne. I felt like a king in the way you treated me. We were blessed with beautiful children that gave us outstanding grandchildren. Everything was perfect until we lost David. But life still continued to be good to us although we carry a heavy heart for David.

You were a tremendous wife who always looked after me, before I walked out of the house you would make sure my zipper was up, I had my wallet and I knew where I was heading. When I would cook you made sure I turned the stove off when finished. I was not allowed to wear clothes with holes in it even if it was my favorite piece.

Your strange sense of humor cracked me up, but not too many people understood it, even some of our own kids. We knew each other perfectly and we thought the same way. We enjoyed the same things, whether it was the food we ate, places that we went, movies, shows, or friends.

Most of all we shared our faith in God with each other. As Catholics we had something in common that gave us strength, hope, and love. We practiced our religion faithfully and it strengthened our marriage all these years.

I already missed you so much that it hurts. The pain will eventually fade but it will remain in me forever or until we be together again. You were such a wonderful person that I have no doubt that you are in Heaven now, that you are rejoicing in the Lord’s love and peace. All your suffering and pain are gone forever.

My dearest, now I will say until we meet again, because we will be together again the sooner the better. Auf Wiedersehen ich liebe dich.

Ashley Torres

March 28, 2020

My grandma, Ingrid, was an amazing woman. She brought so much love into everyone’s life. She was and still is an inspiration to so many people. I will always aspire to be just like her.
I have so many fond memories of of my grandma. I enjoyed going to mass with her every Sunday. I loved hearing her sing, and she had so many friends at church. Everyone knew her! I loved looking through her photo albums. She always had a story for every picture! She loved telling stories about her childhood and I was always eager to hear them. I will miss all of the great talks we had. I also loved looking at all the relics in her house, especially the doll houses. She loved those houses and I was so excited when she let me and my cousins play with them, which was not often. I also have so many great memories of us being together in fun places, such as Mexico, Texas, and Santa Barbara. I loved going to these places with her! I will always cherish these memories.
I will miss her so much, but I know that she is now in heaven! All her pain is gone, she can be in peace. She can now be united with her son and will be our guardian angel.
Thank you for everything you have done for for me! I am so proud to be called your granddaughter.


Marisa Gonzales

March 28, 2020

On March 22, 2020 heaven gained a new angel, my grandmother Ingrid Gonzales. Not only did I gain a new guardian angel, but my father, David Gonzales, finally reunited with his loving mother.
During my childhood, I always remembered being at my grandparents house more often than not. The times I spent with my grandmother, I will cherish forever. The memories of my grandmother that I will always remember is when she would let play with her sacred doll houses, sharing a German meal with her, and looking through all of her photo albums. I also had the privilege to interview my grandmother on her immigration story in my AP United States History class, which was a class her son, David, taught at the high school I graduated from.
Hearing my grandmother's stories brought me so much joy and pride to share her German roots. Whenever people ask me what my culture is, I always proudly identify myself as a German because my grandmother passed down her German pride to me. Even to this day I still share my grandmother's story whether it be for a college presentation or just simply chatting with friends.
I know my grandmother's legacy will live on for generations to come. As much as it pains me to know that she is gone, I know she has a new set of wings and is no longer suffering.
Grandma, please watch over your entire loving family, and tell my dad I say hello. Until we meet again, I miss you and love you always.

Your loving granddaughter,
Marisa <3

Sandy Gonzales

March 27, 2020

Ingrid was my mother in law, who loved me and accepted me to marry her beloved David. I knew Ingrid was an amazing woman before I met her. The way David spoke of her and how he treated me and my mother, I knew it was due to an amazing and loving mother, who raised him right. The wonderful memories I have of Ingrid are of love for family. Her joy was to have her children and grandchildren by her side, as much as possible. I loved Ingrid and Jesus' home, which is a walk of memory lane. She loved decorating her home and it has many stories to tell. All of her collections, pictures and memories of her travels. I believe Ingrid to be a strong woman of faith. Her challenges of life lead her to be a great role model for her daughters and grand daughters. I see wonderful and beautiful characteristics of Ingrid in mine and David's own daughter, Marisa. I will miss Ingrid's adorable German accent and her German sense of humor. She will be missed here on earth by her family... my children, Marisa and Dominic. But I know she is loving Paradise, where she will be with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Sandy Gonzales