Rafael "Charmer" M. Aguilar "Charmer"

December 1, 1919May 8, 2012

Ralph M. Aguilar(Charmer) Dad was born in Monterey Nuevo Leon Mexico on December 1st, 1919. He then was brought to Rocky Ford Colorado as an infant and later to live in Chino, CA as a young man. Just a few years later he would meet a beautiful woman named Della Hernandez, Where he fell head over hills for her. Finally he charmed himself in to her heart. They soon married, raised and provided for a total of 13 children and was a father figure to many others. Dad always made sure when holidays came around we had turkey for Thanksgiving, gifts for Christmas, Easter baskets, fire works, and candy for Halloween. Family outings were important to Dad. Even just a ride into the mountains to see the snow or get some fresh air. The beach, the parks, Tijuana, or relatives homes. stuffed liked sardines in the car but we were going somewhere. Dad worked at various jobs in the fields as a bus driver, a cow milker, served in the Army. A proud WW2 Veteran. A long term construction job, Union Local 783. Dad was a very hard worker. his old tired withered hands told a story of his unselfishness. He would go out of his way to come to our rescue, when our cars broke down or just to stop in to see if anything around our home needed to be done. He would stop by when the gas man left to make sure the dryer, wall heater or stove was hooked up properly. Carrying his toolbox and giant wrench in hand. Dad loved family get togethers. Just to have a puroon (Party) or to prendid la hornea.(Start up the BBQ Grill) His favorite was holding the pinata rope so high. The kids wouldn't have a chance. Mean time in his other hand holding a Budweiser making sure he would stay vertical or solid as a worm. Dad was a very funny man. He loved to tell jokes and crazy stories. he would nick name any of his children and grand-children. One of his many talents was translating Mexican music to English. Dad would read the obituary column to see who died lately, or who was not attending his funeral. And often asked "Would there be any room in heaven for me? Cuz everybody that died was going to meet their maker or has gone to meet the Lord. Dad mentioned one day, that if a certain person from Chino died, he would be left... the ugliest man in Chino. No names mentioned. In my eyes and heart he is a (handsome dude) as he often called himself. Dad had many Hospital stays. He would say "The buzzards are tapping at my window." but wasn't quite ready to go with the Lord. He had many names for our heavenly father. Chew-chi, Q-tu, Jesus, Geezus, The Lord, and his God. during one of his Hospital stays he accepted the Lord into his heart. He always sang a song. SIEMPRE EN LA LUZ CAMINANDO CON Q'TU. Dad used to lay in bed sometimes with his arms crossed and one of us would stop in to ask... "What are you doing Dad?" he replied, "Practicing!" "Practicing what?!" we'd ask. His response was "Laying in my coffin." Dad's day came where practice made perfect on May 8th, 2012 in Hesperia, CA. To be re-united with his beautiful Wife of 70 years they shared together. He lived a full life, 92 years and he will be missed dearly by many. It is our honor and privilege to have him as our father. Thank you Dad for those wonderful years of memories.


  • Visitation Thursday, May 17, 2012
  • Funeral Service Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rafael "Charmer" M. Aguilar "Charmer"

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May 7, 2013

Hi gramps, tomorrow will be a year !!! wow how I miss hearing you chuckle and say "Eye Vienne La Calaca" I miss you all so very much and how you still knew if there was something wrong with my pointed it I have to depend on the car people...Sad how I truly miss you


November 23, 2012

"The turkey ran away on thanksgiving day" grampa i miss your turkey day song !!! I miss you !!! I had a hard day thinking of you and gramma and i know you guys are looking down at us and are in a much better place but i sure miss you ...Both of you.....I hope like i told gramma I hope christmas is easier...I will pray for strength to get through these holidays ....Gramps I miss you !! Calaca ~

July 12, 2012

hi dad , just wanted to stop by to say hello i know you see me and my grandkids having breakfast with desting .. we made potototes but not like gma would make...i miss your laugh i pray your recording often to hear you ... love you dad.voonie

July 1, 2012

Hi gramps been a bit since I said Hi...I love you and miss


June 18, 2012

hi pops! went to visit you and mama yesterday for fathers day! it was hard thinking about you both coming down the hill knowing first year we spent without you for mothers day and fathers day.......miss you and love you both so very much!

June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Gramps ."MY GRAMPS"..we went and decorated for you ..We love you and miss you very much ....Calaca

June 15, 2012

gramps its almost dads day and im here thinking of you.....You were the best grandaddy anyone could ask for, I miss your laugh your voice and I especially miss the days when i take you to doc and you ask me "what kind car is this?" I say "toyota" oh yeah you'd say...ummm runs gud...yep it sure does...I miss you much....the stone came in and I hope you love it, i know you can see it from heaven...Happy fathers day gramps !!!!! I love you ~ me


June 5, 2012

As I was sitting here today thinking about you and gramma, tears began to fill my eyes as I was remembering all the good memories we all shared as a family. All the family gatherings for the holidays or just because there was a party, the camping trips and Lake Perris just to name a few. We had such a good time in our younger childhood days. You and gramma are forever gonna be missed, but the memories we have will last a lifetime. Thank you gramma & grandpa for everything.

June 3, 2012

dad my handsome dude,i miss you i know you and mom are walking in God's garden in heaven enjoying all of us from above ,imiss you and mom but i know your both happy you lots ...voonie,never been more proud of my name regardless of what you said the meaning of it was ....

June 2, 2012

Hi gramps its me...I miss you guys !! I miss hearing you laugh and your voice, i went to take you flowers friday you and gramma...I try everyday to make it through with out you both.......I remember when i took you flowers when you were here and you said paque ? and i said cause i love you and you need flowers too and you said OH enjoyed them I hope you enjoy me taking you flowers still, and sitting there eating lunch with you both, I miss you bothy you and gramma, but gramps I love you .....