Horace Tom Hone

August 4, 1922November 16, 2020

HONE, Horace Tom Elliott. Tom was reunited with his beloved Pamela on November 16, 2020 and will rest beside her at the Volusia Memorial Park Mausoleum on November 24, 2020. He is survived by their two daughters, Karen Lorraine Elliott Cavaliere and Janina Lynn Elliott Hone, four grandchildren, Dawn Lynn Elliott and Tanya Patrice Elliott Cavaliere, Thomas Christopher and Evan Clark Brauer, great granddaughter Delilah Winter Brauer, plus younger brother, Bill, and many nephews.

Horace, better known as Tom, was born on August 4th, 1922, at Hampton Hill, a south western suburb of London, England, the third son of Horace John Elliott Hone and Hilda Hone. His Dad was a native of Oxfordshire County. There is evidence of a Hone presence in that region around 1250. The addition of Elliott to the family moniker reflects a connection to the Scottish clan of that name. Like his four brothers, David John, Adrian Marcus, John Graham and William Howard, Tom was educated at the 16th Century Hampton School and was proud to relate that its academic achievements often surpassed such prestigious colleges as Eton and Harrow. It had a worthy sports record too and although Tom was no great athlete he was once captain of a House soccer team. At cricket his status was rarely more exalted than “last man in”. He learned chess before starting school by watching his Dad play Dave and Mark. Later he won championships at school and college – but seldom participated thereafter! During his late teens he became a life-long music aficionado with wide ranging preferences, being equally appreciative of such maestri as Bach, Wagner and Duke Ellington.

At college he was elected Secretary of the Music Society and the Chess Club. In 1942 he acquired a Bachelor of Science Degree in the Faculty of Engineering and became a life-time member of London University’s Convocation.

After graduating he was commission in the Technical Engineering Branch of the Royal Air Force. He served in Bomber Command and then as a staff officer at the Cairo Headquarters of Mediterranean/Middle East Command.

His civilian career began with four years at the Napier Company, designing components for aircraft turbo-props and uranium hexaflouride compressors. He then joined Hawker Aircraft working on such projects as the record-breaking Hunter and the vertical take-off Harrier. Development of armament installation, high frequency generating systems and inertial navigation techniques were his principle concerns. It was at Hawkers that he became acquainted with Pamela Hettie Rose Mary Clark and they were married at Tolworth Congregational Church on July 16, 1955.

In 1968 Tom, Pam, Karen and Janina emigrated to the United States. He had been recruited by Sikorsky Aircraft of Stratford, Connecticut, and was involved in many helicopter programs, particularly the Black Hawk and Sea Hawk. He acquired two US patents at the company and was appointed Chairman of an American National Standards Institute sub-committee dealing with certain safety aspects of helicopter operations.

During his career Tom became a Chartered Engineer of the United Kingdom and was admitted to the Royal Aeronautical Society, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Institution of Civil Engineers and the American Helicopter Society.

At Monroe, Connecticut, Pam and Tom volunteered as disc jockeys at a wide ranging FM public radio station and presented a weekly three hour program of “Classics and Classic Jazz”. Unlike Pam, who earned a Guildhall School of Music diploma, Tom performed in a primitive way on the piano. After moving to Florida in 1995 they became members of the Palm Coast Opera Club, Flagler Symphonic Society and the local British Club.

In 1959 Tom qualified for membership of the UK Mensa Society with an IQ of 161 and transferred to the American branch in 1969. Never challenged was his claim to have been a Mensan longer than anyone in the United States. An avid non-fiction reader he had scant time for novels. His prime interests were Technology, History, Politics and Economics. Long before the property boom bombed he coined “Hone’s Law” – Every Trend Will One Day End! He enjoyed struggling to solve cryptic crosswords such as in “Harpers” and “The Nation”. Another “hobby” was writing letters to newspapers and periodicals on various subjects. Many got published, including some in the New York Times. Frequent topics were health care systems, gun related fatalities and human rights in the Holy Land.

Pam and Tom became American citizens in 1975. Both enjoyed travel, often in their RV, visiting 49 states and 10 Canadian Providences as well as a dozen European nations. During his career or on vacations Tom set foot on three dozen countries in five continents. He rated USA “No. 1”.

He survived a long post-war battle with pulmonary tuberculosis and two cardiac by-pass surgeries during his 60s and 80s. Yet until well into his 90s could still enjoy a brisk stroll. He avoided night-driving and I-95, but was embarrassed by getting a speeding ticket on a local road. In later years he was cared for by his daughter Janina and Bob DePastino at West Palm Beach.

Tom (who incidentaly was not named Thomas on his birth certificate – he approved of that) supported many worthy causes, especially the Carter Center’s mission to rid Africa of the horrendous dracunculus medinensis. It successfully reduced millions of agonizing cases to a stubborn two dozen. In lieu of flowers, if you wish to make a donation the address is 453 Freedom Parkway NE, Atlanta, GA 30307.

Tom was an old-school gentleman and anyone who had the honor to meet him quickly learned what a joy it was to be around him, listen to his words of wisdom and smile at his cute mannerisms. His character was beyond measure and we were blessed to have him as a mentor, an inspiration and a wonderful Dad and Grandfather. He will be greatly missed by all who were lucky enough to have him in their lives.



  • Celebration of Life Service

    Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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Horace Tom Hone

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Vin Guiel

November 24, 2020

My condolences to all of the family.
He was one of the smartest people I knew.

He also had a sharp sense of humor and always very positive.

He will be missed.

Vivian Young

November 24, 2020

I will miss our Christmas correspondence, of which we have kept up for many many years. I looked forward to hearing from him and Mrs. Hone and then just Mr. Hone. Happy Christmas Mr. & Mrs. Hone! Love to you both, You are missed ❤️

Marcus Hone

November 23, 2020

Tom and Pam RV visit to Kingston NH circa mid 1980’s.

Uncle Toms written memory of GrandDads pre WW1 Cogswell and Harrison shotgun when I was researching the provenance.

I paraphrase but Grandad and Uncle Tom are out birding and Grandad bagged (or thought he bagged) one.
Uncle Tom had to strip down crawl through bushes thorns and a stream. Soaked cold and scratched.
And the result, you ask?

MIA......foxes had that bird!


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