Kendra Lynn Heredia

March 6, 1991April 6, 2018
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Kendra Lynn Heredia was born on March 6, 1991 and passed away on April 6, 2018 in Oxnard, California.


  • Miguel Heredia Sr., Father
  • Connie Heredia, Mother
  • Maggie Velasco (Ruben), Sister
  • Miguel Heredia Jr. (Lidia), Brother
  • Adrian Heredia, Brother
  • Branden Heredia, Brother
  • Kendra will also be dearly missed by several aunts, uncles, many cousins and many more friends.


  • Visitation Monday, April 16, 2018
  • Celebration of Life Monday, April 16, 2018
  • Committal Service Monday, April 16, 2018

Kendra Lynn Heredia

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Solea Heredia

December 14, 2018

Kendra Lynn Heredia, my aunt, lived for fun and for the adventure that life brings. That was one of my favorite things about her. She was always so happy and she was the highlight of my day. Every time that I visited my grandma's house I always had the hope that she would be there. Thinking about her it always makes me feel so many different things. It makes me feel happy and sad at the same time.

One of my favorite memories with her took place in June. June for several years. As you may or may not know, there are these bugs called June bugs and if you ask me they are nasty looking, but that wouldn't stop me. I would go outside and collect a few with my brother then I would sneak up to Kendra's room and place them everywhere. In the bag of coarse. She would totally freak out when she saw them. I'm pretty sure one year one of them escaped from the bag so......

Bottom line is that I think about Kendra every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month and well you get the point. Nobody exactly knows but for a while now every night at around 9ish I talk to her out of my bedroom window. Sometimes I feel happy sometimes i'm crying. But if I could tell her one more thing from the bottom of my heart I would tell Kendra Lynn Heredia that I felt, no I feel so privileged that she is my aunt and I love her very much. The universe was lucky to have her and you don't find what was found in her heart in very many people. She is very unique, a one of a kind if you will. There really isn't words to describe her crazy weird self but I tried my very best. Hear that Kendra I love you so very very much.

Army Del Duca

May 5, 2018

I first met Kendra through Lizette and Alex, when we all went to a video game tournament together. Right off the bat, even as complete strangers, we were joking around and she truly went out of her way to make me feel 100% welcome. Kendra had this awesome energy about her, and a laugh that will instantly make you smile. I didn't know her very long, but the 4 of us spent a lot of time together in the past few months, and I'm so happy I got the opportunity to make those fond memories. Kendra had a profound effect on me, and to honor her I will do my best to spread the positivity that she did on a daily basis. Rest in peace Kendra you are dearly missed.

Elizabeth Rubio

April 23, 2018

Having met Kendra was a blessing. Kendra and my daughter Lizette were very good friends and she soon became a family friend. Kendra's passing has left a huge void. We will miss her perpetual smile and her warm kind soul. I will always remember Kendra when we laughed uncontrollably over the chicken soup cooking in a crockpot in my room. Kendra will be missed terribly but we take comfort knowing she is now among the beautiful angels in heaven. Our most sincere condolences go out to Kendra's parents, family and friends.

Alex Rubio

April 23, 2018

When my sister Lizette first introduced me to Kendra, I remember thinking that it felt like I was meeting my sister again for the first time. She absolutely brought out the best from my sister Lizette and always encouraged her to be herself, try new experiences, and to be authentic. Even before I met Kendra I fell in love with her for all of the positivity and happiness she shared with my sister.

One of the first experiences I had with Kendra was when I invited her to attend a noodle festival and fighting game tournament. Not knowing anything about the game, or how far the drive would be, or any of the other people in attendance, Kendra without hesitation gave an enthusiastic yes. I will never forget how she supported me that day with her loud cheers and excitement without even knowing what was happening in the game.

Everyone she interacted with that day had a lasting positive impression from Kendra. Her positive spirit and excitement was contagious to be around. I would like to share this memory of Kendra from that day and express my gratitude for her support to me and my sister. I am lucky to have shared a part of my life with her and grateful to have all the cherished memories of her in my heart.

Lizette Rubio

April 18, 2018

I feel extremely lucky to have had the privilege of knowing Kendra. Her and I met at work, we shared an office so we worked very closely. I knew from the 1st day I was introduced to her that she was something special. She had a smile that could light up a room; she had this radiant energy that was so uplifting and positive. We came to find that we had a lot of things in common. We loved the same music and I quickly learned that Kendra loved to dance! She had an amazing sense of humor and was quite the prankster. Her mission was to always catch me off guard and give me a good scare. I always looked forward to going to work because of her, we were a great team. We’d get the work done but there was never a dull moment. We began spending time together outside of work as well, it’s no wonder why we became the best of friends and created a special bond. She was so adventurous! We went skydiving together, it was such a memorable experience. I remember feeling so scared, looked over at Kendra and she was the opposite, beaming with excitement! She couldn’t wait to jump out of that plane! I admired her for being fearless and daring. Kendra had a HUGE heart and was always there for you. Anytime I needed to pour my heart out about something she was always there to listen and figure out how we could resolve it together. I loved that about her, she genuinely cared. We had so many plans for the future; I’m not quite sure how to carry on with life without Kendra, it’s an excruciatingly painful reality I have to learn to come to terms with. Not a single day will go by that I won’t think of her. I regret not telling her when I had the chance that she made me a better person. She taught me that life was about taking chances, having fun, loving hard and never taking things too seriously. She was a rare gem, a one of a kind. Our beautiful Kendra will forever live in our hearts. I find comfort knowing that her wild marvelous spirit will be around us always.

Marlana Biesecker

April 15, 2018

I worked with Kendra for a short while at the Oxnard Police Department. I always thought she would have made a good dispatcher but she decided it wasn't for her. She started working with me shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy. I had always had very straight hair but when it came back after chemo, I had a head full of curls and I had no idea how to style them and I made a comment of such to Kendra. After I went home that night, Kendra took the time to email me how she styled her hair. Nearly three years later, I still use the tips that Kendra gave to me.

My condolences on the loss of such a kind soul.

Jessica Bravo

April 12, 2018

I didn't see Kendra very often but when I did she was always so nice. Such a sweet girl. Rest in peace Kendra.