Mary Elizabeth Hulse

February 5, 1925January 3, 2013

Mary Elizabeth Hulse, 87 died Thursday morning at her home in Micco, Fl. A native of Bay Head, New Jersey she came to Micco in December 1972 from Bricktown, NJ. Mrs. Hulse had been a member of Lakeside Fellowship in Vero Beach and was also very active as a volunteer for the Roseland United Methodist Church Thrift Shop as well as the Ladies VFW Auxiliary. However, her love was her devotion to her husband, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as they were her life.

Her family includes her husband of 70 ½ years (May would have marked their 71st anniversary): Albert “Albie”; two sons: James Hulse of Newburg, Penn., Edward Hulse of Miles City, Montana; daughter: Ethel Palumbo of Micco; 11 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.

Funeral services will be Monday (1/7) at 11:00 AM in the Fountainhead Funeral Chapel with Rev. Terry Alderton and Rev. Terry Neiman of Lakeside Fellowship officiating. Interment will follow in Fountainhead Memorial Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Monday morning from 10:00 AM until time of services. Following the committal service the family is having a gathering to visit and reminisce at Albie and Mary's home. Fountainhead Funeral Home, Palm Bay, is in charge of services.



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  • Funeral Service Monday, January 7, 2013


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Mary Elizabeth Hulse

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Nicole Diehl

January 30, 2013

When I was little, I remember feeling like the road trips to Florida took entirely too long. Once we were there however, the time would always fly by and it would seem like we were heading back to PA too soon. I'll never forget how quickly the time passed when we were there with the people we loved.
I always loved going to visit Grandma and Grandpa because I felt at home. She would spoil us rotten! Grandma and Grandpa would be sitting out on the front porch waiting for us. She always “just happened” to have a coffee cake (my absolute favorite) made any time we came to visit. I remember her in the rocker on the front porch telling us stories about her and Grandpa when they were younger and about Pop-pop when he was a kid. When we were little they used to take us to the Walmart McDonalds (which Erin and I always thought was cool because Pennsylvania didn't have McDonalds in their Walmart). There were boat trips fishing out with Grandpa and adventures with both of them in the inlet. And it never failed that when we got back from anywhere, Grandma was always ready with some kind of snack! She was the one to introduce me to grapefruit with sugar! I always enjoyed those trips and the memories we made! Even though we didn't get to visit them as often as we may have liked, we always knew and felt the love they had for us.
The memory that continues to stay with me is seeing Grandma and Grandpa dancing at their 70th wedding anniversary. What a blessing they gave to all of us in the marriage we celebrated that day. The love and devotion they daily showed to each other was amazing to me and I can only hope to follow Grandma's example as a devoted wife and mother. I admire Grandma so much, not only for the example of her marriage of 70 years to a man who still loves her with all his heart, but also in the hospitality she showed anyone who walked through her door, and in the love she showed to her kids and grandkids, even across the miles. She lived a beautiful life. Thank you, Grandma for the love you always showed me and for the legacy you left in the people I call family. Love you always Grandma

Jim Hulse Jr

January 27, 2013

My best memories of Grandma are from all the times Steven and I would show up at her backdoor after being out in the woods all day. It didn't matter what time we showed up or what condition we were in(we were just young boys you know) she always had something for us. Whether it was cleaning up a scrape and putting a band-aid on it, helping you pull a cactus out of your foot while your sneaker was still on(again we were boys) or just having pound cake with chocolate icing, popsicles, cookies, juice, soda, or candy on hand at a moments notice so we wouldn't starve to death on our way home. She would also listen intently to our tales of the mornings excursions and make us feel like what we did was the most important thing of her day. The best thing was we could stop again on our way back through in the afternoon and she would do it all over again.
Even though I had moved away and eventually started a family of my own, I knew any time I went down there to visit I could walk up to that door and get treated the same way. That's Grandma!
My last trip down was for Grandma and Grandpa's 70th wedding anniversary. Every time I looked at Grandma she would just be watching everybody. She was just so happy to see her whole family together having fun and reminiscing with her and Grandpa. The love and strength that they raised their family with was perpetuated in the love and strength my parents gave my sisters and myself. Its because of this that I now have a wonderful family of my own.
Thank you Grandma, for Everything!
Love You,
Little Jimmy

Erin Diehl

January 24, 2013

Visiting grandma was one of my favorite things to do when I visited Florida every summer. She would always let me have all the snacks I wanted and would tell the best stories about the family growing up. I still remember when she told me about how Pop-pop would shoot these birds in the winter that she told him NOT to shoot. He simply stomped them down in the snow and when it thawed, she found all these dead birds in her yard. Those stories helped me realize how important family is, and how much family meant to her. They never missed sending a birthday or Christmas card, and that meant so much to me. It's so easy to lose touch with people, but grandma always knew what was going on in my life. She even surprised me by asking about how my boyfriend was doing, even though she only met him once a long time ago.

Through her sickness, she remained positive and had unfailing faith in God. Her strength was inspirational, and her courage amazed me. She's been such a positive role model in my life. When I came down for her 70th anniversary party, I told my friends and they could hardly believe my grandparents were married that long. I told them that wasn't even the best part - the best part was how much in love they still were even after all those years.

It's been a huge blessing having a grandmother like Grandma Hulse. She raised the best family a girl could ask for. Miss you already grandma.

cathy earley (erxleben)

January 21, 2013

My deepest condolences to the family. It had been many years since I'd seen Aunt Mary and Uncle Albie. Last February I stopped by their house, I was worried they wouldn't remember me, they did, "you're Margaret Anne's daughter". We had a wonderful hour reminising. May the family find comfort in the Lord. They are celebrating in heaven, she's sipping tea with Gloria, my beautiful mother (Margaret) and my grandparents.
God Bless

Cheryl Hulse Diehl

January 17, 2013

My Gramma was a beautiful woman and I will never forget all the love she showered upon me as I grew up. I will never forget our trips to the beach in her very big car…it had plastic seat covers that had “bumps” on it and made the greatest design on your legs on hot, sticky days! She taught me to float over the waves. We loved it when the ocean was calm and the waves just rolled and broke on shore. We would float with our toes sticking up and smiles on our faces! We would walk the beach for miles looking for sea shells and then go back to her house and make little crafts with the shells. The pretty purple striped ones would get sprayed with shellac; I still have some. Anytime I go to the beach, I always search for those purple shells.

Gramma made the best lemonade from that little lemon tree in the backyard.

She would get grapefruit off the trees in the yard, section it with the brown handled knife, put a little sugar on the top and serve it in a bowl. She showed me how to scrape around the edges of the grapefruit to get every last piece of pulp and then slurp up the sugary juice in the bottom. I loved it!!

As I began a family of my own in PA, our visits to Florida were limited but whenever we visited Gramma and Grampa, the love she had for her great granddaughters did not go unnoticed. They stayed the night every once in a while when we would visit and she would make them coffee cake and anything else they wanted! They loved her so much! She would spoil them rotten, just like she did all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

She taught us all how to be loving, responsible, compassionate and strong. Strong definitely describes Gram; she was the strongest person I know right up until the very end. No matter how bad she must have been feeling over the past year, whenever you would ask, “How are you doing Gram?” She would always answer, “I'm just fine!”

She is fine now, more than fine. She is in heaven, pain free, doing all the things she loved to do…maybe making her famous pound cakes, tuna cheese ball, lemonade. Whatever she's doing, I know she's happy! We will all miss her terribly, but we will all remember the great example she set for us. Love you always Gramma….until we meet again. Cheryl

LeRoy Heinrich

January 13, 2013

As a boy, Aunt Mary was my other Mom. As a young man, every day was an adventure with my cousins Jimmy ,Eddie, Gloria and Ethel. My play with Jimmy and Eddie took us for hours through the roads and wood between our homes. Aunt Mary was always there for me when I needed help. Some times it was a bandage for a cut, some ice for a sprain or a ride to the doctor if my Mom wasn't available. Our play determined the location for a lunch break. I remember many occasions of sitting at Aunt Mary's kitchen table enjoying a simple impromptu meal.
I remember struggling with weight control in high school, sharing tuna and hot dogs with Aunt Mary as we tried Weight Watchers together. I remember my excitement turning 17 and taking my drivers test. As my Mom was working with my Grand Mother (Nana), Aunt Mary was the one taking me for my driving test. I passed and still remember my first passenger (Aunt Mary on the way home) saying " you're a pretty good driver LeRoy". It meant a lot.
As an adult, our paths crossed much less often, but when they did, it was full of love and fond memories. My visits to Florida often included a stop to Aunt Mary and Uncle Albie. I always felt welcome and loved.
I will miss the occasional get together and phone calls. I know Aunt Mary is now finished with her pain and suffering. I know my loving memories of Aunt Mary will last my lifetime or longer as I share stories with my children and others.
My condolences to Uncle Albie and the complete family.

Denise C

January 11, 2013


January 11, 2013


January 11, 2013

Denise Chervenak

January 9, 2013

Anoyone who knows me, knows what an amazingly big part of my life my Grandma has been and always will be. The loss I feel today is bittersweet, having wanted more than anything for her pain to be over yet knowing now that it is, how much my own life will change. But thanks to this amazing woman and the abundance of love I will always have for her and can share because of her, I am certain I will grow from the entire, not always easy experience. See, after losing my mom, Grandma eased the pain in my heart the only way she knew how, with all the love she had to give. Through my own personal ups and downs, it was her unconditional love that always grounded me and helped me take the next step forward. This past year as she was diagnosed and I watched her grow weaker almost weekly, it was her upbeat attitude and positive outlook on life despite the news that never faltered and IT is what is giving me great strength now, to understand that life is what we make of it and even when things may be at their worst, or you may think there is not enough time in the day, there is always room to feel thankful. Words will never be able to describe how very much all the times we shared together will always mean to me and although selfishly I feel sad today knowing I will never feel her hand on my cheek again, or hear her sweet laugh as I look at her smile, I believe with all my heart she is somewhere with my mom, sipping a cup of tea, while strolling effortlessly through the most amazing field of bright flowers, laughing and telling stories of her own. I love you Grandma and look forward to the day I can hug you and mommy both again. With all the love a grand-daughter can give -----your girl forever! Denise