Mr. Frank W. Paul

November 23, 1922November 30, 2018

Frank W. Paul was born on November 23, 1922 and passed away on November 30, 2018.


Mr. Frank W. Paul

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Denise Kernan

December 7, 2018

I’m grateful for you, Grandpa (and Grandma), who gave us the gift of peace. Safety for two weeks a year when Scotty and I got to vist in the summers. For the Holidays, you’d either come to our house or we’d go to you ... those were also times when we’d breathe a little easier. Thank you for showing us hope.

Before mom died, she was planning to divorce and move us to you (Scotty was already there). I’m so sorry mom didn’t make it back to you.

I’m grateful for those surprise trips to Disneyland! And Knottsbury farms! Scott would sit up front with you while I’d sit in the back with Grandma... oh, I just remembered how she’d calm me by running her fingers along my back! Such unknown but loved affection!

I’ll never forget rubbing grandma’s back and shoulder for a .25C! I got to spend it however I wanted!!

Remember when grandma would take us bowling? I can still recall her teaching me at 3 or 4. When I cradled that heavy ball, walked up to the line and rolled it, what praise I received. I felt like the most beautiful and loved little girl in the world.

On weekends it was nap time for everyone. You and grandma listened to talk radio so you let us also! That’s where we were introduced to Dr. Ruth Wessheimer... haha! (We’d get bored and browse thru the stations). I remember sleeping in Uncle Ronny’s bunk beds.

When you got home from work or after we finished buffing the floors, you’d take us out to Clark’s for ice cream! Scott ALWAYS got sherbet.

Great grandma lived next door to you. I visited lots. Oh and Great Grandpa! Home, Home on the range.

Vegas trips!

I’m grateful to Scott for helping me to remember.

Gosh, I used to dream of you a lot.

My heart is heavy ...

Uncle Gerald, was my favorite. He used to pick me up and truly hug me. He made me laugh. He was a good man. Now you are all together. I’ve missed you all for a very long time.

I regret that you didn’t want to talk anymore, Grandpa. I love you.