Strinivasan Naidoo

December 27, 1969March 23, 2018

Strinivasan Naidoo was born on December 27, 1969 and passed away on March 23, 2018 in Paoli, Pennsylvania.


Strinivasan Naidoo

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David Miller

April 5, 2018

Some of my favorite Strini sayings:
"Hey, Mate" (his most common greeting over IM or text or in person)
"I hear what you're saying. Let me follow up and we will have a conversation about that on our next call" (Strini's go-to comment when customers would have an issue that he didn't have an update on)
"Holy smokes!" (wide eyes and said when something went wrong)
"Oh shoot!" (hand on face slowly sliding downward - also said when something went wrong)
"I kid, I kid" (when he said a very dryly delivered joke and you thought he was serious)
"Just give me a minute" (normally said when Strini needed to break away and have a smoke)
"Sorry to disturb" (if he saw you were "busy" on IM and needed to talk to you)
What I think I hold in highest regard about him was his integrity and class. Strini was that guy that always held a door open for a stranger, always said hi, how are you? or good morning! before getting to business discussion. He was always honest with customers and co-workers and wasn't afraid to speak his mind but always kept it classy with the customers. He was dedicated to his job and gave all of the customers his cell phone number - very brave in customer support! He'd always take your call any time of day or night. Strini was "smooth". He could deliver bad news like no one I've ever met and always made customers feel like he had their back and all would be ok. The man's voice should have been on radio as it was so distinctive and calming. He was the life of the party and so much fun to travel with - you looked forward to the beers and the hilariouos conversations. I am honored to have known Strini, and although he reported to me at Temenos, he taught me so very much in so many ways. Sugi and the kids - he spoke of you all of the time with wide-eyed enthusiasm and so much love - family was #1 to him. I will miss you my friend and and I have no doubt you're solving problems in Heaven just as you did here! God Bless!

Homero De la Torre

April 5, 2018

May the lord reward you in the next life.

I have fond memeories of the time we spent working together.

Farewell amigo!

Ian Maguire

April 1, 2018

Strini - we are all saddened by your family's loss. You were a great support to so many and always knew where to go and what to do next. My thoughts go to your family.... you are one of the good guys and always will be...

Gavin Fisher

March 30, 2018

I miss you my friend.
My thoughts are with your family.

Linda Mallian

March 29, 2018

I met Strini back in 2010 in Trinidad and he always had a smile on his face. We've communicated over the phone since then (he always promised to visit Trinidad again) and he was always so very helpful and always went beyond the call of duty to assist whenever I called him. I will defininitely miss him. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Tiffany Shoemaker

March 29, 2018

Strini, I have visited this site multiple times trying to find the right words to write here. Our time together at Temenos was short, but I will always remember your smile, laugh and amazing voice. You were always so welcoming and the first one to say hello to me at the office. You would go out of your way to check in and just see how things were. I am forever grateful for knowing you. To Strini's amazing son's, know that your dad was such a caring and kind man. He always would share stories with me about you all, I could see how proud he was of you all. He will be greatly missed. May fond memories of your dad bring you comfort during this hard time in your life. Look back on all the good memories you were able to have and smile at the fact that you were able to share those moments with him, and treasure those moments. My prayers go out to you and your family.

Russell Taylor

March 29, 2018

Strini, I had the pleasure to know you for 15 years - as a colleague and as a friend, - you are a man that really did care for others, - and always ready with a smile.
You are fondly remembered by all who know you, and sorely missed by all of us.
Have fun up there... ;-)

Jay Mossman

March 29, 2018


We were all stunned by your passing. While I only got to know you for a brief period of time I will never forget that wonderful laugh and great voice. Your dedication to helping your fellow teammates and customers was one of your great qualities. You were clearly a very caring person. I am grateful for the short time I had knowing and working with you. You will forever be missed. Rest in peace.

Juan Cando

March 29, 2018

I am deeply saddened by the news of your loss. May our Lord bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief.

I will miss you my friend as always you said every time when we meet you "Hola amigo como estas". I always remember you giving support to the all and always positive and with great smile.

We will never forget you, Our sincere condolences to the entire Naidoo family.

JC Cando and Family

Jan Albers

March 29, 2018

Strini, it was shocking to hear about your tragic passing. I remember when you hired me 14 years ago in New York City; working with you on many projects in New York and later on in Florida. I fondly remember the good times working together and the friendship we had over all those years. You had a special gift to approach people and make them feel comfortable. You will be dearly missed.
May God watch over your family and comfort them in their loss giving them strength to go forward.