William "Bill" Poindexter

January 3, 1969February 19, 2023
Obituary of William "Bill" Poindexter


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Bill moved to Parker in the early 90s where he met his wife Patricia. Bill and Patty married in 1998. He became a father to Patty’s 2 young children, Tony and Lori. He was a southern California man and brought the bright colored shorts with him which he wore even in the winter. He enjoyed music of the 1980s including the Beastie Boys, Beach Boys, Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, and Run DMC to name a few. He had an eclectic taste in music. He would often break out in song and end with an emphasized "HOMEBOY”. Bill had a passion for cooking and grilling. He was a fan of red meat and seafood. Bill would often take his family to the seafood buffet at the Rio in Las Vegas. He would come back from the buffet bar with a mound of crab legs and go back for seconds or thirds. He grilled almost nightly at his home. Every great chef has their bad days. There was the Meatloaf Incident of 1998 (roughly). Bill had made the family meatloaf for dinner. They were all seated at the dinner table. As soon as everyone took their first bite, they knew something was wrong. Someone says, this tastes salty. Bill finishes his bite and asks the family “Who wants pizza?. He later admitted to accidently dumping all of the contents of the garlic salt into the meatloaf. He tried to scoop out as much as he could but it wasn’t enough. To make matters worse, Patty had inadvertently bought unsalted ketchup. If you have ever had it, you’ll know it’s not good. His kids never let him forget about the Meatloaf Incident. Bill and his daughter shared the love of food. They would often talk about what episodes they’ve watched on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives and shared their experiences and ratings of the restaurants. Bill used to say that if his daughter was a judge on the Food Network’s show Chopped, those contestants wouldn’t stand a chance. Bill had grown tremendously over the years as a Carpentry enthusiast. He started getting into this hobby to build his wife furniture and add wood touches to their home as she has a love for wood furniture. He helped build an addition to their home, he built a bedroom closet, and many cabinet pieces throughout their home. He also built his grandchildren a 2 story playhouse single handedly with an amazing view of the high country. Bill enjoyed fishing for bass and catfish. He bought a small bass boat to take his son and grandsons on the lake whenever he had the chance. Bill also took his son and daughter fishing on a regular basis as children at a place he called “Roach Motel”. Bill was a fan of many sports. His favorite sport was football. He was a diehard L.A. Rams fan. He’s been a Rams fan since they were originally the L.A. Rams. It was a rarity to catch him without a Rams shirt or hat on his days off. He used to say you can’t have 2 teams when people would tell him they had 2 teams. He took his football seriously and used to try to persuade his family to wear Rams merch or sleep with his Rams blanket. Bill was an athlete back in high school. He was one of the top state wrestling champs in the State of California. He sparked an interest in wrestling in his son as well. They often practiced together and used to drive around the state to his wrestling matches. Bill and his wife Patty used to love to take road trips and train rides. They once did a cross country road trip with their grandson Tony and marveled at the beautiful country. His favorite train ride was the train ride in Durango, CO. He had hopes to return to do the ride again with all of his grandchildren. Bill attended the police academy in the early 90s. He devoted nearly 30 years at the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department. He moved his way up the ranks to Lieutenant. He spent a few years in the Narcotics unit. He fit this role perfectly. He could have been mistaken for a Mountain Man. He sported the long hair and beard with pride. During Bill’s tenure at the police department, he mentored many police officers. Many of which are here today. We hope that when you think of Bill, you remember all of the good memories that you have shared and valuable lessons he may have taught you. We hope you remember his kindness, thoughtfulness, patience and good sense of humor. We hope that when you see the L.A. Rams on TV, you cheer them on and think of all the good memories shared with Bill. May he rest in peace.

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