Joseph Israel Mata

July 27, 1998April 19, 2021
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Joseph Israel Mata was born on July 27, 1998 and passed away on April 19, 2021 and is under the care of Pasadena Funeral Home.

Family Will Receive Guests will be held on April 28, 2021 at 5:00 pm at Pasadena Funeral Chapel, 2203 Pasadena Boulevard, Pasadena, Texas.

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  • Family Will Receive Guests

    Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Joseph Israel Mata

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Jasmine Petry

May 3, 2021


I can’t believe it. It feels like I just seen you. I love talking to you because you actually had some good advice. We were born together so we did a lot together. I was glad to have someone of my age. You’re goofy and dumb at times. However, you were loved no matter what you did or who you were. I remember the time, I showed you how to dance to Spanish music. Hanging out with you is always an amazing time. This is hitting everyone heavily. I hate that I couldn’t hangout with you before I left to boot camp. That’s the only thing I regret and feel guilty for. I’m sorry! I hate that I’m here and I won’t be able to be there to support or grieve properly. I got the news and I broke down. I wish we could have hung out more. I know you’re in a better place and looking over everyone. I don’t think I’ll ever wrap my mind around you being gone. I love you so much and I will never forget you. -FLY HIGH JOSEPH

Amy Garcia

April 29, 2021

My dear Joseph,

What can I were a pain in the butt but I enjoyed spending time with you. My last memory of you was not the best but we shared deep hearted conversations. I wished a lot more for you and I’m sad that you are gone. I know you are in a better place now and I know you no longer suffer. I may see you in the shadows and I may see you in my dreams, I will not be afraid as I know you are my Guardian Angel watching me from up above. I will always love you and you will be forever in my heart. May you Rest In Peace now and be with the angels.

Love you always,
Tia Amy

Shania Flores

April 28, 2021

Joseph. This has by far been one of my greatest losses in life. God knows if I could have took care of you forever I would have. We had our up and downs. We’ve hated each other and adored each other but in the end all we had was love. We saw each other and took care of each other at each other’s worst and I will never forget that. We loved each other as kids and grew on our own paths for a while just to become even stronger as adults. I remember being so happy when we reconnected and spent the whole day together afterwards, getting food, smoke, watching Boogie at the movie theatre and spending the night together. You were my bestfriend and I don’t know how to just be okay without you. You were my rock, you’d tell me to pray to God when I was sad and that was always my greatest comfort. I see you everytime I look at a big red, kettles, Popeyes, and I even cry just looking at ketchup because you’d eat it with literally everything. You knew my McDonald’s order and that I kept ticket stubs for memories. I told you I couldn’t listen to zro without thinking of you and you told me you thought of me everytime you heard that Kendrick album I’d make you play that one summer. I miss your smile, your sweetness, your stupid beanie and how much you made me laugh, you were so funny, and I will forever miss you because you were just one of a kind. There’s so much more I could say but for now I love you so much. I know God will hold you for me now. Please watch over us. Please rest happily because you deserve it the most my sweet boy. Te amo.

Jose Rojas

April 28, 2021

I'm finally learning how to cope with myself. I'm learning its better to be happy even though I'm in pain because I understand you're not in pain anymore Joseph. There are too many memories I have with you from us going camping and you standing in the ant pile to you being by my side when I needed comfort. You'll always be my baby brother. We always drove each other crazy and that's what made our bond and love for each other strong. We would have huge fights and end up beating each other up, and then have a drink and a smoke the very next day talking about our future goals. I'm going to miss those night rides to Popeyes, rides to stores, and them walks to the park. I cherish every moment we had together. I remember being homeless with you living in Uncle Petes truck. Driving your ass all the way to Florida for your girlfriend. Getting so drunk we couldn't even carry each other to the couches. We used to fight over them wrestler toys. Mane bro, I could go on forever with you. We have seen each other at our worst and we only went up from there. No one will ever understand our relationship and I love that. Everything I am doing is for us, and I am going to keep grinding till we all make it. Im going to take care of Mom and Kayla, just keep your eyes and hearts with them. With all of us. You are our guardian angel and we need you to guide us in the right directions baby boy. And you know Alex, Matthew, Chris, & I are going to be looking up at you every time. I was never ready for this but I know I got to keep my head up high for all of us. Its hurting me inside knowing I will never get to see you or hear you or even dap you and hug you. But I know you're in a much better place. Save a spot for all of us Gangsta. And Save me a drink. Don't forget the cuban cigars either bro. Tell tio I can't wait to reunite with y'all, Uncle Pete too. I love you Joseph. Sou Sea Fa Lea! #LongLiveJ

Freddie Serna

April 28, 2021

Gone so young

You left this world at a young age
Now your gone and life won't be the same
For your mother and father and siblings to mourn
You have been loved since the day you were born

The lord has taken another angel with him
But we shall see you soon once again
We shall remember the times you were here
Your loved ones will smile still knowing you are near

You are gone but will not be forgotten
For the memories we shared we will still have them
The love you gave and the lives you touched
Just know that we will miss you oh so much

Go with God and be an angel with him
Just know deep down we will see you again
We will miss you and your love will strive
We shall still love you just like when you were alive

You have gone and sadness is known
But we know in our hearts youll never leave us alone
We love you dearly and you we will miss
We send you our love sealed with a kiss

May you rest in peace and live happy upstairs
May you know that your memories we all will share
Go in peace but always know
That no matter what your love we wont let go

Tia Suzy Garcia

April 28, 2021

We Love You Joseph to infinity and beyond the Universe!! You will be soooo missed by your family, especially your “Mother.” Remember she didn’t like it when you called her Mother! Lol 😆 Some of us who knew him well, will have great memories with him in their heart forever. 💙💙 We Live You Nephew!! 💙🙏🏼

Kayla Aguilar

April 28, 2021

Joseph, I miss you. Things are really not the same without you. All the memories we had, you were stupid but a good brother and protective. Fly high stupid we love yuh :) And you will always be in my heart. I miss punching you dummy. I love you a lot big bro. #LongLiveJ

Azucena Garcia

April 27, 2021

Wow!! I never thought I would be leaving a message to My nephew, Joseph. You left us too soon. You were sooo smart and intelligent. You were very helpful and a handyman around the house when it came to helping Grandpa and Grandma Garcia. I will never forget the time that you, Jasmine, Amy and I went to go see my friend’s band play at some bar in LaPorte. We had a lot of fun. I remember you said you didn’t know how to dance. So Jasmine told you let’s dance and you both went to the dance floor. I recorded y’all dancing, i thought it was so cute. Two cousins learning how to dance. How awesome is that! Very!! I’m going to miss your pretty smile. You were always trying to be the sweetest as can be. You always wanted everyone to get along and care for each other. Well I know that your Uncle Pete will be with you and watching you. You will not be alone. I love you soooo much Joseph and it’s going to be very difficult to get over this pain I have. You stay sweet with the angels up in heaven. Until we meet again Joseph. I love you Nephew!! GBNF 💙💙🙏🏼🙏🏼💋💋 From Your Tia Suzy.

Christian Aguilar

April 26, 2021

Man I don’t know where to start, Joseph and I had soooo many memories. He was my big little brother. I can say one memory that is very close to my heart is when Him, Jose, Matthew and I were living in Bridgewater in the one story house. We didn’t have much but we had each other and we made the best out of it. That era was tough but also love was at a all time high. Brothers for life. I can’t wait to cross you up when God calls me home. I love you bro, fly high. #Stayingstrong