Clarence Dayton Hillman III

Passed away on May 10, 2019

Clarence Dayton Hillman passed away on May 10, 2019.


31 May

Graveside Service

1:00 pm

Paso Robles District Cemetery

31 May

Reception to Follow

2:00 pm

First Baptist Church


Clarence Dayton Hillman III

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janet Loubet

May 20, 2019

Uncle Couche was my uncle, married to my mom Marjorie's sister. He was my dad Daivd Christoffersen's, closest friend, and they spent many years where Uncle Couche brought my dad on the annual trail ride. He was a strong man, with dignity and passion for his ranch life. I admired, respected and loved him. He is mostly responsible for my knowledge of horses, and I'll never forget the first time he let me ride on the ranch, I was 5 years old. Butterscotch was the horse. I have a great photo of my dad and Couche on the ranch (see below) and my dad had 1000s of slides from the trail rides, that I have kept because they bring me so much joy to look at..

the majority of my best childhood memories include him. See you when I get there, Uncle Couche!
My deepest sympathies to Auntie Bev, Debbie, Nancy and Kim.

Bette Marley

May 17, 2019

Uncle Couche was my late husband Eddy’s uncle. He was his mom Margie Hillman’s older 1/2 brother. Eddy took me to Paso Robles after we got married in the late 80s. What a character! Loved listening to the stories and following him around on the ranch. He kept a little notebook in his shirt pocket so he could take notes on cows and people and what happened that day. So then I knew where Eddy got that habit. I loved that he drove the old pick up from the 60s. When it was new and Eddy was 13 he told him to drive it on the ranch road behind him. Eddy couldn’t see because of the dust and drove off the road into a ditch. 30 + yrs later he still drove it with the big dent still on the side!! Couche was one of a kind! Happy Trails Uncle Couche!

Mary Lee Hillman Radka

May 17, 2019

Cousin Couche was the first person to watch my 17 year old mother Del Morgan see my dad, Charlie Hillman as he was riding over a hill with the sun setting behind him. I have a picture of Couche holding the pinto horse, Aunt Genie sitting under the horse( yup that is where she was sitting) and my mom standing next to Couche and my Uncle Wayne, my mon’s Brother and Genie’s date all looking on. Couche said Charlie and Del were smitten with each other at first sight. Fast forward to Couche and Bev’s wedding and it was the happiest looking that I had seen my Mom and Dad . They did not turn out to have a happy ever after life together. Couche’s sister Margie was one of my favorite people and her sister Beverly was one of the most glamorous. After Del married Harlow B Ford, in 1978 there would be Hillman gatherings up on the Hill. I got to see my second cousins as well as many first cousins. In 1999when I returned back to Paso Robles with my husband Larry to take care of Del, Couche invited Larry to one of his roundups. Larry started singing “git along little doggies and bought a cowboy hat. When he came limping home that night it looked like he had ridden a cow or two or maybe been run over by a cattle herd. He wasn’t so excited to be included in a future roundups.
I loved talking to Couche, when I could get a word in edgewise. He was a great family historian. He will be missed. I am blessed to have been able to grow up with such a nice and interesting man.

Tricia Young (first cousin to Couche)

May 17, 2019

He was my oldest first cousin. By 30 years. I remember as a small child on the ranch hopping into the back of his green Jeep with second cousins and going out to the ranch to feed the cattle. We would cut the bailing wire and push the flakes of alfalfa hay onto the field while driving very slowly, cattle following behind. I remember his beautiful beautiful smile and twinkling eyes. He was an avid joke teller and loved playing with the English grammar and laughing a lot. When I was married he walked me down the aisle because my father and mother had passed. I thought of him as a Dad. I loved him so very much and we lost touch over the last years which was very sad.
I am so glad he was able to live a long and fruitful life doing what he loved, ranching and playing the stock market. He was humble of spirit and mild of manner and very kind.
God be with you, Couche. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️