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Jonathan Walker Good

October 1, 1962September 20, 2019
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Jonathan Walker Good, age 56, born October 1, 1962 in Bedford, MA, died peacefully on September 20, 2019, in Seattle, Washington, with family members and friends at his bedside.

Jonathan lived in Bedford until he was 10 when he moved to Atlanta, GA. He graduated from Riverwood High School in Atlanta, and was awarded his B.B.A at Emory University. His first employment after graduation was as administrator of Morningside Retirement Facility in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He went on to renovate space for a new restaurant in Fort Lauderdale called the Good Planet. Many happy times, art shows, and events were held at the Good Planet where he made life-long friends who supported him during his illness with cancer. After selling the restaurant, he entered into the real estate business, buying and selling rental properties in Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, and New Smyrna Beach, FL. He lived in New Smyrna Beach and also had a residence in Seattle, WA where he spent his summers.

Jonathan left us far too soon. He was a beautiful person and the void his absence has created will be impossible to fill. Jonathan lived a wonderful life filled with adoring friends and family, travel, adventure, cool projects and loads of laughter. Jonathan was a Good human, who was warm, inclusive and helpful to many people. He has touched many hearts with his kindness, mischievous sense of fun and his magical spark. Jonathan had a lifelong love of travel which led to many European trips as well as countless travels across the United States and Canada. Hiking and skiing with his father, brother and friends were two of his favorite activities.

Jonathan is survived by his parents, Barbara and Freeman Good, of Fort Lauderdale, FL., brother, Matthew, of Denver, CO., sister, Julie, of Silver City, NM, and nephew, Ian Good, of Taos, NM.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University. Donation information is online at winshipcancer.emory.edu Please join us for a visitation to be held on Friday, Oct 11th, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Carmichael-Hemperley Funeral Home, 135 Senoia Road, Peachtree City, GA. A graveside service will be held at Bethsaida Cemetery in Riverdale, GA on Saturday, Oct 12th, at 11:00 a.m. A historical marker stands in front of the cemetery. The Marker is at or near this postal address: 2110 Bethsaida Rd, Riverdale GA 30296. We welcome everyone for a remembrance reception to be held following the service at the Carmichael-Hemperley Funeral Home, 135 Senoia Road, Peachtree City, GA 30269.


  • Visitation Friday, October 11, 2019
  • Graveside Service Saturday, October 12, 2019
  • Remembrance Reception Saturday, October 12, 2019


Jonathan Walker Good

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William Yagoda

October 21, 2019

Jonathan was exceptional. He was a friend when a friend was needed. He was a sage when thought was called for. He was a fun when a good time was necessary. Jonathan never let you down! Whatever was needed he was there. What ever was expected he rose above. He was a collector of things and people. His portfolio of friends was deep and wide and colorful. He was meaningful in who he let in and deliberate on who stayed. I like others am grateful he chose me. My life, because of him is better. My life, because of him is purposeful. My life, because of him is grounded. Jonathan will remain with me till my last breath. I’m so lucky he was my friend, my confidante and my go to. Jonathan good..you are a nut, a good nut. I miss you, we miss you!
We love you!

Karen Gavrilov

October 19, 2019

Jonathan. You were such a pivotal person in my life. Just by your being. You hired me as your bartender at the Good Planet and it was an honor to be part of the coolest, hippest ,most ahead of its time restaurant Fort Lauderdale has ever seen.
Your work ethic was something to marvel at
You really set the bar high for hospitality, art, food and culture.You brought nothing less than excellence. And with rare flair.
I have life long friendships because of that restaurant and the people that you attracted into it- not only employees but customers too.
Over 20 years later we still talk about it those who got to enjoy it . Like a cultural reference.
Because of you and your vision we got to enjoy some of the best and most creative food in South Florida. The place was edgy but never pretentious.
And you did it all with ease, because that's the kind of person you are. You put sweat and heart into it all and I remember you and your dad doing the build out, always up on ladders, hammering away at things. Making magic in a run down part of Fort Lauderdale. You were way ahead. ( And where else could you have a server sit down in her bra to wait on your table?) we became the destination for every pre and post show dinner when the Performing Arts Center finally opened.
I remember being fascinated that you spent so much time in Santa Fe with your sister, I recall,getting to know the food and then bringing it here. I even got to make a pretty good Version of the signature green chili chicken dish once I knew The Secret Ingredient.
After you closed the restaurant and moved we saw each other a few times. You always made the effort when you came to town. You were always and will always be in my heart and big part of who I have become.
I love you.

Nelson Brown

October 13, 2019

And now they seem
So near
So far
We search the heavens
A sign
A star
Grief is so personal
Oh don’t you see
It’s never the same
For you
For me

I wrote this poem a few weeks after Jono’s High School friend, Chuck, passed.
I’ve only shared it in a time capsule.

Love you all, Nelson

Barbara Good

October 12, 2019

Josie Santana wrote this poem for the family that we would like to share with all of you who loved Jonathan.

We Weep
Jonathan is gone we can no longer touch, feel or see him
Yet, we feel the need to keep him alive!
(we weep)
Although he is gone; gone back to the earth, water, wind and sun
(we still weep)
We talk to him: does he hear us??
(we continue to weep)
He no longer needs air, food or shelter
During his life he had family, friends, laughter, sadness, joy
and love.
We prepare for death throughout our lives but are never prepared when death actually comes.
At times death comes quietly like a gentle breeze, prolonged and other times like
Thunder out of nowhere unexpected and cruel.
Yet, we the living are left to work through its aftermath!
(we weep)
We must continue life in the world of the living
as Jonathan would like us to do so

Do not cry for Jonathan for he is at peace and suffers no more

Josie Santana (2019)

Bob Bridges

October 11, 2019

Jonathan has been a friend of mine for 37 years, longer than anyone else in my life. He was a good friend to me. I will miss him more than I know. I'd like to think he's up in doggie heaven with Syd and Devlin, out driving from one thrift store to another, in some vintage european convertible with Syd in the backseat, looking humble, and Devlin in the passenger seat content with his favorite toy, locked in his mouth, happy to be along for the ride. Jonathan loved his dogs. And they loved him back. We all did.

Kevin Magill

October 11, 2019

Jonathan was the friend I had that was the reason I tried,. Let me explain; whenever something good occurred in my life, he was the person I called. If I got a new car, was having an art show, moving to a new city...anything. I new I would hear support from him, a heartfelt congratulations and a "woo hoo!". I started to equate happy times with my friend Jonathan. Many of his friends did, he was a bright light. When he became ilI, i thought the light would go out of my friend..
But, it didn't...he persevered, he found reasons to smile, he spent quality time with his family and friends. Time with him was always a gift...it became a treasure and honor these last couple of years to be able to visit and travel with him..I know I can't call him now, but if it's okay, whenever something special happens in my life, I am going to need to send a thought out to the universe..."This is for you Jono".

Pamela Copeland

October 11, 2019

We miss you every day Jonathan. You have been a part of our family almost the whole time we have been in Seattle - part of most holidays you were in town, any birthday we could keep you here for and the best part of Sophia’s “Grown up birthday dinner”. When we discovered”Fundue”, you showed up with a vintage cookbook & 60s forks, When you lived with us, you noticed I was brushing on a glaze with a paintbrush that had gotten rusty from the dishwasher, so you lectured me about a citation you had from the restaurant & found me an actual kitchen brush. And Jim will never think I care for him as well as you did that Summer of juicing....such thought that went into combinations of kale, carrots, ginger and anything you thought was an innovative combination. You were the best of men: a good listener, wise observer, helpful handyman, hipster influence, collector of people and sage. I love most how you took care of your friends and family to the end, and let us share every experience with you. The world is not the same but I have great respect for a life well lived. Rest In Peace, love.

Dimitri Sculptor

October 5, 2019

My life is much better off for having known you. Thank you for Good Planet Cafe and helping me launch ANEW (Artists Now Exhibiting Work) inaugural exhibition in 1995 and many others. You were a kindred selfless spirit always in service to others.

You will always remain the most amazing friend ever, I love you and miss you dearly RIP Jon

Irene Smith

October 4, 2019

Jonathan was a golden spirit that saw the beauty and potential in so many people that might have otherwise been overlooked by others.

If you were Jonathan’s friends you were life long friends. A beautiful soul through and through

So many people mention his smart wit - and true, even when speaking an opposing view with a friend , he’d make his point and smile and laugh softly. Such a great conversationalist.

Jono- thank you for everything .