Marvin Wayne Graham Sr.

January 27, 1949June 27, 2018
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Funeral Service for Marvin Wayne Graham, Sr., age 69, was held Monday July 2, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. Interment followed at Coosa Valley Baptist Cemetery. Mr. Graham passed away Wednesday, June 27, 2018. He is preceded in death by his parents, Benjamin Otis Graham and Clara E. Ford Graham; his sister, Linda Phillips, and his brother, James Graham. He is survived by his wife, Peggy Graham; son, Marvin “Wayne” Graham Jr.; daughters, Lisa Pond and Teresa Sams; grandchildren, Kendall Graham, Brittany Pond, Trevor Pond, Zachary Pond, Eli Pond, Kizer Sams, Elle Sams, Karson Sams and Kinsley Sams; sisters, Peggy Oliver and Christine Mayo; thought of as our children, Patricia (Wilson) Richey, Joan Wilson, Renee Wells and Kimberly (Ensley) Matlock; thought of as a brother, Calvin Barber, Jr.


Marvin Wayne Graham Sr.

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Peggy Oliver

July 27, 2018

Marvin was always a very precious brother. Even when we were growing up, he was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to and always shared loving advice. He was quite the athlete in his younger days. He was a pitcher on the little league team and boy could he ever throw a good curveball. The opposing teams were admittedly afraid of his left-handed throws; he was really that good. And then later, as a teenager, he was just as good at playing basketball. I believe there are still trophies at our local school in which he played a huge part in his team winning (all-state and national championships) which got him a college scholarship. It seemed there was nothing he couldn't do. He was such a loving and kind person. I loved him so much! I sure do miss my little brother!

Lisa Graham Pond

July 26, 2018

My daddy was a kind, funny and gentle man. I loved how, when I would walk in to visit, he would pat my arm and say, “Hey, my Sweetie Pie.” If it was ever in his power to help someone who had a need, he would. But he told the corniest jokes ever! I loved the Sunday afternoon drives to Aunt Peggy’s or Aunt Linda’s house in our younger days. We would pick crabapples or plums with him telling me all about each kind of tree we'd see. Then the grand babies came along and he got even sweeter. He sang “You are My Sunshine” to each of us and it carried on to the grand babies too. It didn’t matter what the grand babies wanted to do, he was right there with them. Whether it was watching 15 episodes of Barney the dinosaur, putting together a train, playing in the tiny tent, or just snuggling, Papa Graham was right there with them. He was a great dad, grandfather and friend. Anyone who knew him well, loved Him. His passing left a hole in my heart that can only be filled when I meet him again in Heaven one day. Oh! What a day that will be!

Kendall Graham

July 11, 2018

Kendall (age 18): I’m so incredibly thankful to have made so many precious memories with such a wonderful man. All of the Waffle House trips, the imaginary games we’d play, all of the incredibly unique jokes he’d tell. All of the long days/nights of snuggling, all of the times I got to sleep in his bed with him even though I’d accidentally kick him off the bed in my sleep, and the days when we would sit in his recliner and I’d flip us backwards because I loved to hear his laugh. The endless back scratches, hugs, and kisses. All of the times he’d pass by my crib and always have the biggest smile on his face as he waved at me. All of the sweet songs he’d sing, and the bold times when he’d let me “drive” his truck down the driveway. Even the times when Ma Graham would leave him in charge and he’d secretly let us grandchildren have Oreos for lunch. The way he’d light up any room he’d walk in to. He was just simply amazing at anything he did (which was just about everything). He had such a pure and genuine soul; he was loved by so many! I am so proud to have been able to call him my Papa Graham. He will forever hold a special place in my heart. Words will never be able to describe how much I loved him. Until we meet again. . .fly high, Papa Graham; you will be so missed. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace my sweet angel. You are and will always be my sunshine.

Brittany Pond

July 10, 2018

Brittany (age 18): As a little girl, I remember Papa Graham taking us to the Waffle House as our special treat. If we spent the night with him and Ma Graham, we knew Papa Graham was going to wake us up early and take us there. I loved these times because we had so many giggles and corny jokes and it was always a special time in just being together. It was in these moments that I realized how much Papa Graham loved and cared for all of his grand-babies. I could go on and on about the countless jokes he would tell and the times that he would rock me and sing “You are my sunshine”. I also loved the times that we would all gather in the living room to hear about Papa’s adventures. Papa Graham meant the world to all of his grand-babies and I couldn’t be more proud and blessed to have called him my papa.

Trevor Pond

July 10, 2018

Trevor (age 17): One notable thing about Papa Graham was that he was always trying to wow and amaze his grandchildren with some sort of new trick or new fact he’d learned, which usually led to our amusement. Whether it was showing off his replica swords he kept in his room or digging up facts about Bigfoot, he was always trying to impress us with his knowledge and wit.

Another thing Papa Graham did to make us feel special were our trips to the Waffle House together. He would allow us to embark on this journey with him down the street to his favorite local eatery and introduce us to the staff whom he was well-acquainted. These evenings often ended with us sitting together in the parking lot on crates chatting with Cliffy, one of Papa Graham’s many friends. This is where I would gather all sorts of wisdom from my elders whether it was about black panther sightings in Alabama or about politics (of which I had yet to understand).

To sum up my papa, he had very unique viewpoints of the world around him and often let his imagination run away. But one thing is for certain, he loved and cherished his grandchildren more than anything else and would do anything for us. There wasn’t a moment, when we were around him, that he didn’t have one of us in his arms or wasn’t stringing some yarn to our amusement. I love Papa Graham and will definitely miss him!

Zachary Pond

July 10, 2018

Zachary (age 13): Papa Graham seemed to always love and enjoy things that I love. He loved watching movies with me. I loved to hear him laugh when we watched funny YouTube videos. He truly loved to laugh and he loved to make others laugh. I loved that he always told me he loved me. I loved it when he told stories to me when I was younger. He was so kind and funny and loving. He was real smart, too. I loved sharing interesting facts I’d just learned with him and how he was always sharing facts with me, too. I loved Papa Graham so much and I know he loved me, too.

Eli Pond

July 10, 2018

Eli (age 7): Papa Graham always watched my favorite YouTube videos with me; we always laughed a lot. I loved sitting on the front porch with Papa Graham; we did that a lot, too. He has a big rocking chair and he said the little rocking chair was for me. I loved Papa Graham’s hugs; he always snuggled with me on the sofa and held my hand. I loved my Papa Graham with all my heart. Now my heart feels like it’s broken into a million pieces! I miss him so much!

Karson Sams

July 10, 2018

Karson (age 9): I loved when Papa Graham and I would go out the back door and sit and talk, and often we’d see lightning bugs when it was dark. I loved the times he talked about playing baseball when he was young. Papa Graham was a baseball pitcher. I, too, love playing baseball; sometimes I am the pitcher on the team and sometimes I play first base. Papa Graham was always trying to help me learn to throw a curve ball. I brought my baseball trophy with me this trip to Alabama for our summer visit. I carried it on the airplane, and I was so proud to show it to Papa Graham that Saturday night and talk about our team winning the championship this year. He said he was so proud of me! I love my Papa Graham!

Kinsley Sams

July 10, 2018

Kinsley (age 5) remembers spending the evening with Papa Graham and having pizza just before Papa Graham went in the hospital later that Saturday night, shortly after midnight. Kinsley said, “I loved having a pizza party with Eli, Karson, Ma Graham and Papa Graham. We played ball. I loved giving him hugs and kisses.” Ma Graham remembers Kinsley looking over at Papa Graham that evening and saying, “Papa Graham, you look so handsome!”

Patricia Richey

July 1, 2018

I have so many wonderful memories of Uncle Marvin! When you were around him, you would always end up in smiles!! I think it was his personal mission. Uncle Marvin and Aunt Peggy opened their home to us after Dad passed away. Now that I have a family of my own, I have begun to understand what a tremendous sacrifice that must have been. It was during this time that I witnessed how to be self-less, in doing for others. During a time in my life filled with uncertainty, I was surrounded by unending love, support, and encouragement. There have been so many times that I have been in difficult circumstances, and it was the love and support from Uncle Marvin and his family that lifted me up. Uncle Marvin made an impact on me. He was a vessel which God used to bring comfort, to extend His love. I think when we look back over our lives, there are truly only a handful of people who make such an impact on our lives. Uncle Marvin is one of those people for me. He has been such a blessing to me!