Nicolas Francois de la Garza Newkirk

July 8, 2003March 27, 2021

Nicolas was born July 8, 2003, in Austin, Texas, making his family feel complete. For seventeen years, he graced the world with an exuberance that could not be contained in one small body. As the condolences and stories of Nicolas have poured in, it has become clear that Nicolas blessed an incalculable number of people. While only God Himself knew Nicolas' full story, we feel compelled to tell you this brief version of his story. Nicolas Francois Newkirk was truly loving, thoughtful and hardworking in everything he did. A few of his favorite things were spending time with his pet pigs, learning new technology, and enjoying time with loved ones. Nick showed love in numerous ways; he spent much time with all of his family and pursued peace. Nick loved making others laugh through jokes and funny photos for all of his friends, specific to the needs of each individual. Nick played a unique role in the family as Dad’s right-hand man, Mom’s garden helper, Gabs’ best buddy and Diego’s best man. His smile, ear to ear, was created by God to light up any and every room. He took an interest in the hobbies of others in order to spend special one-on-one time with his loved ones.

Nicolas, or as you may know him, Pork, was forgiving with his friends, compassionate in daily life, and tender-hearted. Nick was unassuming, patient, kind, loving, thoughtful, and never would hurt anyone. He brought gentleness and purity to all of his efforts. He was insatiably curious, uniquely eclectic, and admirably intentional. Nick loved to entertain, and he could always light up a room with a good joke or goofy hat.

His family knew him as affectionate, sharing big bear hugs with his parents and grandparents. He held great respect for the elderly, always running to help when he saw fit. He dabbled with new recipes and loved cooking meals such as pho, spring rolls, and sushi. He always made plenty for family and friends. Nicolas was ahead of his class, already enrolled in university classes at Austin Community College, studying Radio Television Film. His professors thought of him fondly and saw excitement in this budding young student. His interest in videography and media arts inspired him to pursue this passion.

In his younger years, if anything could be picked up and carried in a pocket, Nick had done it. From rocks to rubber bands and dead lizards, his pockets overflowed with unexpected items each day. He and his siblings would take hours to set up Nerf gun zones and pool parties for just the three of them. Every day was a new adventure, from biking around to explore and running to visit the neighbor’s tortoise. Adventure was a part of Nick’s soul. He relished in outdoor activities of all kinds such as camping and swimming. He spent more time in the water than on dry land. Nick loved to ski, both on water and snow, and he was very gifted at both. His adventurous spirit led him around the country and on many church missions trips to other countries. He enjoyed the experiences of new people and cultures and absorbed many of these practices into his daily routine.

Nicolas wanted nothing but happiness and peace for those around him. His smile was electric and filled a room. He didn’t want pain and sorrow for all of those who loved him. When we continue through life, seeing reminders of Nick in the little things, may we rejoice in his peaceful presence and the love he constantly shared. We will mourn that happy face, because what is grief if not love persevering? Nicolas’ wish for those he loved was healing from pain and the continuance of joy.

Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

The family would like to thank every person who made Nick’s life richer - everyone who shared a piece of themselves with him. We honor and thank everyone who has sent condolences, flowers, photos, gifts, meals, assistance, cards, journal entries, mementos, art, and prayers. May God bring you the peace and joy that Nicolas now has.


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    Thursday, April 8, 2021


Nicolas Francois de la Garza Newkirk

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Brenda Scarborough

April 13, 2021

Francois and Marta I’m so very sad that I didn’t get to know Nicolas except in your lovely CHRISTmas cards that you sent each year. I did watch him grow and your family blossom.
The loss you feel is beyond words and I know there is nothing I can do to ease the pain, but we know the great comforter and Nicolas is in his arms. May the same arms that hold Nicolas hold you both.
My love to you all,

Art Hernandez

April 13, 2021

It is with deep sorrow and a heavy heart to hear of Nicolas‘s passing. I first met Nicolas when his Dad and the family came to my home church to lead out in a missionary project. I had the honor and privilege to do a few mission trips in the Rio Grande Valley with the Newkirk family. On one of our trips to the Rio Grande Valley Nicolas and I were going door to door. We were inviting people to vacation Bible school and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. There was a dog that came barking and running at us. I told Nicolas we’re not gonna run, we’re just gonna keep on walking. He was so young at that time and little nervous, but we stood our ground and the dog backed off. My hope and prayer for all of us who are grieving a great loss, is that we will seek the Lord with all our heart because it is only Jesus who can fill this void that we have. I am so inspired by the strong Christian bond that the Newkirk family has; (3John1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in the truth”) they’re always enjoying life together and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. May the love of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit comfort us all.
Art& Noemi Hernandez

Jacob Dickson

April 13, 2021

We are very saddened when we heard the news. I still remember like it was yesterday when you would always walk in with a big ole smile and made sure everyone was in a great mood. Never once did I ever see you stop smiling. This will lay heavy on our hearts. And our dearest condolences and will alway pray for you, Nick and your family!

Chris Burfict

April 8, 2021

In the short time I got to know him, I recognized Nicolas to be an excellent student as his Austin Community College professor.

He was soft spoken, inquisitive, and engaged in each class, showing a genuine interest and promise in the creative arts. I'm deeply saddened to hear this news as it truly comes as a heartbreaking shock to myself, and all of his peers who respected him. My deepest condolences go to the family and loved ones who share in the grief of his loss. You'll truly be missed Nicolas and your memories will be honored.

God bless.

Heidi Wild

April 7, 2021

It has taken me along time to write. My heart has been broken. You were such a precious boy always with that special twinkle in your eye. It’s been a pleasure watching you grow into such a loving caring young man. I will miss seeing you become the incredible man I know you would have become. Know you were always loved by your friends and family. Your family have been in my constant thoughts and prayers. May God wrap you in his loving arms until we see you again.
All my love.
Heidi and the Wild family.

Amalia Morales

April 7, 2021

7 de abril
Amalia Morales

Cuando supe la noticia se me llenaron los ojos de lagrimas y ya no pude contenerme. Era domingo y me estaba llendo para la iglesia. Estaba con un dolor muy grande en mi corazón. Llegue a la iglesia y cuando termino la predicación le pedí a mi pastor y algunos hermanos acompañarme al altar por una oración muy especial para tu familia.

Aunque yo te trate cuando eras pequeño me recuerdo cuando te visité algunas veces en Austin con mi hermana Agueda. Pasamos tiempos hermosos y recuerdo que en las mañanas ibas tú y Gabriela y se acurrucaban conmigo en mi cama. Nunca lo olvidaré.

Luego fuimos a un crucero, tú y tus hermanos corrían por todos lados; eran felices y disfrutaban de sus vacaciones. Fueron tiempos muy bonitos que no voy olvidar.
Pero ahora Nick, estás en el cielo saludando a tu creador y abrazando a tu abuelita Agueda. Pronto estaremos contigo.

Bendiciones Tía Amalia.

Mason Hughes

April 6, 2021

Camping out in RA's years ago was really fun and so great having you there. You and your bro n dad always had the cool camp stuff and you were always such a wonderful young man to know. Pinewood derby day was a true storybook competition and all that fun stuff we all did together. I was thrilled when John said he reconnected with you just a couple weeks ago when he was camping out with . We always believed in you Nicolas. May God bless and hold you in his hands.

Rebecca Morrison

April 6, 2021

I know that you are loved and will remain in the memory of all your family and close friends as a warm and loving person. We enjoyed receiving your family’s annual Christmas cards where we had the opportunity to see you grow into a beautiful young man. God has received you into his kingdom where there is only beauty and love to behold. You will be missed.

Claudia Gilmore

April 6, 2021

Nick never failed to make me laugh. We had our own special bond and acted stupid and funny together. He would mess around with me and tease me and it made my day. One of my favorite memories with Nick was in South Padre when we were left alone in Isaiah’s truck and we were saying hi to people through Isaiah’s truck speaker thing. It was hilarious because people would look so confused. I was so nervous to do it but Nick insisted that I do it and we laughed so hard at people’s reactions. Every time I saw him he would fart on me... Yes. Probably the funniest thing and probably weird to most people but Nick was just funny like that. Although it’s been years, Nick made an impact on my life. He made me laugh and smile more than any other teenager could. Nick and the Newkirk family will always have a special place in my heart.

Josie Ramirez Solis

April 5, 2021

Words cannot express the sorrow we feel about this loss in the family. I’m heartbroken we didn’t get to see you grow up and reach all the milestones life had in store for you. We will cherish the memories we do have and the family photos your mom and dad always shared. I have always thought you reminded me so much of your mom when we were growing up. Your beautiful smile and demeanor will never be forgotten and in our hearts you will always remain. You are a child of God and unto him you have returned. Our prayers are for your your family now that they may take comfort in your memory, knowing you have touched so many. Rest In Peace dear sweet Nicolas ✝️