Dale Ross Bedford

March 12, 1947July 2, 2019
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Dale Ross Bedford was born on March 12, 1947 in Santa Monica , California and passed away on July 2, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona.


  • Memorial Service Monday, July 15, 2019
  • Committal Service Monday, July 15, 2019


Dale Ross Bedford

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David & Leigh Gass

July 15, 2019

Dear Bedford Family,

We met Dale about 10 years ago when we lived in Ahwatukee, near the Fry's where he worked. What I remember most is his kind smile and his willingness to give anyone a helping hand. We have made a donation to FeedingAmerica in honor of Dale.

Our sincere condolences,
The Gass Family

Scott Warren

July 8, 2019

To the family of Dale,

Dale was a good man with an equally good sense of humor. While I never knew Dale outside of Delta Air Lines the glass of life was always half full and never half empty during the time I spent with him. It was my good fortune to have made his acquaintance. I'm very sorry to learn of his passing.

Scotty Warren

Bill and Jean Markmann

July 8, 2019

To the Dale Bedford Family,
Our deepest sympathy on the passing of Dale. He was a genuine person that worked hard and really cared about others. His family will be his legacy that carries on this tradition.

Again, our sincere condolances.

Bill and Jean



Mr. Dale was a wonderful, kind, generous man who was loved by those around him. He was a dedicated worker fo Delta for over 30 years and Frys for more than 10. He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. He leaves behind his son Nick and granddaughter Leilah, his wife Nadene and his stepson Joseph, stepdaughter Bryanna and her husband Rudy. As well as his step-grandchildren Cypress, Jionni and Josiah. His also survived by his sister Carol and her husband Dennis. He was a happy gentleman that all who knew him described him as joyful and great to be around and always willing to go out of his way to help those who needed it. He is and will continue to be truly loved and missed.

Service for Dale Bedford
The author Shannon Adler wrote:
When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become like a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.

For Mr. Dale Bedford - his cheerfulness, good sense of humor, and storytelling made being “joyful” so easy for him!
Good morning and Welcome. My name is Ronda Berkey and I am honored to be your funeral Celebrant today as you have gathered to dedicate this time to Dale.
As a community you have all experienced the loss of Dale.
I thank each and every one of you for your presence here today. It is something so significant and very special when we can stop to acknowledge the importance of a life and how he touched his world.
Your presence is a sign of respect for how Dale made a difference in your life and you took the time to stop and honor his distinctive place on this earth.
Today is to celebrate the years, the months, the days and the hours God placed Dale’s beautiful heart on this earth. Today is a day to acknowledge the “moments” that you shared with Dale.
When I met with the family I learned that Bryanna his step daughter and her children referred to Dale as Mr. Dale, and as she talked and began her stories, hearing it became such a loving and caring sound of respect. So today I am going to call him Mr. Dale to honor that memory as well.

I was told Mr.Dale was just one busy guy! He was a worker! Mr.Dale loved the many roles he occupied in this life. He was a son, a brother, a husband, a father, and a grandfather. He also proudly served his nation as an Air Force mechanic in the Vietnam War, he was a devoted employee to Delta Airlines for over thirty years, and not wanting to slow down, joined Fry’s in their maintenance department for ten plus years.
As we prepare to pay tribute to Mr. Dale’s life, let’s take a few minutes and think of how the following quotes tell about how Mr. Dale approached his world.

There is no substitute for hard work,
Strive for Greatness,
The time is always right to do what is right,
Determine your priorities and focus on them
Have enough courage to start and enough heart to finish…

Mr. Dale was a man of traditional values. He valued a sense of purpose, and he was a creature of habit. He was one who enjoyed work, and his ability to do work was important to him. Not only for it being the typical means to an end, although he loved the overtime money, he was always saving for that rainy day! But most important it was the friendships and communication he developed with his team mates through the years.
I have heard it said: When your work brings your happiness- you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music. And you fulfil a part of the earth’s furthest dream, it was assigned to you when the dream was born, and in keeping yourself with labor you are in truth loving life.
Mr. Dale had that heart of service. He was generous with his time and was the first to answer your call and provide help with what he had and what he could do for you.
Mr. Dale answered his call of duty in Vietnam. He was stationed in Thailand and was blessed with a wife and two children, a son Nicholas and daughter, Donna, who has since passed. Today when we go to the cemetery, Mr. Dale will join Donna in their place of rest.
The author Denise Hildreth wrote: “Somethings just can’t be protected by the storms. Somethings just break, hearts, dreams, and lives. Every moment in-between is a unique opportunity to experience as much love and belonging as we can possibly muster.”
The sense of belonging was such a strong desire for Mr. Dale. He wished to feel connected to family and again make others happy as well. In 2005 his attention became directed towards a special friend who worked at Fry’s. At first he was just a nice guy to talk with, and boy could he talk, as Bryanna describes him, Mr. Dale is a flood gate talker. Nadine said Dale would come in forty five minutes prior to his shift just to talk with her as she was trying to get her work done.
At first Nadine kept telling him “you are too old for me Dale”, in fact, he was quite a few years older than her, but she came to adore his persistence and opened her eyes to his sweet and loving heart.

Their companionship brought him into a great family. Bryanna’s children loved the company of Mr. Dale, or as Josiah would greet him at the door “Papa Smurf!” Mr. Dale enjoyed the snuggling and time spent with them exploring their interests, for Jionni who was obsessed with the ocean, they took him to The Odyssey. And Mr. Dale shared his interests as well, word search puzzles were completed with Jionni and picking through his other interests of coins and model cars. Josiah was well aware of Mr. Dale’s hospitalization, and when hearing of Mr. Dale’s death, he announced “He’s fine now’”- Yes he is!
Nadine and Dale were a happy and content partnership. Bryanna said they were a good balance for each other. The two traveled; Dale was so excited to help Nadine complete her bucket list.
They went to Prescott, Colorado, Payson and Portland, Oregon. She wanted to experience the 10 waterfalls and especially the grand and stunning Multnomah Falls. She said, “He just always wanted to make sure I was happy”.
His excitement to be with the family could be seen at the many events he attended and he cared deeply for all of them. Bryanna commented; how she knew all her Tata asked, was to have a “good man for his daughter Nadine.”
This good man is the one that brought a bath mat to Nadine’s doorstep at nine o’clock at night just leaving it there to not disturb her sleep. The story was she had fallen in the shower earlier in the day – and she mentioned to Dale how she totally forgot to get a mat today after work! She was talking to Dale on the phone just prior to going to bed. He called her first thing in the morning, told her to take a look outside before she took her shower. It was a heart melting moment for Nadine.
That’s the kind of guy he was. He was a patient man- he went and got a marriage license in 2017 and carried it in the glove box of his truck till Nadine was ready. The lighter and more laughable memories they told me had food involved. He sure could eat, Bryanna said he was a garbage disposal. Nadine said she herself gained twenty pounds because they feasted eating breakfast and lunch out, and he was always picking up her favorite Pecan Rolls from See’s Candy.
In true and deep friendship, all thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born and shared, everything is delivered with compassion and great joy.
If you experienced the goodness of Mr. Dale I ask that you take this moment to share a brief thought or tribute to him now. You are amongst friends and family, you don’t even have to come forward- just be comfortable delivering your thoughts from where you are.

Let’s take a few minutes to reflect on those things shared and place Mr. Dale a little deeper in our hearts

One of the greatest gifts we can give people is the “hope” that death is nothing to fear- For those who are believers in Christ we live as long as it takes to inspire, love, touch, engage and share our life with all those we are put in our path. We believe that this place on earth is only our temporary home. In scripture James chapter 4 verse 14 reminds us, “yet, you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.”
Our real home is with our creator, who has prepared for us our place with him in His mansion of comfort, peace and love. Know in your hearts that Mr. Dale is in his heavenly home and his spirit resides deep within your heart.
The author J.R. Rim speaks of something so beautiful for us to remember…- “To pray is to communicate with the essence. Praying is calling home.”
We will close our time here in the chapel and prepare ourselves to go out to the cemetery to place Mr. Dale in his final place of rest.
Remembering the generous heart of Mr. Dale, I am sure he would agree with these final thoughts…
“What We find changes who we become”
I wish for you…comfort on the difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds,
Laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, gentle hugs when spirts sag,
Friendship to brighten your being, beauty for your eyes to see, confidence for when you doubt
Faith so you can believe, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, and love to complete your life.
Let’s end with a final prayer… you may bow your heads if you wish… Dear Lord, I ask your blessing on all who have gathered here today, who have given their heart and soul to deepen and strengthen this family. I pray for all those who have walked along side of Dale and have been a faithful in their journey to him and his family. Remind them that this has been one of their greatest gifts of grace. May they continue to feel the inspiration of his kind and generous spirit in their own lives- Father we thank You for the gift of Mr. Dale’s life.
May you use those gifts that you have received from Dale, and pass on the love that has been given to you. AMEN. Our here has service has ended and we will now go out to the cemetery. You are all invited to attend. Thank you.

Thank you for joining us here for our last ceremony of dedication to Mr. Dale. We have respectfully and reverently acknowledged the death of Dale and have come together today as a community to wish him a final farewell and he is now welcomed to his final place of rest.
Let us rejoice that Dale is at peace and he will find rest here- next to his beloved daughter Donna.
A Cemetery is a history of people, a perpetual record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today.
It is here that lives are commemorated, deaths are recorded, memories are made tangible and love is undisguised. A cemetery exists because every life is worth living and remembering always.
IN committing Dale to this place of eternal rest, we do so with deep reverence for his body was a temple during life, of a unique and beloved personality.
In the days to come you will visit this place and remember him vividly. May you be at peace as you know that he has received his heavenly reward.
Celebrate and be thankful for all his many talents of telling stories and sharing laughter. Cherish his energies of working and aiding all who asked for his help. May you accept the gifts he demonstrated as a challenge for you to pass on a legacy of generosity, kindness and enthusiasm.
God saw you getting weary. He did what he thought best. He put his arms around you and said, come rest. He opened up His golden gates on that heartbreaking day, and with His arms around you, you gently slipped away. It broke our hearts to lose you. You did not go alone. A part of us went with you the day God called you home.
You may bow your heads for the final blessing:
Dear Lord, I ask that you bless all that have shared this morning with Mr. Dale’s family.
May they go forward with happy memories of Dale. May the words, the touch and presence of others bring solace and comfort.
May they be blessed in their coming in and going out as they close this day and prepare to begin a new one, grateful for the life of Dale.
Eternal Rest grant unto Dale O’ lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him, may his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace…
Peace and God’s abundant blessings be with each of you, now and forever.
Our service has ended – let us all go in peace.