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Joshua Ted Daniel Cohen

April 27, 1988March 15, 2020
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Joshua Ted Daniel Cohen, born April 27th, 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona to Alexandria Gonzalez and Ted Cohen, passed on March 15th, 2020. Namesake of Ted and his grandfather Dan Cohen, a.k.a. Pops. Appropriately so, for Josh was the spitting image of Dad and had a zest for life just like his Pops. He carried on many traits of both. Josh lived life to his own accord. He was stubborn as hell, ambitious, had an "I did it my way" attitude towards it all. He was headstrong, steadfast, and held his own beliefs. You couldn't persuade him otherwise. A philosopher and thinker and just like Pops, he was a jack of all trades, master of none. According to Josh, master of all! Hunter, fisherman, rapper, writer, businessman, golfer, archer, teller of tall tales around a campfire, roofer, drywaller, go getter, and most importantly, author of his own story. He was a hard worker, a big dreamer, loved to write, rap, and create music. But to the end, Josh was tenderhearted and laughed with his whole heart. A bright smile hid much pain, but his eyes could never bluff. His struggles never wore away his stubborness, they only made him dig his heels in a little deeper to keep going. Those left to cherish Josh's memories are parents Ted and Sonia Cohen, Alexandria Gonzalez, siblings Michael and Ashley Dominguez, Johnathon Dominguez, Alyssa Navarro, Tori Dominguez, Linden Gonzalez, Ranjeet Singh, nephews Julian and Jaden Dominguez and niece Janae Dominguez along with Grandparents Petra and Ralph Ruiz, Josefina Hernandez, and Rose Cohen, as well as many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Josh loved many people and so much about life, but didn't see the impact he had on those around him. He touched so many lives but never fully realized just how much he was loved. Joshua Ted Daniel Cohen, a precious soul indeed! You are so loved, you will be missed!


  • Graveside Service Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Joshua Ted Daniel Cohen

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Michaelia Cohen

March 24, 2020

This past week, I found myself Facebook stalking Josh through my sister’s page. As I read through Josh’s post I could hear his voice spilling his inner most thoughts, through his videos I relished in his excitement, and his photos I saw his victorious moments.

Josh, you made childhood special and unforgettable. From naming bugs, bike riding at the church, to swimming at lakes. As adults you would always make it a point to remind me words we shared when we were children. For that, I am eternally grateful we had one another.

I loved when I would see you driving your white Dodge truck down St. Charles Street, you never waved but you “flopped” your hand up and down, gesturing hi, with a smirk on your face, and your fire orange/red beard radiating against your skin. I would always tell you “how the heck did you get that!” A time I believe you were the most proud. If you knew Josh, this you’d know.

I will keep your spirit alive as I continue my path. I promise I will “live in love,” being the truest and most genuine form of me. I will teach my son the splendors of the land, the depths of the lakes, and thrill of the pursuit of game. You taught us Josh, these treasures were best when shared and passed on. You soaked up every moment making memories with those you loved, doing the things you knew best, where you felt most at home. This, my son will know. I only wished he could have learned along side you as his little hunting/fishing side kick, as we once were.

Joshua, you were rich beyond measure. Your love everlasting, without judgement and unconditional. You knew time was never promised, and loved like there was no tomorrow.

I hope you make time to work on your sprinting game, cause next time I see you, I’m gonna kick your ———.

With all my love, Kay.

Richard Sanders

March 24, 2020

My kids always called him tio and they loved him too. He was always there for me and I always really enjoyed our times talking all night wrenching and drinking. Josh, until we meet again my friend. Gone but never forgotten.

Richard Sanders

March 24, 2020

Josh was my best friend and I will miss him dearly. We would always get together and hang out in his garage and work on his truck and drink. We had went hunting together and had a good time even thought there was more hunters then there was bucks that year he always kept a positive attitude and we found a spot that we could hunt though we got a deer that year but when we got a four point deer. We were ecstatic but when we approached our kill this 12 point came from around a juniper and bolted and before we could get the rifle drawn he leap and went behind a hill and was gone. Josh will be greatly missed and he will always be with me.

Karli Gonzalez

March 24, 2020


It feels like just yesterday we were in the bathroom of my parents home and I was giving you a funny haircut. You were never afraid to put your trust in me and supported everything I set my mind to. When it comes down to it, you were more than just my cousin.. you were my friend. My heart is heavy with the fact that youre gone but I know that you tried very hard for so long and I am proud to be your family. You were loved then, you are loved now and youll be loved always.


Michael González

March 24, 2020


I can’t even come up with the words that express my sadness and pain. The thought of you gone is like a knife in my chest, and every thought of you is like a twist to that knife. We all have been touched by your spirt in one way or another and now that you aren’t with us we truly see the impact you had on all of us. Maybe we didn’t appreciate it then, but we do now. We will see you on the other side Josh, just don’t forget us. I know we won’t forget you. I love you Josh.

Steven Cohen

March 24, 2020

Joshua my nephew. I watched you you grow from a baby to a man. You learned many trades. You kept our families traditions alive, hunting, fishing and an outdoorsman. I will cherish our adventures together. Your first Archery javelina with my bow from pop's, you first whitetail deer with my 264 your first elk with my 264 , that rifle suited you. You did it your way
My toast to the 5 Fs for you
In my heart Love You Joshua
PS find a nice patch of green soft grass, you know

Rosemary Preston

March 23, 2020

Last time I saw you you commented that you were afraid of being disowned. Your comment really bothered me, the look on your face I'll never forget. Nephew you always a very Happy and Rambunctious little boy, with such a very Loving and Tender Heart. I don't know why your life was cut so short but our Heavenly Father knew what was in your heart and he must have decided that he needed another Angel.
Families are Forever Joshua.
Rest In Peace
My Condolences to Cohen Family and Gonzalez Family.

Amanda Cohen

March 23, 2020

PSALM 34:18


Smosh, we're gonna miss you like crazy, we already do. Can't believe you've left us all behind! You are new and free from the sufferings of this world, and that gives us a tiny bit of peace, though the selfish part of me wishes you were still here.

I pray you feel all the love coming your way and that you know how much you mean to us.
This is incredibly hard, so I'll not say goodbye but "Love you, see you when I see you, watch over your Daddy and give Pops a big hug for me!"

Love and Hugs,
Tia Mandy

Gilbert Soto

March 22, 2020

How do we say good bye to a young man that we love. A young man that we admired for his youthful promise. His contagious laugh and smile. His ever confident and stubborn swagger. I say not good bye but instead Hasta Luego , for we will see him again. He’s just gone ahead to scout out a good camp site, a new fishing hole, and a nicer golf course. I will forever cherish the memories of fun times, picking on each other, and the long talks about life.
Later Josh, say hello to Pops and Chango.

Lora Ollarsaba

March 21, 2020

Joshua, I will miss you forever. Your laugh, your grin, (smirk) your side eye
You were one in a million I wished you would've known how truly special a man you were.
Love you and miss you something horrible
Your aunt Lo