Juan "Boli" Antonio Salas Talavera

November 17, 2002June 8, 2018
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Juan Antonio Salas Talavera, Boli, was born November 17, 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona. Juan, a child of God, earned his angel wings peacefully on June 8th, 2018 and was crowned in the heavens as King, just as he always sang “Oh I just can’t wait to be King!”(Lion King).

He is preceded in death by both his maternal grandparents: Maria De los Angeles Avila and Ismael Daniel Salas. He is survived by his mother Amelia Salas, little brother Javier Salas, aunts: Elizabeth Salas, Susana Salas, Blanca Bañuelos, Lorena Alarcon, uncles: Marcos Avila, Joel Salas, Simon Lopez, and Victor Soto, lots of cousins, family members and many many many friends.

Juan Salas was and is an inspiration, an extraordinary big brother and the most amazing son. Beyond being a loving, selfless and caring family member Juan displayed a strong character who imprinted a piece of himself in everyone whom he met. Through Juan’s tribulations in life he remained full of spirit and courageousness. While also providing his family and friends with a new and always positive outlook on life. Just as his favorite bible verse, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me; Philippians 4:13.

A funeral service in memory of Juan Salas will be held on Thursday, June 14 2018 at 02:00 pm., at the Greenwood Memory Lawn in their Serenity Chapel Located at 719 N 27th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85009. Memorial donations in memory of Juan can be made towards St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


  • Visitation Thursday, June 14, 2018
  • Funeral Service Thursday, June 14, 2018

Juan "Boli" Antonio Salas Talavera

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July 4, 2018

I am sorry to hear about your loss. May the hope found at Acts 24:15 bring you comfort during this difficult time.

Talia and Joseph Lugo

July 4, 2018

My children know Juan from Camp Kesem. They are devastated learning he has passed, but they know he is safe with the Lord. There is silence in our home today as we remember Juan and the fun times at camp. Our condolences to Juan’s mother, brother and family.

Eunice Garcia

July 3, 2018

U= Uplifted
A= Adventurous
N= Nice

Juan was one of a kind, a beautiful young man who fought day by day for himself and for his family. A very strong and brave young man that showed no fear. His smile could hide a multitude of struggles....He never gave up. ❤️


JUAN Salas

July 3, 2018

First off I want to use this time to thank each and everyone of you.. family and friends of my cousin Juan or as we like to call him .... “Boli”. All of us are truly blessed to have witnessed a strong, loving and ambitious, beautiful young man in our lives. Although this may be the hardest moment our family is going through, Juan has instilled in us to remain together and most importantly Love each other.
I speak on behalf of A strong and Inspiring women.. My Tia Amelia. Who I want thank for standing strong and keeping her promise to remain strong not for us but for her Sons.
Through out the years I remember My cousin Juan always being so curious about everything that happened around him. As a young boy he used sit around next me and my brother watching us play video games waiting for his turn. I was always surprised by him because although he was just a 7 or 8 year old boy somehow he always managed to pass the game levels before me.
I have always admired the way Juan carried himself. Even as a young boy he walked around like he was an adult. Juan always displayed a strong mature character and never let anything bother him. No matter what the case was or what situation Juan was placed in... he overcame and walked with his head up high. He smiled through tribulations he had to endure and reminded his family that
I gave Juan my badge because he possessed the Key characteristics of not only an officer but as a Person. Juan displayed Courage as he fought to remain happy in front of all his family and never showed sadness. Juan also displayed Integrity by holding all our family accountable for our actions and upheld what was right from wrong.
We thank God for blessing his life and giving him the opportunity to love. In the same way God has also blessed us with Juan. I firmly believe Juan is in a way better and more beautiful place looking down and admiring all the Love that is in this building.
-Juan C Salas (Cousin)

Emma Giffen

June 29, 2018

Juan was so quiet, strong and kind. He was the young man I wanted my son to be. He was a sweet son, loving older brother, and smart beyond belief. He also had a great sense of humor and made me laugh! I am so grateful I had even a little bit of time with his incredible spirit. He made the world lighter and more beautiful, and now will watch over us all.

Nicole DiSturco

June 26, 2018

Juan’s ability to remain calm throughout life’s biggest challenges inspires me to do better every day. When I met Juan I remember being amazed at how mature and brave he was. He could hold a conversation better than most adults and his perspective on life was so different, yet he still had that childlike innocence. He was such a wonderful kid, friend, brother and son here on earth. I picture Juan celebrating his life and legacy up in heaven!

Leticia Robles

June 26, 2018

When Juan first arrived to be part of my 8th grade class taking high school algebra, he immediately wanted to show all the kids he was smarter. When we did team challenges or activities, he liked being his own team because he said his teammates were of no help with a silly smile. The kids would laugh and challenge him. He would proudly shout out “Mrs. Robles, I don’t need a team! I am the team!” 😂 Everytime he got a question right, he would rub it in everyone’s face and giggle. He made the kids laugh and he always made sure those around him were happy. He was a light in my class. He always displayed how big his heart was and was friends with everyone. I am honored to have been his teacher and to have learned so much from him. He will be missed but all that he stood for in life will be carried on by his friends and family! He was surely one of a kind.

Holly Carroll

June 14, 2018

Taking a picture together because there moms made them...but trying to be cool! 😎 Seeing your smiles in the halls of St Jude always gave me comfort. Love these kiddos so much! 🎗

Matthew Stewart

June 14, 2018

I have two memories I want to share. I had the honor of being Juan's 5th grade teacher. During Thanksgiving break that year Juan went to shoot a commercial for St. Jude with Sofia Vergara. I told him I was going to show the whole class the commercial when he got back. He was acting like he was embarrassed so I told him I wouldnt and we watched it in the conference room with our principal. About 2:00 that day he came up to me and said "if you want to show everyone, I guess you can." So we watched as a class. And boys being boys started giving Juan a hard time about how beautiful she was and they kept asking did she give him a kiss. Juan told them to stop so I had to tell the boys to quit. Walking to the bus I heard Juan tell a few of the boys "ya she kissed me on the cheek a lot." I still laugh when I think about how he said it so proudly.

The second one came about mid-year. Juan came into 5th grade saying he wanted to be a doctor. Well we had a writing assignment and the topic was, What we want to be when we grow up, how are we are going to accomplish it, and why do we want to be this. Well Juan wrote about wanting to be a teacher. I saw him writing the first part and ask him about being a doctor. And Juan said he wanted to be a teacher so he could get paid to come in and have fun. He said "You dont even work Mr. Stewart, you are always having fun in here " I told Juan we would discuss this and teaching not a bad 2nd idea but a doctor is a much better job. But Juan was right, having students like Juan, I believe I am one of the few people in this world that never has to work. Thank you Juan!

Thank you Juan and Amelia for giving me the pleasure of getting to know you both. You are both so wonderful!

M Lynn

June 12, 2018

En este momento de dolor, espero que Dios te dé fuerzas. (Revelación 21:4)


If there was ever a person who wanted to heal all the wrongs in the world, it was Juan Antonio Salas Talavera. He was an idealist who sought to bring harmony to those around him. Even though Juan was enthusiastic and generous, it was sometimes difficult for him to boast about his accomplishments. Juan had strong personal convictions, making it hard for him to relinquish those ideals he held dearest to himself. Juan's life motto was always to hope for the best and work hard towards that end, but be prepared for some of life's disappointments. This philosophy was a continual driving force in his life, but it did not extinguish the bright light that defined the dreamer in Juan, something that was always there and that he readily shared with everyone around him.

Juan was born on November 17, 2002 at Maryvale Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona to Amelia Salas and Juan Talavera. Juan was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. As a youngster, Juan demonstrated an excellent vocabulary and command of language. He was a compassionate person, a quality that he would carry with him throughout his life. Even at a young age, Juan was sensitive to his mothers’ moods and worked hard to please her and live up to her expectations.

Throughout his life, Juan showed a remarkable ability to mend relationships. This was true even with his sibling. Juan was caring, diplomatic and tolerant of the feelings of everyone especially those around him. Juan was raised with one sibling, his younger brother, Javier Salas. Juan was constantly involved in activities with his brother, they shared a one of a kind bond and cared deeply for one another.

As a young boy, Juan lived a childhood filled with fantasy. He was generally in pursuit of his own identity, but he was also adaptable to almost any situation he faced. Juan took part in soccer and tae kwondo. In his spare time he liked reading and playing video games. However, to Juan, the most fun to be had was simply playing, and spending time with his brother and many cousins.

While those who did not know him well found Juan to be somewhat reserved until they got to know him, he was an authentic and devoted friend. Juan was a tranquil person, with an easygoing and open-minded attitude towards life. He presented a pleasant face to the outside world but concealed the pain and discomfort he felt over his own friends’ difficulties. Juan sought to achieve harmony with everyone and possessed the ability to mend conflicts and avoid interpersonal struggles. His best friends were his brother Javier and his cousins, Joel Salas and Dayana Lopez.

Juan's tremendous enthusiasm for the activities he enjoyed also influenced the pleasure he drew from sports. Juan also enjoyed watching sports and liked following his favorite teams whenever he got the chance to do so. Top on his list was football.

Juan enjoyed traveling and going away on vacations. Taking trips provided the chance for him to kick back and relax, to visit new places and see new things. Favorite vacation was Rocky Point, Mexico.

Juan passed away on June 8, 2018 at Ryan House in Phoenix, Arizona. Juan fought a brave and courageous battle against cancer. He is survived by his mother Amelia Salas, little brother Javier Salas, aunts: Elizabeth Salas, Susana Salas, Blanca Bañuelos, Lorena Alarcon, uncles: Marcos Avila, Joel Salas, Simon Lopez, and Victor Soto, lots of cousins, family members and many many many friends.

Juan Antonio Salas Talavera was someone who was able to see the world as a good and honorable place. He viewed the people who inhabited it as essentially good. A person who tended to see the world in terms of black and white, Juan tried to focus on the good he saw, knowing that there were times he would have to compromise. He was selfless and deeply committed to all things positive and good. Juan was a person who would keep his eye on tomorrow and constantly held onto his dreams. He was capable of being mystical at times, and he could be the seer or shaman of a group. It was this exceptional insight and quiet reserve that that became Juan's trademark qualities for all who knew him, and it was one of the many reasons why all who knew him loved Juan Antonio Salas Talavera.