Justin Lee Blum

March 16, 1983February 2, 2019
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Service for Justin Blum, Saturday, February 9, 2019 “Some people are just an unexplainable spark of life. They ooze freedom and seek awareness, they belong to nobody but themselves yet give a piece of who they are to everyone they meet. No one truly knows the struggles they have been through, or what their eyes have seen, whatever they had to conquer, it just somehow shines through them as a glow. If you have met such a person, hold onto him. He’ll allow you into his soul and you will see the magic.”

Welcome and good afternoon. My name is Ronda Berkey and I am honored to be with you as your funeral celebrant as you all have gathered to pay tribute to Justin. He was that spark, that free spirit, that glow you now have in your soul and you were so lucky to have seen the magic. I thank each and every one of you for your presence here today. It is something so significant when we can stop to acknowledge the importance of a life and how he touched his world. Your presence is a sign of respect for how Justin made a difference in your life and you took the time to stop and honor his special place on this earth. Before we begin the service, we will pause to light a candle. The lighting of a candle signifies the essence of light in all of us. It is also symbolic of the eternal flame that stands in remembrance of those gone before us… this lighting is in tribute to the source of life and the brilliant light that Justin was to all… I ask Denise and Andrew to please step forward to light this candle. Lighting of the candle

I was told Justin would be making fun of us for “all of this”. He wasn’t in favor of events that were about him. He wasn’t into bragging about himself what he has done or where he has been. Andrew said the only thing he would brag about is how good he could take a hit. And he also would be critiquing this video about him, because that was what his job was as a Media Content Analyst for Cognizant Corporation. He judged what video content was worthy of placing on the internet for such places as Facebook and U-tube. So sorry Justin…today is about you! Today you are the center of attention- no matter how you tried to avoid it in life, your family and friends have come together to honor and remember you. The death of Justin came at all like a lightning bolt; hitting hard, and causing a jolt of pain that still sits like an open wound. Today is to celebrate the years, the months, the days and the hours God placed his beautiful heart on this earth. “You cannot relive your life, there are no do overs or skipping the awful parts. Each moment lived makes it all worthwhile, the good and the bad. You accept it as a whole- like the world, or the person you loved.” Today is a day to accept and share the words of comfort; be compassionate with each other and fully understand the feeling of loss. As a community you have all experienced the loss of Justin. Offer condolences and praise today. Truly be there for each other as you recall your special memories of Justin. To speak of someone is to pay respect. May the words and prayers that we offer up today bring peace and healing to all that are here to celebrate the life of Justin. Denise told me that she is very proud of both her sons. Justin and Andrew have both grown up to be considerate, caring and genuine men. I believe everyone in this family knows how much they are loved- I hear you all are quite verbal and none of you are shy about telling each other anything. Justin needed that. He needed to have that confidence of love and support as he moved through his life. He struggled with a rough road for a while, but he was fortunate with good friends and family that helped him in pulling it all together. He had that “likeable” spark that drew you in. You were endeared to a laid back quiet character, his covertly covered mischievous ways, his out of the blue statements and expressions and his bit of a smart- aleck attitude, but most of all you recognized a truly good and generous heart. Even that mean boxer dog from next door knew a real and genuine guy when he saw Justin. Poor thing is still coming over for a petting session. Children and dogs know a good person when they meet them and the babies and the little kids had a blast with Justin. You will miss those full on hugs and his big belly out loud laugh, or hearing his music blasting in his car that announced his arrival. Most of all you will miss his kind and loving heart and his expressions of love he made towards you. Denise wanted you all to know how much every single one of you meant to Justin. They say we do not remember specific days…but we do remember moments… My words can never express that jest for life that Justin had, that is better off being left for those who really lived in his essence. So I turn to you. So many of you have the moments, the times of pure laughter and joy that you shared with Justin. Please I ask you now to come and share, lift the burden of loss and help those gathered here feel the joy of a genuine friend…. ***speakers*** I thank you all for your thoughts and sharing of words. They are like prayers that lift high up into the heaven like a freely released spirit and we know that they were heard by Justin. As we close our service I have been asked to extend an invitation to all of you to come by the house and continue your celebration of Justin’s life with a time of good food and fellowship. If you take a look at the front of Justin’s memorial folder- there is an eagle – and I asked Denise why she choose that set of stationary…she told me it most reminded her of Justin, a strong figure with a free spirit. So in tribute to that memory, I have a gift for all of you, it is an eagle feather. Remember Justin as that strong and free spirit. Today all of you have gained strength and helped released those words of great praise to carry Justin home- free to soar as high as he wants. Thank you!

Let’s end with a final prayer, you may bow your heads if you wish… Dear Lord, I ask that you bless all that have shared this day with Justin’s family. May they go forward with happy memories of Justin. May the words, the touch and presence of others bring solace and comfort. May they remember his joy in being with others and the generosity of his presence. Thank you for allowing us to share and rejoice that Justin has found peace and comfort. We rejoice because he is in your divine presence. May each of you be blessed in your coming in and going out as you end this day.

Our service has ended here in the chapel. Thank you and God bless.


  • Celebration of Life Saturday, February 9, 2019

Justin Lee Blum

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Tina Carruthers

February 11, 2019

Our thoughts and Prayers are with y'all now and the days to come! It's never goodbye it's see ya later. Love you Aunt Denise and Andrew!

Claire Holden

February 10, 2019

Bob and I work with Justin's mom Denise (@ Ohlinger, Ind) Denise shared about his previous MVA that happened years back.
SHE is the most awesome MOM. She loves both her boys unconditionally. We never had the blessing of meeting Justin, but prayed for him unceasingly when he was looking for work. By the way................he got the job. God wanted him before but Justin survived the first crash. This time was different. God's plan for all of us is inevitable. It may be delayed and slow coming but His plan will come to fruition eventually. Our observation ??? Justin survived the first crash, against insurmountable odds. He was able to get a job that he loved and be with his mother and brother. We love you Justin. May you rest in peace in God's loving embrace.

Ozzie Baltierrez

February 9, 2019

He was a great friend, the first I made when I moved here. We were inseparable through middle school, high school and college. When my daughter jayden was born, Scoob gave her a Dora couch for her 1st birthday. She immediately loved that couch. Well 7 years and two more kids later we still have that Dora couch! My kids love to sit, lay and play on it. Just like our friendship that couch endured the test of time.
I miss you brother, rest easy.

Shane McFarland

February 9, 2019

Justin you are an amazing and beautiful soul. I will miss your smile and laugh. I will miss our chats about life. Peace be with you my friend. No more struggle on this planet. See you on the other side brother!😞

Michelle Delatorre

February 8, 2019

We went to high school together.

Joseph Maggiola

February 8, 2019

Justin was a great guy and I will truly miss him and our friendship. We shared some fun times together and he always made me feel welcomed and a part of the crowd. He was a good friend to me. Rest In Peace bro.

Allison Williams

February 8, 2019

Justin , I have no fancy words and too many memories to pick just one. The only thing I can think of now is I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for your unconditional love for all of us. I'll miss your laugh and our debates .God Bless your heart !!

Angel Garten

February 8, 2019

I’ve always called Justin “J”. He was one of my best friends from high school. We shared sooo many good times together. He was always so cool, happy, funny, caring. The one thing I’ve always admired about J is how he always showed up. To everything. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve invited him to my daughter’s first birthday party but I’m glad I did because he came and even bought her a singing teddy bear for a gift.

This picture was from October 2017. I was living in Gilbert and J and everyone else in our group was still in North Phoenix. It was my birthday and this time I wanted to go to my favorite bar close to my house. J was the only one who drove all the way out to celebrate with me. We drank 19% beer which I hated but he loved haha. He crashed on my couch that night. He was always welcome.

The last time I saw J was January 27, 2019. He was at Cameron’s house and I came to visit Jamie. They were in the driveway when I pulled up and of course he greeted me with a big smile a hug. He immediately offered to help me inside because I had both my girls with me and a bunch of bags. He grabbed all my bags and went inside. We didn’t even get to chat. He said he had to go to work. We said ours “love you”s and hugged.

J was just an awesome guy. I think about our 20 year reunion and him not being there just doesn’t make sense. Life will not be the same without him.

Stacey Rogers

February 8, 2019

One specific and hilarious memory of Scoob was the first time I went into his hospital room after an accident. I sat with him holding his hand and the doctor came in. Scoob said “woah he has nice sneakers. I want new sneakers.” I giggled with him and said “okay buddy you can have new sneakers when you’re all better.” We sat for awhile longer and then the next funny thing he said was “I must have lost my cigarettes in the accident.... wait, never mind. I don’t even smoke” and he busted out laughing!! It was true, back then he really didn’t smoke, it made us laugh so hard. Scoober such a goober! Love you, mean it!

Stacey Rogers

February 8, 2019

Justin (I never ever called him Justin) was an incredible friend. He was someone who was always there for his friends no matter what. He showed up to every event, full of life and laughter. I have hundreds of memories with him and every single memory is a happy one. He was such a warm and caring man, the last time I saw him was when he came to my daughters 8th birthday party just to bring her a gift and say hello to us. I will forever cherish the friendship we shared. Thank you for being our photographer and comedian Scoob. You are loved beyond measure! Love, Stacey



Joshua Daniel Smith is with Gert B Forbe.
Honestly, still can’t really believe that you’re gone. I think what upsets me the most is you were doing so good for yourself and everything was looking so good for you and you legit seemed happier than I’ve ever seen you, just to have all of that taken away at far to young of an age. I’m going to miss you bro. I’m happy I can say that I can only remember good memories because those are all we ever had. Rest In Peace Gert B Forbe. You will never be forgotten but always missed. Love you brother

Tyler Nilsson is with Gert B Forbe.
If your seeing this on my feed please share. Regardless if you know scoob or not. It would mean a great deal to me. There are a lot of compassionate people out there that this could reach to ease the financial hardships of this unfortunate event.
Scoob is one of my oldest friends, going on 16 years or so. I will miss him dearly. To say he was a character would be the understatement of the century. Scoobs humor was interstellar. His loyalty to his friendships and family was unbreakable. His loss has yet to entirely set in yet, I'm still in that area of acceptance and disbelief- but the thought of not being able to talk to scoob or shoot a game of pool with him again- is devistating. His time with us was entirely to short. I hope whatever he meets in the next life will bring him more peace than this one did.

‎Tina Carruthers‎ to Gert B Forbe
I love you Justin aka Gert B Forbe! Until we meet again little Cuz! Give Grandpa and Grandma a hug and kiss from me!

‎Alex Roberts‎ to Gert B Forbe
My heart really hurts right now Gert. I love you man, I guess the good really do die young. You are a good man. We will all miss you dearly brother. Love you man.

JJ James
There are no words to describe this one of a kind human being. Loved by everyone who was lucky enough to meet him. He will continue to live in my heart forever as my best friend. Please pray for his family and friends for some type of peace and understanding. I love you J. Gert B Forbe 🤘💙

Holly Brenner Sparck
I can't believe your gone my friend. Gert B Forbe (Justin) you will truly be missed. Such a nice, kind and caring man. Rest with the Angels my friend. It was a pleasure working with you. Much love and respect Justin

Lauren Deleers
Growing up sucks sometimes. We all go our separate ways and have our own shit going on. We only see each other for celebrations or under the unfortunate circumstance where we lose someone too soon. I am grateful I got to see you and catch up a bit at Stacey’s wedding in October. May you Rest In Peace Justin aka Gert B Forbe! You will be missed by so many!

Shooter Dickinson is with Gert B Forbe.
My heart took a major blow today. I lost a brother and a great friend Justin blum aka Gert B Forbe . I will never forget the way your friendship guided me through the darkest hours and made my life's ups even higher. U will never be forgotten and may you rest in paradise with all those who have been lost way too soon. Till we meet again bro may u rest with angels above and have a cold one waiting for me and our other family members! I love u bro rest in paradise.

Gert B Forbe
January 29 at 6:23 PM ·
We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers... and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of Budweiser, a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls. Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.
- Hunter S. Thompson