Kurt Edward Wynn

October 26, 1984February 6, 2021

Kurt Edward Wynn, age 36, of Phoenix, Arizona passed away on Saturday, February 6, 2021. Kurt was born October 26, 1984.

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5 March

Memorial Service

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Phoenix Memorial Park and Mortuary

200 West Beardsley Road
Phoenix, AZ 85027


Kurt Edward Wynn

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Katie Wynn

February 22, 2021

To my husband….
Thank you for 16.5 wonderful years - even though I don't think it was enough
Thank you for serving our country and making it back - because I could have lost those years too
Thank you for keeping a bag of notes, movie tickets, receipts etc… that you've held on to and collected for all these years - I didn't do these things… but I'm glad you did, because it gave me a smile going through it all again.
Thank you for asking me to marry you
Thank you for helping make these 2 beautiful children we have
Thank you for all the back rubs
Thank you for always kissing me goodnight even on bad days
Thank you for playing with our children and being so present in their lives- it brought me such joy to watch you 3 laugh and be rowdy because I never play like that
Thank you for the many trips to Hawaii & most recently our trip to Costa Rica
Thank you for our nightly showers - it's weird not having to share the shower head now
Thank you for your handsome smile - it brought me such comfort
Thank you for being the quiet to my storm
Thank you for working so hard to always provide for us
Thank you for your envy worthy beard- I miss rubbing my hands through it
Thank you for all our late night TV show binges - I'll keep you posted on all the new seasons your going to miss
Thank you for always helping my mom whenever she needed something - I swear she loved you more than me most of the time.
Thank you for always helping Karl with all the manly stuff-like packing cars, going to the lake, camping.. drinking beers
Thank you for being the best Gunkle ever for Vada & Quinn -Quinny says she misses staying the night so she could snuggle you in the morning
Thank you for always being my partner in the kitchen- who's going to help me double recipes or cook on the grill or remind me to turn the oven off...
Thank you for always forgiving me when I was wrong- I forgive you too
Thank you for being my true partner, I love you more than anything and miss you more than you'll ever know

Diane Wynn

February 13, 2021

I am at a lose for words on what Kurt meant to his father and I. He was a sweet little boy that loved all animals.

He scared us half to death when he jumped from the swing in the backyard and went head first into the wood fence post. He was black and blue for months, we were afraid to take him out in public for fear someone would think we abused him.

He grew into an amazing young man who served his county and went to Afghanistan for 18 months, that was the longest 18 months of his families life. He came home safely and got a BA at ASU. We were so proud of him, first Wynn to go to college and get a degree.

My heart aches for Katie and kids and everyone else that knew him. He had such a gentle sole and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

Your father and I love you so much and will miss you each and every day. Rest in peace sweetheart.

Tracy Rhodes

February 13, 2021

Kurt was, to say the least, never the loudest guy in our little band of adventurers who go to festivals and parties and brunch together. He was the one holding it down - driving the truck, minding the stroller, keeping watch of where his kids were, giving Katie a cuddle, keeping the in-jokes rolling once they inevitably started.

My icon for him in my contacts list was a jacked-up pink unicorn-centaur, for reasons I can't begin to explain. I wish we'd all had more funny group texts, and days stomping around in the sun on some grassy field eating disgusting fair food and saying 'Huzzah!' a lot. So much has been taken away in the past year, but with a man like Kurt, you don't always grasp how much of a pillar he was for others, doing his thing without fuss, and allowing so many other lives to flow and thrive in the strength and space he offered.

Kurt's gentle strength, his reliable presence, his myriad practical skills, his willingness to use his powers for the good of both himself and others, his beautiful skin art, his constant availability for his family, and a vision of him standing tall, bearded and handsome with one of his tiny blond kids in his arms, the sun on his face, smiling wide, his dark eyes all crinkled up with laughter... Those are the memories of him that I'll keep alive all my days. Hope to have lots more chances to share with Jax and Olivia memories of how great their dad was and how much I appreciated having him as a friend.

Bert Fletcher

February 12, 2021

Some of my fondest memories of Kurt are when he bamboozled me into helping him build a paver patio and outdoor fire pit with him. I swore I thought the suspension on my truck was going to explode with the pallet of pavers in the back of it. We spent all day working and laughing and having a good time. My back still hurts. Maybe it was when I came over to his place and spent a day building a large jungle gym for the kids? Perhaps it was the barbecues and football days or times yukking it up at the Renaissance Festival? They were all the best times and I am going to miss my friend. I already do. Gone too soon but will never be forgotten.

Holly Tornabene

February 12, 2021

We used to live in the same neighborhood. I had an old lawnmower that would never start in the spring. I would text Katie and ask her if I could borrow her husband. Kurt would come over, we would talk and catch up for a little while and he would start my lawnmower. He never once gave me a hard time about not being able to do it myself. I think he even made it seem like it was hard to start so I wouldn’t feel weak. Kurt was always a gentle and kind guy. So many great memories. Such an immense loss. ❤️💔

Michael Armstrong

February 11, 2021

I remember my best memory with Kurt is when I was over Wyatt’s house an we all had a neighborhood bbq an I meet Katie an Kurt for the first time . We all went out in the backyard had a good time , an then we started playing game of washers an Kurt was on my team , we were down 18-8 against Wyatt an his mom an we started bonding talking about hockey an next thing we know started an comeback an beat Wyatt an his mom 21-20 that was the best memory I had of Kurt ! God bless 🙏

Annie Pavoni

February 10, 2021

I remember when our boys were both in kindergarten, and all of our families from our little classroom group were together for play dates and parties. Kurt was always there, smiling and happy. He dressed up silly for our daughter’s birthday/Halloween party and played with the kids. I wish we could go back to those times when he was still here.

Words cannot express how very sorry we are for your loss. We are absolutely heartbroken for your family. Wishing you peace and comfort in all of the wonderful memories that you have of Kurt and the difference that he made in people’s lives for the time that he was here. With Love and Deepest Sympathies, The Pavoni Family