Manuel Clifford Mendez Jr.

December 21, 1974April 26, 2019

In Loving Memory of Manuel C. Mendez Jr., 44, passed away on April 26, 2019, A loving son, brother, father and grandfather.

Manny was best known for his sense of humor and great love for children. We are saddened by his unexpected death but hold on to the great memories we have of him, especially, these last few years. Preceded in death by his parents: Manuel C. Mendez Sr. And Linda K. Mendez: Siblings: Bettie Amiel, Angela Galarza, David Mendez, Cecilio Larios, Victor Larios, Jesse Larios, Patricia Larios and Michael Larios. Daughters: Amiea, Brittany and Mady Mendez Granddaughters: Jazyla and Zowi, who are and always will be, the light of his life. And 25 nieces and nephews that he loved deeply. We will miss you. Until we meet again...RIP Manny.


  • Memorial Service Saturday, May 25, 2019


Manuel Clifford Mendez Jr.

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Janessa Sedano

May 18, 2019

When I was about 6 years old there was a period of time where my Tio Manny would babysit me, I remember one time he served me Frosted Flakes in my favorite blue cereal bowl with the classic built in straw. He sat across from me and said “Mija stay still I’m going to try to draw you”. and he sure did. Not sure where that drawing ended up, but it was perfect. Because I never forgot it. As I got older I realized why he wasn’t around and it saddened me. He always drew me these beautiful Minnie Mouse drawings with my name on it, always colored in purple from prison. A few years later when I was around 10 years old he was out of prison and I thought to myself “finally this is it, I can get to know him more.” But it didn’t last long before he was gone again.. I was in high school when my mother and I went to visit him in prison. This time I was about 16 years old.He looked tired and much older but he was of course optimistic , goofy, and loud just like I remember him. He was excited to be getting out soon..and so was I. Finally, I was 18 years old now. Tio was out of prison again and we were closer than ever. He was over almost every weekend at the house making everyone laugh and giving me advice. His laugh was so dorky you couldn’t help but laugh with him. I was so proud of him, he had a job and he was working hard. Every time I saw him I made sure I told him “ Tio I’m so proud of you keep it up.”and He would responded “ I will Mija.”Today, I’m 20 years old. The last few times I saw my Tio Manny he wasn’t his happy and goofy self. He was different and I knew why.These last two years that he was out I got to know him and learn so much. I finally had my Tio Manny in my life for good and he was the silliest, craziest and realist at the family get togethers. If Tio Manny was there you know it was going to be a good time.I’m so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to catch up on all the lost time..Thank you for the memories Tio Manny. I love you forever and ever.

Tiffany Tanser

May 17, 2019

There’s not much I really remember about my tio manny besides the story’s he would share with me recently on the phone calls we have had and one story that he would tell me is he would always come to the house and pick me up and take me on the bus to always get food & I was his little side kick though I don’t remember I will cherish & be thankful for the time he did spend with me! I wish he had more time so we could have reconnected & have gotten closer and have shared more memories! He was such a loving & goofy person and made sure everyone else around him was good! I love you tio forever and always!

Danny Vazquez

May 17, 2019

I don’t remember much about my tío Manny in my early years because he spent most of my adolescent life in prison. I remembered him through stories my mom would tell and through some letters and drawings he’d always send along with them. I’d learn later that we had a lot more in common than I had thought we would. When I finally got to meet him I was around 14 yrs old , wife beater and checkered shorts were his wardrobe of choice. Right away, I knew he was a jokester like me and I had some competition! He definitely won. He was the reigning king of making his family laugh. He was a goofball. His laugh was infectious. I think he spent most of his life outside of a cell, trying to make those he loved, laugh, so they wouldn’t feel the pain he did when there was nothing to laugh about. He wasn’t an angel by any means, but he was my toothless tío that I will always remember being great with my little kids. My mother loved him through it all, and it was beautiful how she never gave up on him and no matter what, would do what she could to help him. My tío was a habitual liar, so it was difficult to help him. I could see that. But I learned that someone in his shoes has to lie and make up stories just to survive. You have to have an imagination like no other to live like he did. A normal person would lose their mind if they had to go through things he went through without making up their own personal truths. I always had a hard time forgiving him for all the time he spent locked away for his bad choices, that separated us from him. But I want to say that I forgive you tio. I am grateful for the time we did have together and the memories we have of you. My kids miss you already. I hope you are free from all the pain you had here. I’ll see you in my dreams tio. Así es la vida.