Sharon Lynn Grady

August 13, 1952November 5, 2018

Shar (66) passed away on November 5, 2018 at 3AM in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shar was born to Gerald and Nina (Huckins) Street on August 13, 1952 in Highland Park, Michigan. Shar went to work for Mountain Bell after her graduation from High School. Shar’s telephone company career of 29 years saw her working for such companies as Nevada Bell, USWest and Qwest.

Shar had many roles during her tenure beginning as a mail clerk and working her way into progressively more responsible roles such as service representative and co-manager of a Quality Assurance team, ending her career as the senior manager of Work Force Administration for Residential Repair Services at Qwest.

Shar was generous in many ways. One that she enjoyed most was to adopt a family for Christmas ensuring that all members had a wonderful Christmas dinner and gifts from Santa. She also had a strong love for animals and had been a subscribed donor to such organizations as ASPCA for years. Shar had many diverse hobbies that kept her occupied. She loved visiting and hiking in Sedona, writing poems and short stories, spending time in the surf at San Diego, searching for hidden rock treasures in the desert or at one of the many gem and minerals shows that she would attend with her family and close friends during the year.

Shar is survived by her husband, Tim and son, Chris.

She is also survived by her Goddaughter Keyanna and her 3 beloved kitties Mavis, Tink, and Tasha.

She was preceded in death by her parents Gerald and Nina Street and her brother Mike.

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Sharon Lynn Grady

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Jessie Long

November 13, 2018

I met Shar on an American Idol fan site several years ago. A small group of us became fast friends and would spend hours each night on our computers chatting, laughing (lots of laughing), sharing stories about our families, and enjoying each other's company. When we all decided to meet in Kansas City to attend a concert, Shar and Tim took a flight into Detroit, out of their way, to meet me at the airport and catch a connecting flight so that I wouldn't have to fly alone. What a kind thing to do for someone they hadn't even met in person yet! Our little group all had a wonderful time and that remains one of my favorite memories. Although I lost touch with Shar in recent years, she and Tim have always been in my thoughts. I was heartbroken to hear the news of her passing. "Mrs. Cats", I am blessed to have known you, you will not be forgotten. Tim, my heart goes out to you and your family.

Annemarie Karstens

November 13, 2018

When I was young, I just remember Shar, and Tim & Chris, as like an extension of my family, even though we weren't related. I loved Shar very much, but when I think back, what I really most remember was how very much she loved me. She doted on me and always made me feel special. She was a bright light in my life, as are Chris and Tim, and my memories are really happy, loving ones. My heart is with you, Grady's. Big hugs and kisses, sweet Shar.
Love, Annemarie

Barbara Flanigan

November 12, 2018

Shar was one of the most thoughtful , kindest person I ever had the pleasure of working with, Shar taught me many things. She worked harder and smarter then anyone I know, she made us a success with everything she did.
She was a friend, a fellow Leo. I am so saddened to hear this news and my heart goes out to Tim & Chris.

Mike Neill

November 11, 2018

I went to central high school at the same time that Sharon went there.
She was always a very nice person.
I am so sorry for your loss.
That time in the 60’s , Vietnam, draft cards, —those were the crazy times.
Sharon was always polite and funny. . I think she lived somewhere around camelback rd and 10 th st. at the time.
May God heal your pain.
Michael P. Neill

Bill Dooley

November 10, 2018

We have so many great memories of spending time with Shar, Tim, and Chris. Our hearts ache for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you through this difficult time. We send our love.
Bill and Sally

Maria and Ray Hoffman

November 10, 2018


Ray and I were just remembering you and the good old days

We are beyond sad for you and your son

Please know we are thinking of you both

Most sincerely

Maria and Ray Hoffman
480 837-8025
15915 East Tombstone Trail
Fountain Hills
AZ. 85268


Shar at the wedding of Annemarie Karstens in 2004.


Shar in 2009


Shar in 2015


Shar in 2015


Kindness and compassion is something that we all strive for in our lives. Shar managed to share those attributes throughout her life with everyone around her.

Shar was born in Highland Park, Michigan on August 13, 1952 to Gerald and Nina Street. Mom and dad welcomed their new baby girl with open arms and hearts. The Street’s first child, Shar’s older brother, Mike, was born with a congenital lung disorder so they were painfully aware that not every child is fortunate enough to be born as healthy as Shar.

Mike’s illness made it difficult for him to participate physically in many of the normal activities for a young child. This presented Shar with the opportunity to develop a love for more sedate activities. She would spend hours every day helping her brother with his collections of baseball cards and other memorabilia. As she began to understand the power of the written word she became an avid reader which would take her to places and give her experiences that she otherwise would not have had.

Shar’s mother, a registered nurse, was constantly searching for something that could make her sons life a little easier. When she learned of Phoenix, Arizona, then a Mecca for people with extreme allergies and respiratory problems, she was determined to relocate the family.

At the age of 3, Shar, her mother and brother, moved to Phoenix, Arizona with expectations that her father would follow when he was able to settle affairs in Michigan. Unfortunately her father’s move was never to come. Gerald felt that he could not leave his aging mother who had come depend on her son for his help and support.

In Phoenix Shar found it possible to spend much more of her time outside. Shar had fond memories of exploring public places and making mud pies with her new found friends. She would now divide her time between her desire to explore and experience life with that of befriending her brother who still was unable to spend much of his time outdoors.

Unfortunately Mike passed away within a few short years upon arriving in Phoenix. Though a profoundly sad experience for both she and her mother this removed the conflict of having to split time between her brother and experiencing her own life. This event also led to her loving and caring mother becoming much more protective of her daughter, not wanting to lose another child.

For the most part Shar was able to enjoy a healthy activity level while her mother was working and yet appease her mother’s desire to have her close when she was home. This balancing act continued into her mid-teens when one of Shar’s friends was kidnapped and murdered. Her mother’s need to protect became too much for Shar and she moved out of her mother’s residence when she turned 18.

Shar had taken a job as a mail clerk with the regional telephone company, Mountain Bell, during her final year of high school with the specific goal of being able to live on her own as soon as she turned 18. She had no idea that she had begun a career that would see her retiring after 29 years of service.

Shar began her career at the phone company as a mail clerk processing payments from customers. She quickly developed friendships with co-workers including two people, Sue Stallard and Lil Buck, who remained close friends throughout her life. Shar advanced from the mail room to working in the Central Office where she would collect payments directly and assisting customers with service complaints. Soon she was advanced to a Customer Service Representative taking requests from residential customers. Shar’s accuracy and abilities to organize and multi-task led to further advancements until she reached her final position, Senior Manager of the Work Force Administration (WFA) teams for Residential Repair Services.

In that position Shar was responsible for all WFA teams for USWest/Qwest. This spanned multiple states with teams in Arizona, Minnesota, and Utah. Shar felt a great deal of responsibility for her employees acting as their voice to upper management. This was one of the most rewarding jobs Shar had ever held but also was the most stressful.

In her final role with the phone company was always on call and frequently worked through the night taking short breaks to sleep. Unfortunately this cost her a great deal physically. Though she would work through many illnesses she encountered some that required hospitalization. When she was admitted to the hospital for a burst aneurysm she made a decision that she would have to leave the job she loved in order to correct her health. Shar retired from Qwest in 2002.

Shar did not experience life alone. From high school on Shar was very active in the dating scene in Phoenix sometimes having multiple men vying for her attention. Shar met her future husband (Tim) in early 1976 during a time when she already had two serious boyfriends.

Shar was approached by a friend, Anna Schwartz-Gainey, who proposed a blind date with a man, known by Anna’s neighbors, that was felt to be someone Shar might be interested in meeting. Shar’s romantic life was already quite active so she declined the meeting. Only after persistent requests, through friends, on behalf of Tim did Shar reluctantly agree to the blind date.

Shar and Tim hit it off immediately dating only a few months before agreeing to make the relationship permanent. Shar and Tim were married in the Church of the Beatitudes on October 1, 1976.

Almost immediately Shar agreed to relocate to Reno, Nevada so that her new husband could advance his career. With the help of friends, Bill and Sally Dooley, Shar quit her job with the phone company, packed all of her belongings, and moved to Reno in the summer of 1977.

The early years in Reno were somewhat challenging for Shar. New residents were not easily accepted in Reno because of its large transient population of casino workers so Shar had to find friends from within Tim’s small group of co-workers, at least until she was able to find employment.

During her four year stay in Reno shar worked as a bank teller and then as Residential Service Customer Representative for Nevada Bell. Shar was pleased to be able to return to a job that used her prior telephone company experience but her greatest joy, while in Reno, was in becoming a mother.

Shar gave birth to her son on November 13, 1978. This followed a long and difficult pregnancy but it did not detract from her elation in the presence of her new son. Shar was able to take maternity leave from work making it possible to attend, day and night, to his every need. Shar wrote the following poem during that period.

What a joyous gift I have been given

And after the unworthy life I’ve been living!

A baby boy so small and sweet

With correct number of toes on each of his feet

Thunk goes my heart when I hold him near

And each little move I find incredibly dear

The world so big, my child so small

I don’t deserve such a treasure at all

How will I find the worth to be

The mother of such a miracle as he

The time in Reno came to an abrupt end in 1981 when Shar was diagnosed with Lupus. In order to retreat to the relative security of her friends and husband’s small family in Phoenix she again quit her job, picked up all her possessions and relocated.

Initially Shar and family moved in to her mother-in-law’s home. Shar was able to return to her prior telephone company employer and was thankful for the built in child care services but in many other ways these living arrangements presented too many challenges and the family moved in to their own apartment in fairly short order.