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Loretta Kalmbach Lorenz

March 26, 1927March 19, 2020
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Loretta Kalmbach Lorenz Beloved mother & grandmother passed on to the Next Life Thurs Mar 19, at 10:00 am. She was the eldest born to German-Russian minister Rev. Paul Kalmbach and Amelia (Ament) Kalmbach on March 26, 1927, in Odessa, Washington.

They then moved to Hastings, Nebraska, from 1933-37, where she won a blue ribbon at 8 years old for her violin solo. In older childhood (1936-40), she lived in Biola, California, and played in the Fresno Junior Symphony, where she was the youngest member of the orchestra.

The Kalmbach family then moved to Portland in 1941, and she attended Jefferson High School, where she was a member of the Capella Choir and wrote her class song while she was the organist for her father’s church services.

In 1945 she began studies Lewis and Clark College and was invited to join Mu Phi Epsilon, a music sorority. She played many famous composer’s piano solo’s on the local radio station KLC. Her music professor Robert Stoltz submitted the Symphony she composed called „Fantasia“ to Julliard Music Academy in New York where a wealthy benefactress presented her a scholarship. She returned to Portland, however, after completing several terms due to her father‘s illness and being needed at home. She then completed her studies at Lewis and Clark receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree.

She began her school teaching career and in the summer traveled to Europe by ship to visit relatives in Germany. She toured western Europe and was in the first group of western tourists to visit Yugoslavia after WWIi. Her teaching career spanned nearly 40 years.

In 1959 she met and married Wilfred Grenfell Lorenz, the son of one of Portland‘s early contractor’s- Max (and Anne) Lorenz of Lorenz Brothers Builders.

Loretta requested a visit to the Muslim Educational Trust School in March 2016, much to her daughter’s surprise and joy and embraced Islam In front of a congregation of approximately 70 witnesses 18 years after her ex-husband Wilfred did so in 1998. Neither remarried.

She enjoyed needlepoint stitchery, reading, playing the piano, and spending time with her grandchildren.

She died of natural causes on March 19, 2020, at the end of her 92nd year peacefully during sleep in the home of her eldest daughter.

She is survived by her two daughters Aesha R. Lorenz Al-Saeed and Tamara Hampton, as well as son in law Yousef M AlSaeed, grandchildren; Bedriya, Kadeeja, & Jamal Y. Al-Saeed and Patrick Lorenz and Max Randall and great-granddaughters Sophia M. Shehabi and Dahlia Mohammed Shehabi.

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Loretta Kalmbach Lorenz

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Indy Hill

April 3, 2020

Goodbyes are only for those that love with their eyes, because for those who love with their heart and soul, there is no separation. RUMI

Thank you for the video and all the stories. Its such a lovely glimpse into such a spirited life of love and grace, All my love to Loretta's family and friends who carry on with her legacy.

Tamara Hampton

April 2, 2020

This is a non relevant photo that does not include Loretta. As the guidelines state, photos not including Loretta will be removed within 12 hours. Thank you for your understanding.

For the record, someone here changed something I posted.
Someone added a PS to the 1 pg of my 4 pg letter from my Mom. My Mom never told me (Tamara) to get a job at JC Penney’s. She told me to get a summer job at Nordstrom’s at Wsh. Sq Mall in 1979 which I did. I was also a Pacesetter Model for Montgomery Wards ‘78-‘’79 where they picked 16 girls out of 75 to be robot & mannequin models in the store for a year. I never worked for JC Penney’s but I bought lots of cute boy outfits when
my sons were little from their catalogs.

Photo: 1978 Montgomery Wards Wendy Ward Pageant (Far R. is Becky Ghiglieri and I am to her L. second from right): We Were The Pacesetters That WON to Model in store all year !! Becky dated Nic Cage and was his date for the 1991 Oscars and now she’s a famous sculptor like her Dad Lorenzo Ghiglieri.

Shafqat Ahmed

April 2, 2020

She was always such a gracious lady. I enjoyed the many times I met her and talked to her. It is admirable that she accomplished so many things in her life, and she was very talented in numerous ways.

Tamara Hampton

April 1, 2020

Hope you enjoy this page of 4-pg letter
That tells how my Mom met my Dad. I don’t recall it but had it saved in my letters luckily.

I think she meant Olds & Kings here not JC Penney’s —but would say her memory was still 98% back in Nov 1992 when she wrote this.

With Love,
EDIT FROM AESHA: She actually worked at BOTH Olds & Kings & later before marriage worked occasionally in summers or break weeks at JC Penneys. In fact, she advised me (Aesha) to also work there, as what better place to get job experience plus a professional wardrobe than using your employee discount at a department clothing store.
This letter seems to be tthe exact one that my daughters requested “Grandma Moonie” to write to them of her life history story for a girl scout merit badge. I do have the original copy of that letter. This photograph seems to be a xerox that is very hard to read.

Aesha Lorenz

March 31, 2020

Are you curious about the Janazah (funeral?) Did you have to miss it? I will describe so you can feel you were there with a birds eye view.

My mother’s Janazah took place two days after her death five days shy of her 93rd birthday. It’s supposed to be as soon as possible- we took their first available appointment.
According to precepts, she was washed while under a sheet for modesty. Several odd numbered times, (right side first) in her case five times, the last with camphor, in the water, & annointed with white musk.
Her daughter (me) & her grand daughter Kadeeja washed her, as well as three Muslim sisters including Sister Rania of the Muslim Educational Trust school. Our trusted respite caretaker & now friend of the family Alicia assisted us too. By the 5th wash her body was supple again, so we could position her hands folded in the desired way.
We then shrouded her with seven meters of unsewn cotton cloth cut into eight pieces. A loose piece with hole in it for the shirt, a waist wrap or izar, two long outer shrouds, and then ties. The were placed on a guerney in the correct order to use, so when we laid her gently on them she was easily wrapped.
Then she was faced with her head, & body towards the first prayer structure- (built by prophet Abraham and his eldest son Ishmael.) That structure is called the Ka’aba, covered by a black cloth and in Mecca.)
The Janazah Prayer was then performed. Imam Mohammed of Muslim Community Center of Portland officiated, talking of death. After that, the deceased’s daughter (me) shared vignettes of her mother.
Following this, her two grandsons, Patrick and Max shared the honor of bring among the able brothers who hand carried her outside to the grave site. There the digger had finished opening the ground that would embrace her.
Finally bro Mohamed from the MET made a final supplication for her soul at the grave site with us.

Tamara Hampton

March 31, 2020

Wow! This memory book has truly come alive!
Thank you so very much from the bottom;(spellcheck wanted to change bottom to ottoman);

of my heart for all these kind words. It really is wondrous to hear from so many of you!!

You who are dearly loved and appreciated:
“What God hath brought together let no man bring asunder”.
(Yes I know this is generally accepted for weddings but may it also refer to unity and love in friends and family! <3

A Most sincere THANK YOU,
“Peace, joy & Love to all who come here.”
For your kindnesses have given us cheer and hope in this difficult time.

Shannon Cappellazzi

March 31, 2020

Her strength, love, widsom, and creativity are carried on through the lives of her family. I am thankful for those she helped shape into the beautiful humans they are.
Love everlasting,

Shelly Lane

March 31, 2020

Loretta was my mothers sister and my favorite aunt. I have so many fond memories of her. Eating fresh berries for breakfast out of special berry bowls. I don't know why I remember this so well. I guess because we never did this at my own house growing up. She played the piano so beautifully and always had a kind word for everyone. I hope she and my mom are happily visiting with their parents in heaven right now.

Mandi Riley

March 31, 2020

Dear Aesha and Family,
Prayers and love to you all
Mandi. Xxx

Tasneem Rahman

March 31, 2020

I am sorry to hear of your loss. Ayesha for as long as I remember in so many of our conversations you would always talk fondly of your mom. After reading about her life, I realize how lucky you are that Allah bestowed you of such a mother.
You favor her, both in looks and character. May Allah accept her in the gardens of paradise. Give you and your entire family Sabar Jamil. Ameen.


Loretta‘s First Year living with her daughter Aesha in late 2016.


Lewis and Clark College Graduate June 1949.


Dec 2014 with Al-Saeed grandchildren.


Kalmbach family group early 1950s.


Wedding portrait by Roy Peterson of Loretta and Wilfred Lorenz, August 1959.


Loretta with Tamara and Aesha Renay circa 1967. Taken for Hillsdale Community Church membership directory.


Loretta having an outing in Odessa circa 1929.


Toddler Loretta with Daddy Paul 1928.


Loretta in Odessa, Wa., circa 1929-30.


Since her obituary is all inclusive with her biography,
We would like to take this space to thank those who sent flowers and kind cards.
They have brought us great pleasure and brightened the hall and home with their beauty and fragrance.

Please consider giving a gift to honor her that keeps on giving to one of her two preferred charities. She also helped a horse charity, as a third animal option.

(Friends of Sabeel North America)


(The Muslim Educational Trust of which she had a personal connection when she visited it several times and made friendships there. In March 2016 she formally accepted Islam there in front of approximately 70 witnesses among them brothers, teachers and youth after the Friday prayer service concluded.
At the time she asked me to keep this step she took private from family members so that they did not berate her or question her judgement. I have fulfilled my duty I believe and may speak of it now.