Shana-Lynn Rogers

December 22, 1974November 18, 2018
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Shana-Lynn Rogers was born on December 22, 1974 and passed away on November 18, 2018


  • Funeral Service Friday, November 30, 2018

Shana-Lynn Rogers

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Andres Goyanes

December 2, 2018


We are without words. We first met you when you came with Jack to our wedding. Since then, we've converged in so many parties, events and family gatherings. You were always so full of life and always happy to talk to Veronica and I. And we even got to share screen time in a Star Wars documentary along with my cousin Edwin and Jack.

You will be missed, but most importantly—you will always be remembered.

May the Force Be with You... Always.

Andres & Veronica

Amanda Stacy

December 1, 2018

Shana-Lynn was one of the nicest and kindest people I've had the pleasure to call friend. I am heartbroken that she will no longer be joining us on our adventures. I hope to carry her with me in my travels always, by remembering to be kinder to myself and others. She will be missed.

Shelly Vallancourt

November 30, 2018

Shana-Lynn is the type of woman I could only ever hope to be. Every time I had the pleasure of being in her company, it felt like the world was a little brighter. She was the type of person that you couldn't help but be happy around. So smart, driven, and sweet. I've been at a loss for words since I received the news of her passing. My heart goes out to her family, and especially to my dear friend Jack for the loss of his love. She was a spectacular woman who we will all miss forever. The world is a little less bright without her.

Jenny Farrell

November 30, 2018

Shana-Lynn was my closest female friend. She was someone I was constantly inspired by.

As a friend, she was supportive and there always when I needed her. Ready to share a cider and a different perspective to any of my problems. We would always make time to spend with each other as much as we could spare between work and life. We had some great adventures together. Kayaking , camping, brunches, I remember some amazing cons we went to together. One of our yearly traditions we never missed was the Oregon brewers festival. Donned in pretzel necklaces, we would try to make it through the crowded festival and sample EVERY beer and cider. Sometimes it rained and was muddy but it didn’t matter she was always game. We collected our festival glasses as a token of our feat and celebrated our accomplishment together.

As a mother, she raised such wonderful smart, successful kids. I told her often what a great job as a mom she has done. Zack, Ryan and Maraby embody her strength, her morals, her open and loving heart. She truly lives on in them.

As a daughter, she was doting. Full of love for her folks. Helpful when ever needed. Supportive and patient. One couldn’t ask for more in a daughter.

As a professional women, she was a force! Her dedication to her new journey in life was impressive! Never have I ever seen someone approach a goal with such passion and commitment. She did with such grace, made it look easy. Of corse she was successful.

She was someone I looked up to and aspired to emulate. She was a good woman.

Such a beautiful and special person. The world is truly amiss without her.

Ernest White

November 29, 2018

I’m afraid we never met, perhaps in the next life. I’m hurting for the love of your life back here on Earth. I’ve highly respected Jack, his mother and late father for as long as I can remember. As Lynyrd Skynyrd would put it, “you’re a free bird now”.

Edwin Fernandez

November 28, 2018


We miss you. You were always happy to share good memories with our family.

Thank you for having made my brother happy.

There's a big garden to tend where you are now.

Rest Well,

Edwin, Dara, Aria and Aden Fernandez

jack klodzinski

November 28, 2018

Shana-Lynn’s cherished hobby was plants, gardening. She grew as many vegetable plants as possible. She had multiple earth boxes at home with peppers, tomatoes, lettuce of all different types. We worked really hard together to keep the insects under control for her pepper plants. She also loved her herbs and used them frequently with her cooking. While she was in Oregon in October I did some more research and bought her new insect killer, organic of course. We sprayed them after she came back and so far, they haven’t come back. I also bought her some new Herb pots to match the three she already had. She would get covered in potting soil while I would do yard work or other house repairs. She planned out most of the patio and garden areas of the house. I had a few plants when she moved here but the rest were her babies. They actually all became her plant babies. She picked out beautiful blue pots for the patio to repot the existing plants in when the pool patio was done. Blue was her favorite color.
Cooking, another passion of hers. She loved to try new dishes or the same prepared in a different way. She started me on soup with her Zuppa Soup. From there she explored other similar soups, such as with sausage and cabbage. She was an excellent cook and the fresh herbs from the garden were a plus. She was always so happy to go outside and pick herbs to use in her cooking. She practically skipped out the door to the patio to retrieve them.
She also embraced the outdoors. She would much rather be outside the house than inside. She loved hiking, biking, walking. We tossed the Frisbee a lot. It was fun. She also loved the warm weather and beach in Florida. She did not like the cold weather. But, she loved her family. She would travel back to see everyone whenever she had time off work or whenever she had the opportunity. There is so much more to say about Shana-Lynn but I am with a loss of words for now. I miss her. She completed me.

JacK Klodzinski

November 28, 2018

Shana-Lynn’s last Nancy Riles scholarship from PSU was a full paid scholarship with expenses. She graduated with high honors and was in the honor program for most of her college years including her last.
Because of all this hard work from her education years, she landed a really nice position as a GIS analyst in Orlando, FL. She worked for AECOM at Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise. I worked in the same office with her just down the hall. I would walk by her office multiple times throughout every day. We stayed professional and only smiled like a co-worker would. Until we got on the highway to go home, then we had our special smiles on. She was always trying to make her work product better (she was always trying to be better when she was already the best). I assured her it was more than excellent, which it was. She needn’t worry at all. I was sooo proud of her and all her accomplishments. This showed with the accolades she received all the time at work from co-workers and managers. And she was so reliable. You could count on Shana-Lynn to get the job done and to the level of quality that was requested, many times even more. And, now that she was working in the office with me, we got to attend all the work functions together, such fun. Every activity was fun with Shana-Lynn.
Outside of work she loved having fun also. She embraced virtually all kinds of music but her preference was Jazz. I turned her on to Jazz when we met. One of our little traditions was to listen to Smokestack Lightin’ every Saturday night on the Jazz station. She loved Star Wars and all the marvel movies. We love going to conventions together and talked many times about dressing in costume but we were always so busy. This year we did dress up as Toys R Us former employees at the Atlanta convention. She was really excited to wear the shirt and giraffe antlers. She even carried one of the TRUS shopping baskets with a Geoffrey and toys. She got a few high fives.

JacK Klodzinski

November 28, 2018

Shana-Lynn's education and professional aspirations, she was a very detailed oriented person who took great pride in all the work she did, in and out of the office. She went to college in Portland, OR. & started at Portland community college (PCC) and then went on to Portland State University. I remember helping her many nights over Skype with her algebra homework. I loved helping her because she was always so appreciative with everything. When she started taking some electives I had her come to the Transportation Research Board (TRB) conference in Washington DC to give her some ideas of what she may be interested in. She saw how data could be visualized with maps and took a class at PCC. She found her career. She completed her GIS certification at PCC and also was offered an internship which turned into four-year employment at Tri-Met, the Portland Transit agency. She was always proud of the work she did there and rightly so, she worked hard and completed a multitude of assignments. She did this while maintaining high honors in her full time course work. She also continued to attend TRB and garnered a position on the TRB standing committee for Transit. THAT was IMPRESSIVE. In all my years in the transportation profession and attending TRB I had NEVER heard of a student that was still in their early years of a bachelor’s degree getting such a position. Usually it’s just a “friend” of the committee. And ALSO, she had one of her papers on GIS accepted to one of the committees for presentation while still at PCC. ALSO UNHEARD OF. Students that early in school don’t usually have enough research work to garner a peer reviewed presentation. She also assisted me on a few of my papers and we presented them as well through other standing committees. We co-authored a total of four professional presentations including hers on GIS which she was the lead author. Her pride in the work she did was well rewarded with multiple scholarships. con't

JacK Klodzinski

November 28, 2018

Shana-Lynn was the love of my life, she was my life. She knew how to make me smile even when I was extremely depressed or upset. She filled the void that was inside me to the point where it overflowed with love. If I were a flower, I would only bloom with her love and affection. Without water, flowers wilt and die. We always talked of the future and reminisced about the past. We loved thinking about our memories all the time. We loved sharing anything and everything together, shopping, working, chores, movies, collecting, family, and more. We were a team.
We always like to spend time together but I always made sure she had time for friends and family. Her family is what made her whole. She loved her children and parents unconditionally. She always supported them in whatever they wanted to do with their lives and was always proud of them. She is proud of her son Zack with the accomplishments he had through school, the Navy, and his daughter (her granddaughter). She is proud of her son Ryan who works hard, has a wonderful partner, and aspires to have his own bar one day. She is proud of her daughter Maraby who works hard in her independent life, enjoys every day, and always embraces new challenges. She talked about them every day. She was always talking about her parents and how they are always supporting her, whenever and whatever they were. She loved talking with them on the phone when she wasn’t nearby. That made her happy and my goal in life was to make her as happy as I could. I tried my best every day.
She has grown so much over the years I have known her. Though she would not give herself enough credit, she was really smart about most matters in life professionally or otherwise. She was always so modest as one of our friends put it. I would always look to her for making decisions. We always made them together though.
As for her education and professional aspirations...con't