Shirley & Paul Steinberg

December 9, 1927June 25, 2018

Paul and Shirley Steinberg

Paul L. Steinberg

Paul Lawrence Steinberg, was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, October 30, 1927, son of Sylvia and Lawrence Steinberg. Paul was raised by his mother Sylvia, who adored him and called him “Sonny”. In keeping with their progressive politics, Sylvia and Larry agreed to open visitation, which was almost unheard of at the time.

Paul grew up mostly in Brooklyn and was known by his friends as “Butch”. Being very tall for his age, and a talented trumpet player, Paul played in clubs as a teenager, and had the opportunity to meet a number of great jazz musicians. Being so accomplished, he was asked to audition for the Washington Philharmonic, but instead Paul decided to sign up for the Merchant Marines at the close of World War II and served in the European Theater.

Upon leaving the Merchants Marines, Paul followed his father Larry to Toledo Ohio. Larry was a labor negotiator for the Teamsters, as the President of Local 20, Joint Council 44 and top aide/advisor to Presidents, Dave Beck and James Hoffa. Paul followed his father’s footsteps but forged his own way. Paul became the President of Joint Council 44, Vice President of Local 20, executive assistant to the heads of the Central Conference in Chicago. Paul was also an advisor to notable Teamster officials, Harold Gibbons, Robert Holmes and President Jackie Presser.

Paul was also known to have negotiated the first UPS Teamster contract.

When first arriving in Toledo, Paul attended the University of Toledo, where he met the love of his life, Shirley Brandman.

Shirley B. Steinberg

Shirley Jane Brandman, was born December 9, 1927, in Findlay, Ohio to Isadore and Miriam (known to Shirley as Mariam) Brandman. Shirley was the 7th child and the first surviving daughter of 4. When Shirley was born, Mariam told Isadore, “The cow must go! This is my seventh baby and the milk will now come from the Ice Box.” Isadore did even better and within 7 years bought Mariam a beautiful home in Toledo, Ohio. Sadly, Mariam passed when Shirley was 8 and never moved into the home Isadore had bought for her. Shirley told a story that although her aunts would not tell her how sick her mom was, Mariam came to her in a lovely white dress the night before she passed to reassure Shirley, that she will always love her and will always be with her. Shirley was raised by her father in the home he had bought for Mariam.

Growing up, Shirley also an accomplished musician, enjoyed playing music on her baby grand piano, spending hours with her dog Rex, as well as appreciating the loving attention from her 3 big brothers, Peter, Chuck and Jack.

Tragedy came again, with the loss of Shirley’s brother Chuck, and then her beloved father by the time she was 17.

At the age of 17, Shirley enrolled at the University of Toledo, where she met Paul.

As a devoted wife and mother, Shirley raised their 3 children, oftentimes by herself due to Paul’s demanding schedule. Things like Halloween costumes could never be store bought and were always hand made. As an amazing cook, her children grew up with wonderful meals. Not a Friday went by without fresh baked goods. Shirley hosted many large family gatherings where the family sat around the dining room table, told stories and laughed. Shirley was known for her knitting and her family had an abundance of beautiful sweaters and afghans. Without Shirley’s support and care, Paul would not have been able to accomplish all he did, and Paul loved and recognized Shirley for her role in their partnership.

Paul and Shirley

When Paul and Shirley met at the University of Toledo, they said it was literally, “love at first sight”. Shirley’s two brothers were skeptical of this man from the East Coast and did not support their relationship. Paul and Shirley knew they were meant to be together. In a letter to Shirley, Paul wrote, “I’ll love you through eternity with all of the love that is possible for a man to bestow upon the woman of his heart. And someday if you’ll still have me, I’ll make you my wife, to love, honor and cherish forever”.

Paul and Shirley eloped on November 20, 1947. In time, the wounds healed and the family came together again.

Paul and Shirley had 3 children: Eric, Kevin and Mara. They raised them with love and taught them the most precious lessons of compassion, respect for the earth and humankind, and to never give up the fight for justice and fairness for all people.

Many wedding vows pledge to honor and cherish in sickness and in health, in good times and bad. Paul and Shirley’s marriage of 56 years had all of these times, and their love and devotion carried them through the tough times to find happiness.

In 1959, Paul and Shirley along with their three children moved to the brand new state of Hawaii. Shirley had never been out of Ohio or Michigan. Paul was sent to organize the hotel and restaurant workers in the soon to be bustling Hawaii. Despite what seemed like a daunting task for both, they persevered and found Hawaii to be where their hearts would always be. Per their wishes, Paul and Shirley will go back to their beloved Hawaii for their final rest.


Shirley & Paul Steinberg

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Phyllis (PM) Robbins Frydman

August 25, 2018

I am your cousin from Toledo, called PM by the family. My parents are Sharon and Lou Robbins . Sharon and your mother were 1st cousins. She is still with us at 100yrs old! Her sister Camille will be 90 yrs old in October. Their mother was Sarah, sister to your grandmother. We all live in Florida now. Our siblings share the same great- grandparents. I got my nickname PM from Chuck, I think. He said Phyllis Mary was too long of a name for a small little girl. I am the oldest of the 2nd cousins and was named after your grandmother, (my mother’s aunt). I have two sisters, Leslie and Judith Mariam who was also named after her. I was sorry to hear that Eric passed, I have childhood memories of him.. Kevin may remember me, and Mara I never met. But I always loved her name, hearing it many years ago when our families were still in touch. In fact I have twin daughters Mara and Dana! I have fond memories of your parents in the house on Secor in Toledo. I remember your mother as being so much fun! I used to love to play with their big German Shephard also.
Camille just found out that your mother died recently. I think they all lost touch with each other. This contact came about because one of the Eisenstein cousins just sent her an old movie they found which is mostly the Milstein / Brandman family. They put it on DVD. It would be nice to hear from your family. You would really like this old movie. I’d love to share “Mara pictures” and show my Mara whose name I copied! Please send us contact information so we can forward it to you.
We are so sad to hear about Shirley’s passing such a short time ago. It was a missed opportunity to be in touch.

Michelle Hochman Schuster

July 7, 2018

I’m Paul’s first cousin from Maryland. I have many fond memories of visits from Paul and Shirley from the times they would come with Eric, Kevin and Mara to visit Sylvia. They always were so lovely and were there for us at important moments throughout the years where their presence was always so welcome and meaningful to us. They were even at the wedding of my brother, Peter, to my sister-in-law Venice in Hawaii.
I’m sorry that we lost touch in recent years. Mary Cross, family from Shirley’s side, and I had been trying to reconnect with Shirley recently but couldn’t find her contact info.
I will always hold Paul and Shirley in my heart with love. Would be happy to be in touch with the family. Love, Michelle