Yan Ming Li

February 23, 1952February 3, 2019

Yan Ming Li, age 66, of Cambridge, Massachusetts passed away on Sunday February 3, 2019. Yan Ming was born February 23, 1952. Beloved husband of Chin Peng Lee. Visitation on Saturday, February 9 from 10AM to 12PM at St. Michael Cemetery, 500 Canterbury St., Boston, MA 02131 Tel: 617-524-1036. A cremation on the same will be followed after viewing. The family appreciates your kindness and respect. They are asking you to please dress casually and to not send flowers or bring money envelopes. Your heart felt thoughts are appreciated.


  • Visitation Saturday, February 9, 2019
  • Cremation Saturday, February 9, 2019

Yan Ming Li

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Wojciech Byszewski

February 12, 2019

Yan Ming was my friend and colleague, a great physicist, fun to interact with, a great person. He was a source of knowledge, always ready to help, to discuss, to smile. What a loss! He will remain in my mind, memory and heart forever. Goodbye my friend,
Wojciech (Voitek) Byszewski

Walter Lapatovich

February 12, 2019

I am greatly saddened to hear of Yan Ming Li's passing. I extend my deepest sympathies to his wife and family. I worked with Yan Ming for many years at GTE/Sylvania/Osram Sylvania. I clearly remember the first conversation we had during lunch while he was on interview. We discussed the differential equations of fluid flow needed to describe the competing flow of air in a chimney, the hot air rising as the fire starts versus the cold air falling in from the outside. Our conversations and interactions grew more interesting and enjoyable over the years. He will be missed by his peers, but is, most probably, in a better place now.

Ashley Leung

February 9, 2019

I knew Yan Ming as 大佬叔叔 when I was a child, and as 大佬姨丈 since 2015. When I was in college, he always made time to have dinner with me whenever I visited Boston, and drove me around countless times. Even my college friends who have only met him a few times have remembered his selflessness and his wide knowledge in a variety of topics. The photo I'm sharing is from my wedding in 2016. I had the joy of attending his wedding, and I'm so glad he was able to attend mine. 大佬姨丈, I didn't see you as often as I saw other relatives, but I always knew you as a part of our family.

Love, Ashley

Simon Yeung

February 9, 2019

I visited Him on Aug 2017, he drove me around the whole day to see all the highlights in Boston. He was such a sincere and truful person. We haven’t saw each other’s almost 50 years since our Ying Wa time. I never forget his smile and gentleness.
Rest In Peace.
From Simon
痛失良朋心難耐 。

Chungchi Che

February 9, 2019

Met Yan-Ming since June-4,1989, together organized the 6-4 Memorial service every year and the relevant events at the Boston area, he seldom missed any event, unless he’s not at Boston.
For thirty years friend, I miss you Yan-Ming!

Heung Wong

February 9, 2019

Yan Ming was my high school classmate at Ying Wa College. I remember at Form 4, Grade 10 of American system, our Chinese History teacher asked us to do a project. His project report started with the sentence : "忘記了過去,就是背叛". This is a quote generally ascribed to Lenin, meaning " If you forget about history (of Russian slavery), then you rebel (against the revolution). Lenin was rarely known to youngsters of colonial Hong Kong. This shows Yan Ming's broad knowledge and intellectual development at a young age.

He was a helpful and joyful guy. At Form 5, Yan Ming and us formed a study group to prepare for the public examination. It turned out he was helping the rest of the group most of the time. And he did it with joy, sincerity and patience. He maintained this attitude throughout his life. There is a quote of Lao Tsz, 天道無親, 常與善人. I wonder that is true. But with Yan Ming's character, he would not mind this. He will live happily in another world.


Josephine Ng

February 8, 2019

Years ago when we planned to move to Boston, a friend in Germany was eager to give us some contacts in case we needed help in Boston. One of the names on the list was Li Yan Ming. So we heard about you before you became our Big Brother.
For every past gathering, we always counted on the food you bought from Chinatown. For every heated discussion, we always counted on your opinion to give us direction. You always found time to talk to our kids too. All these years, we have been accustomed to your presence. Suddenly, we miss our Big Brother, and our kids' Uncle Ming.
Josephine & Alex

Chin Ki Fong

February 8, 2019

If I remember correctly, Yan Ming and I sat next to each other in our 1966-1967 high school class which is the equivalent of Grade 9 under US system. In our high school, seating plan would not change after semester started.
Grade 9 is arguably the beginning of intellectual development for youth whose talents and aptitude on his/her studies will surface. Yan Ming was reading mathematics beyond Grade 9. What also strikes me was Yan Ming 's book list includes philosophy, punctuated with political ideology which are not touched by the majority of high school students in those colonial days.
We lost touch after 1969 but reconnected in recent years and was supposed to meet again in Dec 2018 when he told me he would attend the 200th anniversary of our high school. Without any elaboration, he wrote me in Oct 2018 that he won't be able to attend regardless of my effort to get him a ticket. The rest is history.
Yan Ming, I miss you dearly.

Anita Ng

February 8, 2019

Goodbyes are hard on me. It did not really matter that we had known what to expect years ago when we learned of his illness, and in the days leading to his departure. He left us with much memory of our good and sad times together. We are glad that Yan Ming was our friend.

Yan Ming was a wonderful mix of wit and charm. He was a frugal person but always generous and easy-going to others. His inquisitive mind made him an accomplished scientist, and an inspiring big brother among us.

The obituary photo was him turning away from the speechless Cambridge Police Department at a street festival booth. He just finished challenging the authorities how come they thought they could compete with esteemed restaurants and cooking schools in that spare-rib contest. He did not gnaw on the police’s cooking. The challenge was of logic, which even the authorities need to abide to. He set a memorable example for me.

Sau Cheung Tiu

February 8, 2019